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We are currently accepting the high quality article for Content Rally, an online publication where you can publish your own intellectuals. If you are a technical writer, magazine publisher or journalist, you can submit your article on our website.

If you are interested in being a regular contributor, we will publish a short “Author Bio” section at the end of your article, where you can introduce yourself as the author of the article. You can add links to your website, Facebook profile, Google+ profile, Twitter profile  & LinkedIn profile in your “Author Bio” section.


  • Original profile image
  • “Author Bio” should contain 15 to 40 words
  • No-Follow attribute to the author’s website links

We love and believe all kind of informative article that can help our readers. Please write the article that is solely focused on quality and related to our website. Else, we aren’t able to publish the article. Before start writing the article, please check our previous article, categories, and keywords to write a suitable article that can easily approve.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Before submitting the article and getting approved, please follow the guidelines:

  • “Article” should be 100% unique and fresh. It should pass the CopyScape Premium test.
  • “Article Title” should be 40 to 70 characters with appropriate meaning.
  • “Article Body” should contain at least 600 words (Six hundred words). We are only accepting an article with 600 to 2000 words.
  • We approve one or more external links within the “Article Body”. But, our moderators will review all the links and if they find suitable, then they will publish.
  • Please be reminded all the links will have nofollow tag.  However, if you wish that your link will have a dofollow tag, we ask for a minimal payment depending on your budget.
  • Cool images related to the article is highly recommended. We accept only royalty free images with the proper image credit.
  • Once your article is published to our website, you can’t be able to re-publish to anywhere.

Once your article is ready as per our guidelines please send the article to Please make sure your e-mail should contain “Article Title“, “Article Body“, “Images for the Article with image source“, “Keyword Suggestion“, “Author Name“,  “Author’s Profile Image”,“Short Author Bio“, “Author’s Website URL” & “Link of your social media profile“.

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