Which Type Of Forklift Your Industry Need: Have A Look At Them!

Category: Automotive By: Ariana Smith Posted on: July 26, 2019

 If your construction industry or storage facility requires moving heavy loads and equipment, you need useful equipment, and forklifts can be the one.

Let us begin with the most standard question of them all- what is a forklift? Forklifts are powerful machines that are used to carry heavy loads, equipment, and other things from one place to another. The builders in large industries and warehouses use forklifts to lift heavy objects. You can call them as the staples of industries as they do every task that human employees cannot do. The following are the most used types of forklifts:

Standard Forklift:

You cannot compete with the classic version of any equipment and forklifts are no exception. They are heavy loading machines that come with a simple design but have the capacity for heavy loads. These machines look like a small golf truck featuring twin forks in the front and a ladder behind.

Besides, they can be used for lifting and placing materials and other paddles. Further, classic models come with various versions and different usage. There are some, which need manual processing, while others depend on electricity for the power source.

Electrical Forklifts:

Some Of The Most Common Electrical Forklifts Are:

  • Electric Motor Rider Truck: These forklifts either contain pneumatic tires or cushions that easily lift the truck and can be used in the warehouses. While the cushion tires are ideal for indoor use, the pneumatic tires can be used in dry, outdoors.  These machines feature industrial batteries and rely on a transistor motor controller to control the travel.
  • Moreover, they are versatile and make the best machines to be used in storage houses and leading industries.
  • Electrical Motor Narrow Aisle Truck: These machines come with special features to maximize the space consumed by the truck and to improve the efficiency and speed in the industry. Since they have a narrow aisle, these machines are used to maximize the use of storage space.
  • Electric Motor Hand Truck: These are the hand-controlled forklifts with the controls at the steering tiller and the operator in front of the truck. the control is mounted on top, with operator helping in the movement of the tiller to steer the machine.

Industrial Used Forklift:

These machines can be used as a forklift, along with performing the function of a ‘Telehandler’. Most people are also popular with the capacity forklift name. While the industrial forklifts are not used for rugged and difficult terrain, they can easily load that is at not at the ground level. however, you should know how to operate these machines like a pro. So, find out where to get forklift certification, and operate an industrial forklift with perfection.

 Pallet Jack Machines:

These machines are compact in size and come with a small footprint. The reason pallet jack makes the best machine to accommodate in any size of the industry.

The jack is steered with a tiller-like machine that acts as a pump handle and helps in raising the jack. The small handle on the tiller helps to release the hydraulic fluid, making the forks to get lower.

The front wheels at the end of the forks are placed on the levers, which are attached to the jack cylinder. The other more common types of pallet forklift machines or trucks are:

  • Powder
  • Manual
  • Rough Terrain


Telehandler is also called as telescopic forklifts that look like both crane and forklift. The twin forks are attached to the machine and help in moving the pallets from the ground.

In this article, we have tried to cover the most common as well as the most functional forklifts in the industry. Depending on your requirement, you can use one to increase productivity and efficiency.

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