Top 10 Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Home Safe

A burglary occurs every 18 seconds in the United States. These statistics are scary! Even safe neighborhoods experience crime from time to time, so you need to be prepared.

The good news is that there are several ways you can go about making your home safe. Some may require that you purchase equipment while others may not. The more you can thwart a burglar’s plans the safer your home will be.

Here are ten tips that will help you to keep your home safe:

1. Change Your Locks:

Did you just buy a new home?

Don’t be so excited to get the keys that you forget to change all the locks. No matter how wholesome the previous homeowners may seem, you never know who is unscrupulous and who isn’t.

You also never know who they may have given a key to in the past. It could have been a distant relative, a nanny, a house cleaner, or a handyman to name a few. The point is, you don’t know if a shady character doesn’t have a copy of the keys to your new home. The best thing to do is to hire a locksmith to change the locks.

2. Get An Alarm System:

Sure, you may not want your home to feel like a high-security vault, but it is never a bad idea to be prepared for the worst. There are literally dozens of safety systems you can choose from. This makes it more likely that you will find something that is within your budget.

There are also some security systems that you can install yourself. However, if you do get a high-tech security system the security company will have to install it for you.

Once you have installed your security system put a security sign in your front yard or place security signs in your windows to deter criminals.

If you think that an advanced security system is something you will not be able to afford, you can always go for robust roller shutters. Roller Shutter People are leading installers in Sydney that state that installing these on windows and doors can be a simple, yet time-tested and effective way to keep burglars out of your house and maintain safety.

3. Vacation Wisely:

Criminals like to target homes when people go on vacation. Protect your home when you are away by setting timers on your television and your lights.

These timers make it easy for you to have your lights and your television on at specific times. When criminals think someone is home, they are deterred from committing crimes.

4. Get Smart:

These days you can monitor your home from anywhere using smart security cameras. Some of these cameras are so tiny the average person might miss them, and you can control them from your smartphone or tablet.

Smart lights should also be a major part of your security plan because you can turn them on or off whether you are just down the road or in another country.

5. Exercise Mail Control To Keep Your Home Safe:

If you are going to be away for a while, then it is usually a good idea to get a friend or neighbor to take your mail and any delivered packages off your front porch at least once per day. If your front porch or doorway is flooded with mail it is a dead giveaway to criminals that no one is home.

You can also go to your local post office in Gainesville FL and explain that you will be away for a period of time and ask them to hold all your mail.

6. Rethink Your Landscape :

Did you know that the landscape edging of your home can either deter or attract criminals? Overgrown bushes and untrimmed hedges can provide places for thieves to hide so that neighbors and passersby cannot spot them.

Trim bushes and hedges to at least three feet in height. Plant thorny bushes near your windows with gravel nearby, so that it is easier to hear footsteps. The more you can make it difficult for criminals to gain entry the more secure your home will be.

7. Motion Detector Lighting:

Motion detector lighting shines the spotlight brightly on anyone who may try to get onto your premises. As soon as an intruder moves so does the light.

You should install motion detector lights at the back and the front of your home, for added protection you can add them to the sides as well. One of the many benefits of this kind of lighting is that it saves on energy since it is only activated when it detects motion.

8. Get A Video Doorbell:

You can get a video doorbell to keep your home secure. A video doorbell will let you see who is at your door before you open it.

Astonishingly enough many thieves ring your doorbell to get a feel for who is home or not before attempting a burglary. A doorbell camera will give you the upper hand should a thief decide to rob you.

Installing Rodann door chimes is also another security feature you can use. The chimes will alert you when anyone is within a certain distance from your door.

9. Get A Dog:

With all the high-tech security systems mentioned so far, getting a dog may seem like a low tech way to safeguard your home from intruders. However, if you can get a dog then do so, since burglars tend to avoid homes with dogs.

When a thief wants to rob a home, they want to be in and out as quickly as possible and a barking dog attracts too much attention and is an unnecessary complication.

10. Watch What You Post On Social Media:

Social media has become a place where you can share the daily happenings of your life with family, friends, and neighbors. However, if you go on vacation or are away for a weekend it is not a good idea to announce your absence from home on social media.

This is especially true if you don’t know everyone in your network. Announcing you are away and posting pictures of your getaway is an announcement for anyone with bad intentions that you will be far away should they decide to break into your home.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your home safe is essential for your peace of mind. If you are vigilant about finding ways to protect your home, you are likely to succeed in keeping criminals out. Keeping thieves at bay is often a matter of combining common sense with technology.

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Your home office would look incomplete without flowers. If you are fond of flowers, you would be looking for the best flowers to decorate your home. Flowers are an important part of your life. There is hardly anyone who is not fond of flowers. You can check out the florist in Jurong East flower shop and find flowers of your choice. Flowers make you feel lively and beautiful. Looking at the flowers reminds you of your young days or maybe about your childhood. If you are starting your business, you can start your day by buying flowers for yourself. You can also send flowers to your customers on their achievements. Consider the following 3 reasons to get flowers for your home office:  #1. Flowers Create Beautiful Ambiance If you are looking for a beautiful ambiance, it’s time to decorate your home office with beautiful flowers. It’s a good idea to check out the florist in Jurong East flower shop for finding flowers. You can find flowers of different colors for your home office. If there is a special occasion, it would be a great idea to decorate your whole house and don’t forget the flowers. If the occasion is related to your business, it would be best to hire professionals so that you can do other important tasks. So if you want your home office to look good, it would be a good idea to select flowers that match the overall theme of your office especially if you are concerned about the looks of your office. You may also like: Ready to Take the Leap into Self-Employment? Here’s How to Set up an Awesome Home Office  #2. Flowers Smell Good Instead of using artificial fragrances, you can rely on flowers. Fresh flowers would smell great! You would feel great by smelling the flowers. The flowers can be a great start to your day. It would make you feel great! When you are concerned about using artificial fragrances, using fresh flowers can be a suitable alternative. Find the best flowers for yourself! You can also send flowers to someone you care about. You may also like: Leather Furniture is An Essential Improvement for Any Home or Office  #3. Flowers Remind You of Who You Are When you were a kid, you had rose flowers in your house. Now when you are a grown-up and working from home, you miss the person you once were! How about adding flowers to your home office and getting lost in the memories of your sweet childhood. The flowers in your home office would serve as a reminder of who you were and who you are! In fact, if you have customers coming to your home office, they would admire the fresh flowers on your desk. It’s a good way to cheer anyone up. You can put flowers on the table. And it’s possible that your customers would be sending you flowers for great performance. Wrapping It Up Your home office looks empty without beautiful flowers. It’s a good idea to keep flowers near you so that you can look at the fresh flowers. Plus, the fragrance would make you feel great! You can decorate your home office with flowers on a special occasion. Read Also: Transform Your Garage into a Home Office 8 Tried and Tested Secrets of a Productive Home Office How To Use A Shipping Container As A Home Office

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10 Best Tropical Plants To Buy In 2022

Want to add some of the fresh earthy vibes to your house interior decorations? Add the indoor exotic tropical plants to your house’s outdoor and indoor interior. Tropical plants have very fresh leafy kinds of vibes. Especially when you live in hot and humid weather, these plants bring an earthy and new look to your garden. Along with the nice look, every tropical plant's leaves are unique, so tropical rainforest plants are always the favourite of every designer and gardener. What are you thinking? How common tropical house plants can bring a fresh vibe to your garden. Let's have a look at the few tropical plants which you can buy in 2022. Read More: 10 Best Spiky Plants To Decorate Outside Your House 10 Market Best Tropical Plants To Buy In 2022 The indoor tropical house plants always make your room look fresh and elegant. Even if you are adding tropical green plants to your garden, it will look more colourful. Who does not like to have fresh green looks in their garden? Here is the list of tropical plants which you can buy in 2022. 1. Bird Of Paradise This name of the plant symbolizes its beauty. Bird of paradise also has a very well-known common name, the crane flower plant. This is one of the most beautiful tropical plants on the list of indoor tropical house plants. Bird of paradise is a good choice. You will get an excellent attractive plant with vibrant, colorful flowers. The flowers of this plant look like a heavenly yellow bird. Native Place: South Africa. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The warm weather is more suitable for it. The 65°F and 85°F temperatures in indoor places are the best places to grow it. 2. Philodendron Birkin Do you like to have a tropical big leaf plant indoors? Then Birkin is going to be your best pick. These tropical big leaf house plants have lovely light and dark green colour stripes on the surface. The leaves of these tropical plants are fresh in colour, and every branch is soft green tender. The only disadvantage of having these plants are they are not fast-growing plants. So you have to keep your patients in the right place to see the full-grown plant. Native Place: Rainforest of Brazil and Paraguay. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The warm weather is more suitable for it. They have more than 50 species in the same category. The 55°F and 86°F temperatures in indoor places are the best to grow it. Direct sunlight is harmful to it. 3. Parlour Palm Parlour palms are another great selection of common tropical house plants. Even though they are the best plants for tropical areas, these plants can easily tackle the lowering temperatures. The best experiences of growing these plants are that they are very compatible with every type of environment. And not only that, you do not have to spend hours taking care of them. For beginner plant enthusiasts, these parlour palms are very convenient to have. Native Place: South Mexico and Guatemala. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 65°F and 80°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. Click Here To Read: 10 Best Low Maintenance Plants To Buy In 2022 4. Shangri La Shangri La is a small and tender soft plant. Are you looking for fresh-looking tropical plants? Then you can select this plant. The indoor weather is more suitable for growing this plant. Why select this plant? The fresh-looking green heart-shaped leaves always look fresh and more fragile. Every leaf is dark green in colour. They have more different species. And every type of Shangri La planet’s leaves shape is different. Native Place: Southern part of China. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 60°F and 75°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. 5. Money Tree There are plenty of myths associated with the money plant. But the fact is the money plant looks fresh, and every leaf of the plant is tear-shaped. The shapes and size of the money tree are very compatible with indoor ambiances. When you want to select any indoor plant, what types of characters you are searching for. The usual quality of the indoor plants should be they should be good for your health and easy to maintain. The money tree has all these characteristics. You do not have to make much effort for maintenance, and you will get a plant that will increase the oxygen level of the air. Native Place: Central and southern part of South America. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 65°F and 80°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. 6. Bromeliad These tropical plants' flower colours are like the birds of paradises. The flowers are like a bunch of golden birds. The vibrant colours of the flowers make it unique. Bromeliad has multiple different species. But my favourite is the orange one. These plants ' leaves have a distinctive look along with the nice glowing orange colours. The leaves of the plants are thin and give the whole plant an excellent cone shape. You cannot separate the plant’s leaves and the flowers. Only the colours of the petals make the difference. Native Place: Africa, South America, and Caribbean seaside tropical areas are their native places. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 50°F and 65°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. However, highly humid and airy places are always the appropriate place for it. 7. Areca Palm This tropical palm is another great selection for indoor and outdoor decorations. You can pick these Palm trees as they are low maintenance and for their gorgeous look. The authentic look and structures of the palms are present in the whole attire. The indoor Areca Palms can be more than 10 ft high, and in the outdoor areas, the height can be more than 35ft. The fountain-like structures of these tropical plants are so magnificent that if you are putting the plant in your room corner, the whole look will change. Native Place: Madagascar, Andaman Islands, El Salvador, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 65°F and 75°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. Only you have to keep these plants away from the cold air and climates. 8. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid You can put these seven into the list of wholesale tropical plants. But do you want to buy an exotic one? Then why not select a lovely pink flower tropical orchid. Do you think only blood orchids are rare? This Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is also very rare. This is the reason you can put this orchid on the list of all exotic tropical plants. But keep one thing in mind: these plants are costly. To buy a single plant, you have to spend about $201,000.Hence this single plant is no less than any nice art effect for your living room. But you can buy the recent plants from the tropical house plants for sale options. Usually, some of the firms offer sales of tropical plants yearly. Native Place: China, Grece, and Rome are the original places of the orchid plants. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 50°F and 80°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. You May Like To Read This: 10 Best Aesthetic Plants To Buy In 2022 9. White Star The catheter majestic white star tropical plants are great selections for the indoor garden. For household nurseries or indoor tropical house plants, these plants are good selections. The leaves are big in size. And on the surface of the plant leaves, you will find light green and dark green stripes. These light green shares look more like white colours. The colour combinations of these plants are unique, and with this uniqueness, the plants give your room a beautiful look. Native Place: Brazil rainforest. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 65°F and 77°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. 10. Marginal Wood Fern Can Marginal wood Ferns be the common tropical house plants? Yes, we all can see this plant’s in the rainforest. But you can bring a small part of the rainforest inside the interiors of your house and make your interior look picture perfect. These ferns commonly grow under the Oakwoods. But apart from the Oakwoods, you can also find these ferns in multiple areas of the rainforest. The authentic look of ferns and leaves textures makes this plant popular among tropical plant lovers. In this long list of tropical plant names, wood ferns are very sophisticated and tender types of selections. Native Place: North America. Where To Grow: This plant is more convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. The 65°F and 75°F temperatures in indoor places are most suitable for them. The direct sunlight is turning their fresh green leaves into brown. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1.Name Some Of The Tropical Plants Which You Can Grow In Your Living Room? When you want to buy some tropical plants for your living room, you have to check two qualities: one about their maintainers, and the other thing is their looks. Dragon tree Bird of paradise Pine Norfolk Island Caryota fishtail Palm European Olive Corn Plant Q2. What Is The Easiest Tropical Plant To Grow? Bromeliads are the easiest plant to grow. You only have to put these plants in a pot and leave them in the corner of your room. But shady and airy places are more suitable places to grow these plants. Q3. How Much Sun Do Tropical Plants Need? Usually! Tropical plants grow in shaded places. And indirect sunlights are more convenient nutrition sources for them. Even some of the plants can grow under indirect light sunlight. The comfortable temperatures for the tropical plants are always better. But water sources need to be more stable. Unlike the dry areas of indoor plants, these tropical plants need more watering. Q34. Can You Grow Tropical Plants In Perth? Yes, you can grow the tropical plants in the Perth. Here are five tropical plants that you can grow in Perth. Dragon tree Hawaiian Hibiscus Giant Bromeliad Sago palm Cane Palm Bottom Line: Each of these ten tropical plants is very convenient for indoor and outdoor gardens. But if you are living in an arid area, then my suggestion is to place this plant under the shaded places or inside your room. For any type of tropical plant, watering is very valuable. In most tropical regions, rainfalls are frequent. So be sure you are going to water your plant every day. Which plant are you going to select for your indoor or outdoor garden? And if you are already thinking of having a green natural living room, share your plant’s pictures in the comments sections. Read Also: 10 Best Tall House Plants To Buy In 2022 10 Best Foliage Plants To Buy In 2022 – Must Read! What Are Trailing Plants? – What Are The Types Of Trailing Plants?