Top Bad Habits That Hurt Your Brain Power


22 November 2018


Bad Habit That Reduces Brain Power

There are certain habits you can form which will enhance your brain power such as using scrabble word finder to enhance your performance at the game. But there are also other habits that are purely detrimental to your brain power and mental fitness at large, and such are the habits you have to put an end to if you desire to continue harnessing the incredible power your brain has. Some of these habits may appear normal, routine and harmless, and unless you consciously make the decision to stop them, you will be doing more harm than good to your brain. They include the following habits-I:

Sleeping for less than eight hours:

It is recommended that everyone should get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and there is scientific evidence that this is the required number of sleep for optimal health. But it is not just your health that is on the line if you don’t sleep for this recommended hours. Your mental faculties will also be affected, and you will have very high risks of suffering from cognitive impairment. If you make it a habit of not getting enough sleep every single night, brain degeneration may soon occur and with such, you will never tap into the immense powers your brain has.

Worrying too much cab reduce your brain power:

Worrying too much

Though stopping to worry is easier said than done, this is a mental state you don’t want to dwell in for a long time, especially if you are interested in sharpening your brain and getting the most out of your mental faculties. It is always recommended to get rest and do away with the worry so that the habit doesn’t become chronic, because when it does, the levels of hormone cortisol will spike in the brain and this will make the brain cells to lose synapse – this is like the bridge that connects one brain cell to another. This is a form of brain damage that will make it really difficult for you to create a memory or even retrieve what had been stored.

Spending too much time indoors:

If you are noticing a lapse in your mental faculties and you have been keeping yourself indoors, then be informed that one of the causes of the relapse is because you are not getting enough exposure to the sun. Sunlight is very important to the human health for a number of reasons. It is one of the best sources of vitamin D, and whose deficiency or lack thereof can lead to a decline in the cognitive functions. Even if you are spending more time indoors using scrabble word finder to enhance your brain power, it is still imperative to get outdoors and be exposed to the sun as much as possible.

Trying to multitask:

Trying to multitask

You may be tempted to think that you are doing more in a short time by multitasking and you may see it as a way to get things done faster. But if you know that this is always at the expense of your brain power, then you would stop it and you would learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. This is because the act of doing many things at the same time has been found to lower the grey matter density of your brain, and the result of this is poor cognitive and emotional control. For example, individuals with the habit of using their mobile gadgets as they do other things don’t have the ability to concentrate effectively or recall information as fast as compared to those who don’t have such habits.

Poor nutrition:

Poor nutrition

Good nutrition is not just great for the physical health, but also important if you want to become a Picasso at the use of your mental faculties. It is a fact that there are food ideal for brain health and others are simply not recommended if you want to get the most out of your mental faculties. As such, it is imperative for you to know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. The common culprits when it comes to foods that damage the brain include caffeine, alcohol, processed and pre-cooked foods. Always stick to healthy homemade foods for better health and enhanced cognitive functions.

Being anti-social:

The brain is designed to help us get social and it is important that we be in contact with other people for our brains to function properly. Research indicates that those who social much tend to post better performance on cognitive tests compared to introverts or those who don’t socialize at all. Socializing makes it possible to take a break and avoid any chances of getting stressed. Besides, it will expose you to new people, ideas and challenges that will all work together towards improving your mental acuity.

Listening to loud music:

Listening to loud music

When the music is too loud, it ceases to be music, and it turns into noise. This is not just good for your entertainment, but also have direct health impacts such as damage to your eardrums. Additionally, loud music has been associated with a myriad of memory problems, and this is why it is recommended that if you have to listen to the music, let it be at very moderate volumes.

Avoiding any form of exercising:

You don’t have to be hitting the gym every single day or train for the marathon to aid in your brain health. But complete lack of any form of exercise is not good for your physical health, and most importantly, for your mental health. It is true that not so many people love to exercise due to its physical demands, but this is something you can’t completely avoid if you desire to stay at the top.

Several studies have been conducted into the effects of exercising on mental health, and a common conclusion amongst most of them is that exercising can help to improve the memory function of the brain. It doesn’t have to be something really demanding, but going for walks, cycling, or doing some yoga is just sufficient to help you maintain your memory function in a good state.

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To wish a happy birthday to your husband, make him feel special because He is your husband and your whole life. On the day of the husband’s birthday, a wife should surely wish him the best of luck for life. As I suggest, the most beautiful happy birthday card for husband selections is not easy because you will find multiple designer cards in the market.  I hope you will like it and wish your husband well. He knows his values, how much he is special to you, and appreciates your kindness or love. Make A Sweet Greet With A Perfect Birthday Card  A husband is a best friend of his wife, and he is the caretaker of her. Where some responsibilities of the husband are to make his wife happy, but some responsibilities of the wife to her husband are happy and special.  On the day of her husband's bday, she will wish him the best life and also thank him for coming into her life. And it’s his happy birthday. So, tell him how much he is important to you and how much you love him. Surely, he will be very happy to see your wishes for him on his great day. Sometimes, a wife can’t explain her feelings for his husband on his happy birthday. But don’t worry, you can tell him everything is in written form. Just have to pick an ideal birthday card for your husband and then send the write-up. How To Select The Perfect Birthday Card For Your Husband? Designer birthday cards for husbands are available at every store. You can buy a special card for him and wish him happy birthday in your way and words. You can also buy a little surprise for your husband. When he sees your surprise, he will be very happy for sure.  A wife can buy birthday cards for her husband to make him happy. Customized birthday cards are also available on the market. But for best wishes, a wife can buy a card for her husband on his special day, happy birthday, and write some beautiful memories on it. You can also tell him on the card how much you love him.  Buy the happy birthday card for your husband, and write on the happy birthday how much you love him. And told him which qualities you love. You can tell him that you love his smile, Love your eyes, you are the best husband in the world. Furthermore, you can also share your life experience with your wife because it can be told to her husband about each and everything. She will be experienced with a happy life with him, and she can find the best happy birthday card for her husband? You can write everything that is in your mind.  How To Write A Birthday Card For Your Husband? A wife can write about the personality of her husband. However, it’s not so difficult to wish your husband a happy birthday because he is your husband and your whole life. Tell him that he is the love of your life. Moreover, you can describe him with special feelings, and you can also tell him that you are the best hubby in the world. A wife can also arrange a gift for her birthday, which means that you can buy a beautiful watch for him. He will be very happy after having a perfect birthday with a birthday wish. He amazed him with some special dishes made on your own. Schedule a romantic candlelight dinner with your husband on his happy birthday. You can also tell him how sexy he is from your point of view. Also, a wife can tell her husband with a simple note on his birthday card how much you love her husband. Surely wishing happy birthday to your husband makes him happy, and his love and care for you increase day by day.  Conclusion: Don’t’ hesitate to tell him that he is your superhero and you will never live without him. Tell him that you are my strength and you make me happy thanks for coming into my life; I will always love you with the sour of my heart you are my everything. Now you know how to pick a birthday card for your husband. Select the right one, and then try on your creativity for the write-up. Read Also: What Are The Best Long-Distance Gifts? Why Engraved Gifts Are the Perfect Gifts to Show That You Care Beautiful And Unique Anniversary Gifts For Your Beloved Wife Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas- Gifts For Everyone