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Reduce Stress

5 Things You Should Do To Reduce Stress

Stress is one of those conditions you wouldn't want to be in because apart from its manifestations that can range from mild to severe headaches, it can be completely disruptive. It can put your productivity in jeopardy and saneness into disrepute. People who have had to deal with stress can attest to the fact that it is also hard to socialize. When stress invades your life, even eating becomes a challenge because appetite, even for the most sumptuous meal, will be out of the window, and you just want to be left alone. While you can consider https://customwriting.com/write-my-essay to help you do a post on your situation as a way of stress relief, there are other approaches. In this post, I share with you tips on how to deal with stress, but first, What causes stress? Whether it catches up with you at home, or at the workplace, types of stress vary depending on the cause. The following are some of the most common: The pressure at the workplace. Employees sometimes slump into anxiety because there is a lot to do with a strict timeline. It is to say; when it becomes clear that one will not be able to meet a set deadline, stress sets in. Loss of a loved one, through separation, death or in any way. Health conditions such as sickness are a major cause of worry. While patients need to cheer up no matter their situations, diseases like cancer are sure to cause one unimaginable level of stress. Discrimination at school, workplace, and other places. Emotional and physical abuse Common stress symptoms include the following: Tension headaches Depression in the worst cases Insomnia or lack of sleep Anxiety/fear of the unknown Muscle pains Gastrointestinal refluxes/upset Thus far, the next question most people who exhibit these symptoms ask is how to reduce stress so as to become active again, jovial and productive.  Well, studies on stress management suggest different approaches. The following tips will go a long way in helping one recover from any of the above conditions: 1. Take care of yourself : If you cannot take good care of yourself, then who will? It is the first question stressed persons need to ask before embarking on a path of recovery.  Also, what does self-care entail? It is important to feed on a healthy diet, get enough sleep and partake in physical exercises. Studies have indicated that those who do these reduce stress levels in their lives, almost completely. 2. Meditate : There is no way you are going to get away from stress if meditation is not one of the foremost solutions. For those who do not know how to partake in thoughtful awareness, it basically involves sitting silently in a quiet room with one hand on the belly, legs folded or straightened, then listen to the sound of the heartbeat. There are however many other productive meditative approaches people who want to deal with stress can explore. According to research, when you meditate, there occurs an alteration in the pathways of brain neurons, something that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. 3. Do away with negative energy : If the cause of your worries and anxiety is negativity, then a journey to recovery should start with doing away with people who bring negative energy into your life.  Life should be fun, and it all starts with finding people who put a smile on your face. 4. Design a healthy life-work balance : There is no way you are going to be happy if work takes away all the time you have in the world.  People need time for their families, in which case, it starts with knowing how to design the life you want. Come to think about it. What value does being a career addict who is obsessed with deadlines and never has for family and plays bring? It only begets stress. 5. Enjoy your hobby : One of the best approaches to fighting stress is sporting. If you love to play football, go out and enjoy it in the evenings after work. Dance to your favorite music tunes, or watch a favorite movie series.  Hobbies keep your mind busy, and by extension, help in releasing endorphins hormones that will make your face glow once again. In summary, managing stress starts with you, and ends with making the right decision. A psychotherapist will only advise but it is incumbent upon you to execute. Read Also : Unhealthy And Healthy Solutions For Coping With Stress