How to Throw a Themed Winter B-Day Party to Remember

Why do the themed birthday parties always happen in the summer? Haven’t people been to enough Gatsby-themed al fresco dinner parties yet? It’s high time that the winter got its due. For all those winter birthdays out there, let’s discuss how you can put together the absolute best-themed party, one that attendees will remember long into the future.

First Off: Embrace It:

It’s wintertime. It’s cold. There’s no escaping the lousy weather, so you might as well embrace it. Lean into the fact that its winter by having your theme revolve around the season, whether directly or tangentially. Part of the fun of winter parties is embracing the warmth inside, and the wintry atmosphere outside. Next, it becomes a matter of figuring out a concrete theme; for that, you have to ask yourself…

What Do You Associate With Winter?

To nail down a theme, try playing an associative game: what words come to mind when you think of winter. Think, in particular, about what jobs, entertainment, types of people and places come to mind. To get you started thinking about winter associations, here is a list of winter-related concepts around which you can plan:

  • Lumberjacks
  • 80s Ski Movies
  • Game of Thrones
  • Russia
  • Hockey
  • Gingerbread Men

The list goes on and on, but you get the point. Try to think of the most unique and compelling concepts that are associated with winter, and then build your activities upon that.

Choose a Fun Activity to Match:

Fun Activity

Once you have your theme, you need to find an activity that typifies and exemplifies the theme. If you’ve chosen “lumberjacks”, for instance, try finding a place that offers axe throwing near you as an activity. If you’ve chosen Game of Thrones, try one of the GoT-themed murder mystery games available online. If you have chosen 80s Ski Movies, find a Nintendo Switch with one of the following ski games, like “When Ski Lifts Go Wrong”, and set it up in the living room for guests to play. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Dress the Part:

What’s a themed party without some dressing up? With your theme and activity were chosen it’s time to send out the invites; when you do, encourage attendees to dress up. Whether it’s the flannel-and-jeans combo of a lumberjack, the fur parka of a Winterfell Stark, or the radical neon jumpsuits of an 80’s skier, try and have fun with the costumes!

Your Food Should Be On-Theme Too!

Let the theme make its way into every facet of the party – even the food. If you are doing a lumberjack themed party, offer flapjacks with maple syrup, back bacon and plenty of ale. If you are doing a Russia themed party, learn how to make blinis and beef stroganoff, and serve them with ample vodka. If you are doing a Game of Thrones themed party, offer “dragon eggs”, Dothraki grilled meat and, of course, a good amount of wine.

Get Everyone Home Safely:

Finally, when all is said and done, make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night. You don’t want people stumbling around trying to find transport in the middle of winter. If need be, arrange for shared taxis or Ubers, or coordinate with a few designated drivers.

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