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24 December 2018



A high demand creates a healthy market, and subwoofer market is no different.

With so many subcategories and choice, it is easy to get confused while picking your subwoofer.

Since subwoofer is a bit expensive and usually lasts a long time, it is essential to be sure about which one to buy.

So here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying a subwoofer

1. You want a customized subwoofer and build your music system

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t prefer the standard configuration, then you should go for a Component Subwoofer.

A Component subwoofer is mostly just an additional speaker mounted in a subwoofer box.

The subwoofer box comes in various setups, giving you more control over your setup.

A Component subwoofer can come in size between 8- 15 inches, which makes sure that space won’t be an issue.

Usually, it is one of the best ways to start building your custom music system.

2. You want a subwoofer with an easy setup

If you’re not someone who is enthralled by building a customized system and prefer a manufacturer recommended configurations, then you must go for an enclosed subwoofer.

An enclosed subwoofer, as the name suggests, comes with an enclosure.

Pre-existing enclosure makes sure that you don’t need to work on designing or building your system.

The only downside is that one is generally limited to a certain number of speakers and box- types. An external amplifier would be still needed to power the subwoofer.

3. You want a compact and straightforward subwoofer

If you want a simple bass system and have no plans to build a music system, then powered subwoofer should be your go-to option.

A powered subwoofer combines a woofer and amplifier into one single enclosure.

This means you should be worrying about installing only one component. The subwoofer is most comfortable to install and manage.

The only downside is a relatively low performance when compared to some of the more customized subwoofer systems.

If you’re not a heavy user or an audiophile, then the powered subwoofer is an excellent option to consider.

4. You want a subwoofer to blend with your car’s interior

The vehicle-specific sub is the subwoofer which is usually color matched to your car’s interior.

They fit just great and come in two options- powered and unpowered.

A powered subwoofer comes with a build in amplifier and ends up taking less space though they lag when you compare actual performance.

5. You want a terrific bass system but don’t want to go into much detail

Then you used to check out bass packages. As the name suggests they focus on improving just the bass.

It is an easy option to consider if you wish to amplify the bass output of your speakers.

If you’re sure about which subcategory of the subwoofer to go for, you must be sure about the specs of a product.

Here are some specifications to keep in mind


If you want to blow your heads out, then a higher power rating is a must.

A higher RMS rating means more power generated.

It is essential to make sure that your amplifier is compatible with your subwoofer by checking their respective power ratings.


Similar to power rating, a higher sensitivity ensures greater output.

High Sensitivity also makes sure less power is consumed.

Frequency Range

This gives you an idea about how much low frequency a subwoofer can play.

Though the overall performance depends on a lot of categories, the frequency range is a major one.

Enclosure type

The enclosure of a subwoofer has a significant impact on the kind of sound it ends up producing.

In general, a sealed subwoofer gives you accurate sound, while ported ones give more volume.

The number of voice coils

Voice coils are essential when it comes to setting up your subwoofer.

Dual voice coils are a popular option because it gives more flexibility in wiring the system.

Size of subwoofer

Sound output never entirely depends on the size of the subwoofer, so don’t be skeptical about buying a smaller sub.

If you have enough space, then you must strongly consider a 15-inch car subwoofer that you can see on


Usually, 4 ohms is the standard impedance rating, but 2 ohms and 8 ohms are also gaining popularity.

Matching the impedance and power rating with your amplifier is essential.


It might seem confusing but selecting a subwoofer is simple if you know what exactly you want.

We hope this article helped you in choosing the best subwoofer for your car.

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Rust Steel

10 Most Amazing Chemicals to Prevent Rust in Steel

As you are probably already well aware, steel that is exposed to water and air regularly can begin to badly rust. If left unchecked, that rust can eat through the metal and cause severe or irrevocable damage. The rusting process occurs only when air and water come into contact with the surface of the steel, creating a reaction referred to as iron oxide. The next time you see the typical orange and brown colored rust, you now know that it is called iron oxide. Thankfully, there are many chemical protectants that can be applied to steel that will prevent it from rusting. In the article below we'll walk you through a list that contains some of the most intriguing of these chemicals.10 Most Amazing Chemicals to Prevent Rust in Steel 1. Chromium Oxide: This amazing metallic element is the key to making stainless steel so durable. Forged into raw steel, chromium acts as a protector of the otherwise vulnerable metal. When chromium is exposed to air, it reacts by creating chromium oxide. Chromium oxide then forms a protective coating over the top of any surrounding raw steel, not allowing it to be exposed to air or water, the two key ingredients that cause rust. Stainless steel can still corrode or rust if exposed to harsh and long-lasting moisture, however, the metal is much more durable than raw iron or other raw metals.2. Bluing Chemicals This steel protecting chemical combination typically consists of warm water, potassium nitrate, and sodium hydroxide. When combined and applied to the surface of the steel, bluing mixtures are able to form a strong, durable, long-lasting, and powerful sealant that will stop any water or air from reaching the steel's vulnerable surface. Due to the fact that it is so durable, bluing does not need to be reapplied to steel often. It is typically thought that bluing agents can extend the life of steel by decades if it is applied correctly. Steeline Garages in Gympie can help you to come up with the proper steel garage rust-proofing strategy.3. Oil-Based Solutions A rough and extremely durable way to protect steel and keep it from rusting is known as an organic coating. These oil-based sealants are lathered on to the surface of steel with a brush, sprayed on using an aerosol can, or wiped on using a specialized rag. Organic coatings can typically reach a surface layer thickness of 25mm, offering an extremely long lasting layer of protection to the surface of the steel. Oil-based organic sealants are usually used to protect steel that is expected to endure harsh weather elements and lots of water. Steel exposed to salty ocean water is often protected with organic sealants.4. Epoxy There are many specialized types of epoxy resin that are chemically formulated for the sole purpose of protecting steel. They are usually formulated out of polyepoxides. They come in a semi-liquid form, allowing the steel to be evenly and thoroughly coated with the substance. Once applied, the epoxy is heat treated until it solidifies and forms a super tough sealed layer over the top of the steel's surface.5. Acrylic Resin Commonly referred to as a thermoplastic substance comprised primarily out of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid, this semi-liquid substance can be lathered or sprayed on to any steel surface. Once the steel is covered in the acrylic resin, the resin is then heat treated in order to harden and solidify it around the inner steel surface. Once applied and heated, the acrylic resin acts as a long-lasting steel protector that can give any steel surface decades of rust-free life. Acrylic resin isn't particularly toxic and it is generally regarded as being a safe rust-proofing solution.6. Liquid Zinc Also known as zinc oxide, this powerful metallic element is the key ingredient within galvanized steel. Forged into the steel itself, liquid zinc eventually comes into contact with air. Once exposed to air, a reaction occurs that turns the liquid zinc into zinc oxide. The zinc oxide then spreads out and surrounds the nearby steel. The layer that it forms traps the raw steel elements below its surface, forming a super tough rust-resistant protective layer. The zinc oxide reaction in galvanized steel is very similar to the chromium oxide reaction in stainless steel.7. Polyester Sealant Grouped into the polymer category, polyester can be purchased in liquid form. Like other anti-rust or rust-proofing solutions, the liquid is sprayed, brushed, wiped, or dipped onto steel garage doors parts. Once it has been thoroughly applied, a handheld heating device is then used to harden the sealant. Once the polyester is dry, it will form a hard protective layer over the surface of your steel garage, protecting it for many years to come.8. Nylon Sealant Classified as a synthetic polymer, nylon is a great way to seal the surface of the steel. Like many other polymers that we have already mentioned, nylon can be applied to the steel in a liquid form. Once there, it is heat treated and then hardens to form a super durable rust-proofing layer of protection.9. Tar-Based Solutions These effective but somewhat crude sealant formulas use tar to coat the surface of the steel. The downside to using tar as a steel protector is that it smells, it is not particularly heat resistant, and it is semi-toxic. Tar sealants are usually only used to protect steel in an industrial setting. It would be unusual to use a tar based sealant in a residential setting, especially on a steel garage door. 10. High-Density Wax Coating - Wax is a great way to protect steel parts on a garage door. The wax is typically sprayed on and then it hardens on its own. Wax is known to be completely safe to handle, which is why it is typically recommended as a rustproofing for garage door parts. It can add a protective layer over your steel for many months or even years if it is applied properly. Read Also:Top Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining Your Garage

Catalytic Converter Theft

How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

The catalytic converter is an important part of the car that turns the pollutants made from the car into a harmless gas. The converter can take many harmful things like platinum, palladium, and rhodium and then turn them into different gases.While you might not think about this simple part of your car, it’s actually a target for thieves because they can sell it for a large amount of money. If you no longer need your catalytic converter for any reason, Core Masters buys catalytic converters.This guide will cover how to prevent catalytic converter theft as well as explain how to know if your converter has been stolen. How Do I Know If My Catalytic Converter Has Been Stolen? Most of the time, you cannot tell your converter was stolen just by looking at your car. You will probably be able to tell once you start the engine though as the car might make weird noises. When the converter has been removed from the car, the vehicle makes a constant loud roaring noise that becomes louder as you push on the gas pedal.If you drive the car, you will notice it cannot drive smoothly and it will make a weird sputtering noise.Here are some of the other things you can look for when it comes to driving without your converter:Loud roar as you start the car that becomes louder the more you accelerate More exhaust fumes than usual and weird exhaust smells You notice there are missing parts under the car especially the ones that lead to the muffler Acceleration that is sputtering or uneven The check engine light is on or your car fails an engine inspectionRead Also: Simplify Parts Pricing With A Comprehensive Solution Why Do People Steal Catalytic Converters? There are many reasons why people choose to steal catalytic converters. While sometimes you can only get $50 for a converter, there are some that can be sold for thousands of dollars per ounce thanks to the precious metals that are found in them.People that are used to stealing converters can take them in just a few minutes making them easy to steal and get away. It’s an easy way to make quick cash for some people so they take every opportunity they can to ensure they take them.Catalytic Converters also cannot be tracked like other parts of the car. So people that steal it easily get away with it and the person who’s now missing it from their car has no way of getting it back. Are Certain Cars Targeted For Catalytic Converter Theft? Any car that is made after 1974 has a converter so there are many cars out on the road that thieves can target. Most of the time, thieves prefer to steal from taller cars like SUVs and trucks because they can easily go under the car and take the converter.Hybrid cars are also another target because the converters are made with more metal and more precious metals which means they can get a higher value for them when selling. The more precious metals there are in the converter, the more money the thief can get for it so they often go for cars they know that have converters best for selling. Ways To Protect Your Car Against Catalytic Converter Theft Worried about your car’s catalytic converter being stolen? There are plenty of ways you can ensure this doesn’t happen. Most are simple tricks that can be done for free. Know If You’re A Target As stated before, SUVs, trucks, and hybrid cars are all easy targets for catalytic converter theft. If you own one of these cars, you need to ensure you always follow all safety tips because you know your car’s converter can be stolen easier.Knowing that your target makes it easier to keep yourself safe and be aware of the signs that your converter has been stolen. Put Your VIN On The Converter There is no way to track a catalytic converter, so if yours is stolen it’s almost impossible to retrieve it back. This is why some people choose to put their VIN or their license plate number on their converter.This way if someone goes to sell it, the person buying it might check if the person trying to sell it to them is the original owner. If they are not, they can contact authorities and say they think the converter has been stolen. Park In Well Lit Areas Every time you park your car or go somewhere, make sure you park near the street lights. You should also try and park as close to the entrance of places as possible. If you park in an apartment complex, try to park in different areas every time so that people do not target your car as being in the same place. Install Cameras If you can, put cameras in your parking lot or outside your home. This allows people to know you have surveillance and they will be deterred from stealing the converter because they know they can be caught more easily.You can also install motion sensor lights so that every time someone walks by, the light turns on. This makes people feel like they are being watched and they will not want to get too close to your car. Paint Your Converter This often deters buyers because it makes the converter less valuable. Painting is also known as a common technique for avoiding theft so if a person tries to sell a painted converter, it looks more suspicious. Some police departments even let you go into their station and paint your converter for free. Catalytic Converters And Thieves Unfortunately, converters are easy to steal making them an easy target for those looking to make a quick buck. When your converter is stolen, you can even spend up to $3000 replacing it. This is why it’s very important to use the tips in this guide to prevent your converter from being stolen.You also need to ensure your car is insured against catalytic converter theft so that you are never stuck paying for a new out-of-pocket. Read Also:Selling Collectibles: A Guide to Selling Your Memorabilia at Auctions Here’s What Makes Package Units Better than the Other ACs