All ABOUT Bridal Bouquets

Published on: 02 February 2023 Last Updated on: 19 February 2024
Bridal Bouquets

The bride’s bouquet must have the best design that enlivenes the overall theme of the wedding.  It ties together the design, decor, and style of the outfits.

The variety of flowers and the design of the bouquet can be very different. They are just as there is no single wedding style.

So, we asked the florists of FiftyFlowers store, which sells bridal bouquets online, to tell us about wedding bouquets. What wedding styles are best to combine them with, and what flowers to choose for the composition.

Bridal Bouquet Styles

Bridal Bouquet Styles

Wedding bouquets can take a variety of forms: some brides prefer not to overload their hands with a huge bouquet.  Again some care about shape and color, and others want to look original and memorable.

Florists distinguish the following styles of bridal bouquet design:

  1. Posy bouquet. This bouquet is one of the most common and classic. For its arrangement, round-shaped flowers with the use of stems of the same length. Tightly tied together and practically without additional foliage or filler flowers, the posy bouquet looks understated yet romantic and glamorous.
  2. Round bouquet is another classic style of bridal bouquet. It consists of flowers with stiff stems. Notable examples include roses or ranunculus, which the florist gathers tightly in a dome shape.
  3. Cascading bouquet, formed from orchids and vines or foliage tendrils, looks very elegant and spectacular. In this bouquet, the main flowers in the centre are surrounded by a waterfall of climbing flowers.  They flow smoothly to the floor.
  4. Pageant bouquet. Long-stemmed flowers, such as calla lilies or delphiniums, create this bouquet. Since the bouquet is thin and long, the bride keeps it in the crook of one arm. The second one remains free. A pageant bouquet is great for a vintage-inspired wedding.  And if it uses a lot of greenery, then it has a boho style.
  5. Nosegay bouquet suits brides who do not want to overload their delicate look with large floral ensembles. It consists of only a few stems of flowers of the same species. They serve as just a simple accent without drawing attention to itself.
  6. The asymmetric bouquet is quite unusual. It can be a composition of flowers of different lengths or with an accent on one side. Such bouquets usually use flowers of several shapes, types, and colors, which are accompanied by foliage or greenery.
  7. For outdoor ceremonies, a crescent-shaped bouquet is ideal. The curve is achieved with falling foliage or cascading flowers on both sides and complements the bride’s romantic, natural look.

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How to Compose the Perfect Bouquet for a Wedding?

Often, roses, peonies, or tulips are used for wedding bouquets, but there are no restrictions on the color or type of flowers. It all depends on what tone you want to set along with the bride, the color scheme of the wedding, and the time of year. The bouquet should look proportionate in the hands of the bride, without overshadowing her or looking too petite.

If you decide to assemble a bouquet yourself, try not to make it clumsy. Try to match the flowers in it. To do this, you can use the bridal bouquet online ordering function on the FiftyFlowers website, where you can conveniently sort flowers by color.

Some flowers look very beautiful in the bride’s bouquet, but because of the strong scent, it is better not to use them. Even if you love lilies, lilacs, or jasmine, imagine that you and your guests will have to inhale their aroma throughout the day. This can cause headaches or allergies.

If you are not afraid to deviate from tradition, you can pick up one large flower, a floral wreath, or hook a boutonniere on your hand.

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Invest in some quality storage containers, control the temperature and humidity, and keep your stash away from the prying eyes of light and air. With these simple but effective tips, you'll ensure that your cannabis remains as delightful as the day you first laid eyes on it. In case you were searching about how to keep cannabis and its storage options, I hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any queries related to the same, please feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your comments and queries in the box below. Till then, happy toking! Keep Learning: What Is Cannabis Oil And How Does CBD Oil Work? Cannabis Can Help In The Fight Against Drug Addiction The Most Popular Cannabis Strains And Where They Came From

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