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5 Interior House Painting Tips

Owning a house which you can modify according to your personal desire, is always something permanent and something incredibly profound. A home with well-painted walls and beams should tell the story of who you are and what you love. New paint with vibrant colors can change your mood, and make your home your favorite place to live in. Interior house painting can be a very intimidating and challenging task if you decide to take it upon yourself. You have two options, to either do it by yourself or hire a professional painting company to look over the project. If you opt with the first choice, these tips and techniques will help you to paint your own home, according to your likings, within a very friendly budget. When you want to paint your Boynton Beach home, be sure to give Gustafson Painting a call. The following steps are a guide on how to paint a house to meet your expectations: 1. Self Choosing Colors: The critical step, to begin with, is to choose a color which you like. Or at least you should have a good idea of what color combination suits your home, i.e. which colors you would like to paint to your rooms and which colors to paint washrooms, kitchen, etc. Select the color palettes and plan out which color combination gives your rooms the vibrant energy. Every color has its functions, e.g. Blue, green and purple are all relaxing colors. Moreover, other deep and shocking colors such as red, pink and yellow can be used in rooms which are mostly in use during the day, giving your rooms a lively, gaudy look. 2. Gathering Tools and Equipment: After this, you have to pick all the tools and equipment which are needed for painting the house; which includes sanding and scraping tools, wire brush, respirator, paint rollers, plastic sheets to cover the carpets and your valuable stuff, work gloves, drop cloth, ladder and scotch tape. This will ensure you are ready and won't have to leave your task in between, to search for something. 3. Repairing Damaged Parts: Once you have organized everything, the next step is to remove any dirt and dust buildups from the walls by using a pressure washer. After this, you can apply epoxy filler to cracks and fractures by using a putty knife. Allow it to let it dry. Once this is done, fill the gap around windows, doors, and ceilings to ensure a better coat of paint. When this is dried up, then feel the wall with your hand to ensure if there are any uneven spots left behind. Then, apply the primer to prepare the walls for paint when all damaged parts are repaired. 4. Brush the Walls: Before painting the walls with a roller, you should brush the walls. To brush the walls, mean to paint the corner of walls, ceilings, and trims. You can choose from paintbrushes which come in many shapes and sizes. The traditional method to paint the walls through brush is by the use of metal cans, which can be very difficult for you to carry along with the brush and can result in poor results. But nowadays, there are proper paint pails which will make the whole task a lot easier for you. 5. Ready to Paint Ahead! Finally, you are ready to paint with the rollers. But wait, before this you should mix a primer with paint to give a fresh and everlasting look. If you paint without using a primer, then the paint would peel off. For this, you have to scrap all the paint away, clean the surface before applying the first coat and after that, apply the second coat of your own choice. This is one way when you do not use a primer. But if you are using a primer with paint, then it will not cause any problem even if the first coat is not applied. And the most important order of painting as suggested by the experts of house painters in San Diego is that you should paint the trim first, then ceilings, and then walls. It will provide better adhesion throughout and will enhance the ability of the topcoat. Another pro tip is that don’t forget to open the windows and doors of your house during painting, as it provides better ventilation and the paint dries off quickly and efficiently. At the end of the painting, do the cleanup. Wash all the brushes and other stuff which you have used in the process. At last, give your house a final touch by placing all of the favorite furniture in place, to give your dream house a new look! With these interior house painting tips from the most experienced of the San Diego painting company, you will get pro results for your residence! Read Also: Find The Right Painters For Your Ann Arbor Home This Painting Season 5 Factors To Consider In Choosing The Right Floor Colors Roofing Painting Contractor Leads: Four Questions To Ask Before Hiring One