Why is WordPress Hosting Ideal for WooCommerce Websites?

In the recent years, the global e-commerce industry has grown manifold and is expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021. For retailers, this means a tremendous opportunity to tap into this expanding market segment. With an increased number of online shoppers, e-commerce platforms are constantly upgrading their game and integrating newer and more innovative elements on their e-commerce sites.

WooCommerce on WordPress:

Take WooCommerce for example. It is ranked as one of the most popular and preferred e-commerce plugins. It allows you to add unlimited products to your online store, customize your shop as you want, and integrate a number of unique functionalities with free or premium extensions.  To be able to offer these to the customer, retailers and site owners need to manage their site that integrates these features and is available 24x7x365. This is where the role of WordPress Hosting comes in. More so for sites running on WooCommerce.

WordPress benefits site owners with innumerable plugins and advanced tools to enhance the e-commerce site. And if you as a retailer want to boost the performance of your WooCommerce site, you need a reliable and best WordPress hosting solution that gives you seamless solutions for storing, managing, retrieving, and backing-up huge volumes of data generated from your e-commerce site and managing the plugin database.

Why WP Hosting

Here are a few reasons why WordPress hosting works best for WooCommerce site:

Managed hosting services:

While it has become relatively easier to create a website, managing and running it needs substantial knowledge, expertise, and time. With a managed WordPress hosting solution, you can easily leave the technical aspects to your provider and focus more on the business operations.

Automatic updates:

Even if you have a great website and install the best plugins, you still need to update the WP core, to keep your site secure and perform its best. Most WP hosting plans ensure automatic updates of your WP version and keep your site up and running at all times.

Automatic backups:

Your e-commerce site data is the lifeblood of your online business. And you do not want to lose any of it. Hence taking a backup is important. Of course, you can backup yourself, but there are chances you might miss an important detail or two. That’s why some things are better left to experts. A professional WP hosting provider will without fail backup all your data and information on a daily basis.

Optimized WP database:

WordPress is a database-driven platform and stores all info, including plugins in the WP Database. As your business grows, it adds to more data, expanding your database. This could largely affect your site’s loading speed and overall performance. With WordPress hosting your database is automatically optimized to yield the best performance at any given point in time.

On an ending note…

With more than 51,402,316 downloads and serving over 28% of all online stores, across the world, WooCommerce has certainly wooed retailers. And add a cutting-edge WordPress hosting solution to its, and you have a ticket to the e-commerce store of the future!

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