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Easy Ways To Make Free Money Without Doing Much

Being in need of extra cash and not having the time to do something about it can put you in a pretty tough position. Luckily there are some things you can do to make free money without putting in much effort as well as save free money without even knowing it. Check out the tips below to grab that extras cash ASAP. Easy Ways To Make Free Money Without Doing Much: Fill out online surveys There are tons of websites out there that will pay you to take surveys or answer just a couple of questions. Some of these websites include Swagbucks Toluna Vivatic MySurvey YouGov Panel Opinion These surveys usually don’t take too long and definitely don’t take too much brainpower to complete. Check out one of these sites if you’re bored and make a few extra bucks in the process Sell your old clothes Everyone has clothes still hanging in their closet or folded in their drawers that they either forgot they had or haven’t worn in years. If this is the case, sell them! You can either physically bring them to a spot like Plato’s Closet where they’ll assess the value of your clothes or then hand you cash, or you can post them online. One great online clothing selling platform is Poshmark. All you have to do is upload a picture of your clothing item, answer a few questions, set a price, and wait for it to sell. Once it’s sold, Poshmark will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label so that all you have to do is pack the box and send it on its way. Sell your things So maybe you don’t have a ton of clothes you’re willing to sell. In that case, check out some of the old stuff you have hiding away in your basement or attic. As they say, one mans garbage is another man's treasure. Check out sites like eBay or LetGo for a platform with a huge audience. Sell your old gift cards Sites like GiftCash make it easy to check the balance of your gift cards and then sell them on their site. You can check any gift card balance from Abercrombie to a second cup gift card balance. This is a great way to make some quick cash if you’re not going to use the gift cards. Stop buying coffee  If you’re tight for cash, you need to make those trips to Dunkin or Starbucks a treat rather than a necessity. Not that coffee is particularly expensive, but if it’s an everyday expense, it’s definitely adding up over time. Try cutting this down or out completely and watch your bank account grow slowly but surely. Cut back on subscriptions There’s going to be some things where you’re just not willing to budge, but do you really need Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGO? Maybe it’s time to pick and choose which subscriptions are really a priority for you. Or maybe you should stop watching TV altogether and get another job. Write online This might not be a gig for everyone, but you have any ability to write, it’s not too tough to find a job online. Websites like Upwork and Freelancer offer platforms for you to advertise yourself as a blog writer, article writer, or any other professional talents you may have. You can sell photography, design websites, or just about anything else you can think of through these sites, and get paid for it! When you’re in a pinch for free money, things can get pretty frustrating. No matter what though, there’s always something you can do about it. Even if you’re not working some fancy job, for the time being, there are totally ways to get that extra cash into your pocket. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box in order for it to work. Read More : Top Apps to Help You Manage Your Money. Substantial Tips On How To Invest Your Money Responsibly.