Tips to Balance Economy and Ecology at Home

As many of us know, the world is becoming more environmentally-conscious. Indeed, we are starting to look at how we can help our planet flourish. Of course, that can also come at a financial cost. But, several options exist. For example, light bulbs can be recycled for other uses such as decorations. But, there are many other methods to consider – including upcycling. As you’ll see, the balance between the economy and ecology is a popular discussion for many.


There are several ways to address the balance of ecology, while also benefiting the business world. According to Life Successfully, one such practice – upcycling – has benefitted the circular economy. Instead of just discarding items, they are now being used to create something of a higher value. In this case, it also helps “move away from a purely consumerist society to one that is focused on reuse and upcycling as a way of life.”

The practice of upcycling has already started trending in fashion, and interior design. If it expanded to other fields, it would become a profitable industry in itself while also helping the planet. While exploring new ways to upgrade our business, and personal, items, it would also help to decrease the amount of waste found in landfills.

Ecology And Economy Go Hand-In-Hand:


In fact, businesses can also focus on how ecological practices such as upcycling, and the economy can go hand-in-hand. Despite the notion that environmentalism interferes with economic development, it is possible to discuss both. According to Seattle Pi, the Earth “controls economic activity because it is the source of the materials upon which economic activity works.” To try, and separate the two, “is to try to manage an environment with no knowledge or concern about how it works in itself.”

Recycling Has Become A Game Changer:

In addition, GreenBiz also notes that, as millennials enter the workforce, businesses will benefit from understanding how this generation’s behavior will affect the recycling landscape. Nowadays, people consider recycling part of their civic duty. But, attitudes vs. behaviors are a bigger issue. While many people understand the need to do something, not everyone acts on it. However, according to Raudys Strategies owner Leo Raudys, “a sustainable program that delivers value to customers and shareholders requires an understanding of the target participants.” Raudys acknowledges that millennials are “driving change in this area”, which is related to a strong desire for worthwhile experiences. They see the value of doing their part to help the environment. As a result, being a customer who “thinks green”, and focuses on ecology, in turn, helps businesses understand where to focus their economic goals.


But, if you want to save bulbs, and not throw them out, the Environmental Protection Agency has some important information. According to them, CFLs and other bulbs often break when thrown into a dumpster. While some areas may have strict recycling rules, you may still be able to recycle these bulbs to reuse their glass, metals, and other materials within them. They also say that “virtually all components of a fluorescent bulb can be recycled.” To find out more information about recycling in your area, visit the Earth911 website.

The balance between economics and ecology has been a battle for many over the years. Several business executives want to focus on one or the other. However, in recent years, the younger generation has shifted the conversation to a marriage of both categories. Despite the current trials, and tribulations, in the business world, environmentalism is on the minds of many, and it is certainly proving prosperous for all involved.

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