The Versatility of Clover POS Systems

Category: Technology By: Ariana Smith Posted on: November 13, 2019

Clover is one of the most popular point of sale systems on account of its versatility. Business owners and operators can choose from four hardware builds and two software plans. These POS systems can also be customized further with third-party applications or integrated with specialized operational platforms, such as the Booker Clover integration for appointment-based businesses. Learn more about the possibilities that come with a payment-ready Clover POS system.

Possibilities with a payment-ready Clover POS System:

Hardware and Software Options

A full range of Clover hardware packages are available, from the portable Go smart device attachment to the multi-purpose Clover Flex all the way up to the full-service Station. Once a business is approved to use Clover and the owner or operator has signed up for a software plan, the hardware is ready to start taking payments immediately after set up is complete.

Business owners and operators should start by comparing the features and footprints of Clover Go, Flex, Mini and Station hardware. The Flex system is a popular mid-range build that includes a receipt printer and is designed to replace a cash register or terminal. The Mini is a tablet-based POS system, while the Station features a full-size countertop display.

The full-service Register software plan has a higher monthly rate and lower transaction fees, while the basic Register Lite software costs about half as much per month and has slightly higher in-person transaction fees. Both software plans include built-in employee management and sales tracking functions. The full-service Register software can also handle more advanced functions such as added gratuities, customer feedback and inventory management.

Applications and Integrations

Business owners and operators can add applications to meet their unique needs. The Clover App Market features hundreds of approved installations that enable these systems to fulfill many operational and business management functions. Clover POS systems are also compatible with a number of integrations.

An appointment-based business may benefit from a Booker Clover build. This online booking platform has specialized features for managing employees and building customer relationships. The broad compatibility of Clover POS allows any business to build a robust system for processing transactions, tracking sales data and managing daily operations.

Omnichannel Payments

Omnichannel Payments

Every tier of Clover POS system hardware and software enables any business to accept card payments via magstripes and chips as well as contactless near field communication payments. Even the ultra-portable Clover Go mobile device attachment can accomodate customers who prefer to pay by dipping or tapping. As soon as a business is approved to use Clover and selects a software plan, the hardware will be ready to process a wide variety of common payment methods.

Clover POS systems have become popular on account of the wide variety of options available on this cloud-based payment processing platform. Clover Networks and authorized providers offer all of the support necessary for any business to get the most out of these versatile POS systems. Whether a trustworthy method for accepting a variety of common payment types or other record-keeping or operational management functions are the top priority at an enterprise, Clover systems excel in all of these areas.

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