What to Do If You Facing Foreclosure?


30 October 2018


Facing Foreclosure

Are you Facing  foreclosure problems for your home? If you buy a home on loan and you are unable to make payments to your lender on the right time generally for consecutive 3 months, then you need to face Foreclosure. It’s a legal process that is used by the lender and takes a long time and effort. There are plenty of things to know if you really want to get rid of Foreclosure. Most people look for an alternative way to foreclosure, and in order to fix the issue, they negotiate with their lenders, often with the assistance of foreclosure counselors. Calling your lender is the best way to get the solution. Most of the lenders give you options to help you resolve the issue, which include loan modification, forbearance, or a short sale.

Facing foreclosure is literally scary in today’s scenario. However, receiving a Notice within the mail does not actually mean that you are going to lose your home. There are things that you simply will do to slow down the process of foreclosure, to leave your monetary record within the best form potential. Keep reading this article to avoid a foreclosure and to learn more about your best options.

What do you mean by foreclosure?

By rule, signing a mortgage means that you have to pay a certain amount to the lender back within a certain period of time in full, for the loan and you have got agreed to as per their terms. Once you stop making payments to the lender it means you broken that contract. Consequently, the lender possess right to take back your home and take a look at to recoup the investment. the method of repossessing your house is called foreclosure.

If you are unable to make payment of your home loan on time and you got late for a few days, then don’t worry and be relaxed as the bank will not visit your house immediately. In most of the cases, you are given a 15-day grace, in that case, you don’t have to pay a late fee.

If you haven’t paid your mortgage for 90 days then after foreclosure will begin. From there, the process might take from 2 to 12 months, betting on wherever you reside. The process of proceedings is quite long, so, you’ve got time to make things in your favor and you can stay in your home.

How can you slow down the process?  

There are different ways you can slow down the process of foreclosure to improve your brand image in the correct direction. Work out the plans that can work well in your favor.

1. Educate yourself

When you have gotten closer to legal proceedings, you just need to educate yourself about foreclosure. If you don’t know the rule of the game, then how would you be able to play the game as an effective player? So, you need to conceive each and every aspect of foreclosure. Take a deep breath and start reading over everything you’ve got from the lender. You may get several initial notices regarding the payment which may contain info about the foreclosure process and pending legal actions against you. in spite of what it says and you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding this info mentioned within the documents.


Next, you need to teach yourself on how to handle these notices and get rid of this situation what you are facing. Some states are judicial legal proceeding states, there in the case; the lender needs to file a proceeding against you before moving forward with the proceedings. In other, non-judicial legal proceeding states, this cannot be a procedure, depending upon the state rules. Knowing which type of state you reside in will assist you to work out what proportion of time you’ve got to search out a solution?

2. Call Your Lender

Next, you should contact with your lender as shortly as possible to make the situation in your favor. The very fact is that proceeding is quite a time consuming quite a costly process so, most lenders want to settle it with the help of mutual understanding and talk. They actually want a solution without repossess your home. Honest communication can go a long way and in most of the cases, it’s been seen that both the parties settle this issue without legal proceedings.

There are four main choices that the lender could offer you. They are:

3. Refinancing

In this case, a borrower gets a new loan with new interest rates in order to cover the missed payments, and what you owe on the house. This does not influence your credit negatively and will assist lower your monthly payments.

4. Repayment Plan

when both parties agree on a plan that works in your budget, therefore you’ll restart making payments. This is considered to be the best way to get rid of your loan quickly. When you are facing foreclosure.

5. Forbearance

Forbearance means that once the mortgage company briefly suspends your mortgage payments for a certain period of time. These postponed payments are adjusted at the end of your loan.

6. Loan Modification

during this case, the mortgage company changes the terms of your existing loan – rate, amount due, length – to create your monthly payment in a manageable way.

People are in concern of losing their homes. Here, we wish to help you to get started by telling you regarding some choices and wherever you’ll be able to get additional help or consultation. You wish to be persistent. Saving your home will take an extended time and also the whole method is frustrating.

However, there could also be an inexpensive resolution for this. Several firms promise to prevent foreclosures and acquire loan modifications for a fee. Several of those firms get money and then disappear. So, be conscious while you choose someone to help you get rid of this issue as most of the times people get cheated or scammed.

Think about doing a short sale

If you’re not able to repay your mortgage – even with a reimbursement plan or loan modification then – A short sale is the best choice for you. You’d need to raise your lender for permission as a result of, not like a conventional sale, during a short selling the lender agrees to resolve for less than the house is value. During this case, you’d ultimately lose your home, however, you’d be ready to do this while not having a legal proceeding of your record.


There are many ways the bank can assist you if you fall behind on your mortgage or are having a real problem making your mortgage payment. In the above-given article, you will know the method through which you can handle foreclosure.

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