5 Common Body Corporate Issues Faced by Strata Management

Most body corporates tend to be well managed. However, there are still numerous issues that come with such management. It is actually possible for different issues to arise in two buildings that have been built the same way. Here are the top five problems that are faced by many body corporate managers:

1. Financial Stability:

A body corporate is only as stable as its financial foundation. Like many legal entities, a body corporate requires strong financial stability if it is to run smoothly. There are credit contracts to be made, tax returns to be filed and bank accounts to be managed.

If the finances of the body corporate are not managed effectively, many problems start cropping up. Bankruptcy actually becomes a possibility when the entity’s finances are poorly managed. Most times, however, members often contribute funds to prevent the entity from sinking into debt. To avoid falling into this pitfall, take a good look at the body corporate’s finances before you invest in it. Look at the cash levels and debt ratios. This should give you a sound estimation of the entity’s financial stability.

2. Compliance with The Law:

Another common issue that many body corporate managers face includes compliance with regulatory requirements. Compliance with legislation means much more than simply complying with the BCCM Act.   There are fire safety rules to comply with and pool safety regulations to be adhered to. Sure, complying with the law will increase your management costs, but it’s much cheaper than having to pay fines or to face the consequences that the law is trying to prevent.

3. Management Problems:

Poor management can be just as costly as non- compliance with legislation. Usually, the problem with management comes where the committee members are volunteers. This means that they have to squeeze in hours to do the management work in addition to their regular jobs and their family responsibilities. Poor management can be costly to any body corporate manager. Before you decide to venture into this investment, make sure that the properties are properly managed. Look at compliance with the law, fiscal strength and how well the management promotes harmonious living.

4. Dispute Resolution:

When people live together, disputes are inevitable. In strata management, disputes can also be very expensive. Whether the cause of the dispute is noise or failure to abide by the set rules, it can be a very stressful time. Sometimes, disputes end up in court or arbitration, and this is both time consuming and costly. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, it is best to have clear rules that are enforced strongly.

5. Building Condition:

The state of the buildings can also be a cause of a headache for property management. New buildings are often riddled with many defects; and old ones require renovation and refurbishment. You might think, but there are insurance companies to take care of the defects, right? However, sometimes the insurance companies just won’t pay, and you are suddenly faced with the problem of having to improve the state of the buildings. This can be rather stressful and costly.


Most of the above problems are related. Poor management will certainly lead to poor dispute resolution as well as financial instability. If there is no money available, renovating buildings and fixing problems will be impossible. Although most body corporates are properly managed, a fair share are riddled with issues. And sometimes, those issues can go unresolved for a long time.

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