Why Dutch Birth Plates Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts?


08 October 2019


baby shower gifts

Are you invited to a baby shower that’s coming up soon? Are you still deciding what a beautiful baby shower gift that the parents-to-be will love? You’re lucky if they sent out a wish list. But if not, squeeze out your creative juices for ideas. Here’s a hint though, the best baby shower gifts are personalized baby gifts!

Thinking of the best gift idea will have you thinking hard. However, there is an ideal solution that won’t make you think twice once you know it. Yes, personalized baby nameplates are at the top of the list for the perfect baby shower gifts. We all know a bunch of people will give clothes, stuffed animals, socks, etc. to the newborn. It’s easy, but it’s also conventional. You’re supposed to get a unique one to give to the expecting parents.

Gift the would-be parents handmade, customized Dutch baby nameplates to make the delightful day something to remember forever. Here are the reasons why:

Why Dutch Birth Plates Are the Best Baby Shower Gifts?

Sentimental Value

baby shower

The most exceptional gifts will be those that promote an emotional connection for how intimate they are. If your gift is handmade and etched, it becomes even more meaningful.

The Dutch birth plate, exquisitely designed to perfection, is also an original antique. These represent tremendous historical significance as it had been considered as one of the most prized items of trade back then. Only the wealthiest could afford these expensive goods. Your gift is a luxurious piece, rendering it even more remarkable.


You realize that your gift will catch everyone’s eyes, accentuating its value and meaning for how distinguished and outstanding it will be. You can create your custom birth plate as personal as you might want to since you can include your message with it. A beautiful quote, or just a few sincere expressions of love, will go a long way. The statements you add will remain not only inscribed on the birth plate but will stay for a long time with the baby as it grows up.


The birth plate, which would be preserved over the years, will become a valuable emblem for the day when the child is born. Display items and room furnishings that tell their legends, draw the curiosity of visitors far more than any other.

By personalizing your styling, size, and message, your gift would always be endeared and acknowledged as a reminder of a magical day. The best element is that, if held in complete care, the plate will not be worn out like toys or sweets. The baby will not grow out of it like how they do for baby chairs and cute outfits. Instead, it can be kept over for several years and preserved against the test of time.

These birth plates can be excellent gifts not only for the baby shower but any baby-related events like:

  • Baptism
  • Christening
  • Birthday

Just put it in a lovely package with a cute bow, and you’re prepared to go!

The parents-to-be will appreciate anything you give them as long as they know that you have gifted it with love and affection. Giving new parents a portion of your time to celebrate a precious event in their lives is the unique gift that you can give them.

Here is the list of baby shower food ideas:

baby shower food ideas

The baby shower has always being a perfect event for everyone. On the other hand, many housewives face difficulties to make amazing baby shower food.

Most of the family members lack the ideas of baby shower food. So here is the list of baby shower food ideas that you can make for the event:

  • Veggies and Dip Cups.
  • Italian pasta salad.
  • Fried Mac and Cheese Bites.
  • Healthy fruit skewers.
  • Spicy tuna with crispy rice.

With the baby shower gifts and foods, you can also present your guests with the baby shower cards to make the moment more cherish.

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Children, particularly under ten years of age, require more attention from their parents. Your child may like to watch TV or play indoor games all day but you have to make it to the outdoors. This is because doing regular outdoor activities keeps your child fit and healthy. Also, it enhances your child’s creativity and thinking ability. It is crucial for optimal physical and cognitive development. Here are seven simple yet fun-filled outdoor activities which your child can perform regularly to play healthily: 1. Draw with Colorful Chalks: Kids find colorful chalks very attractive and like to draw with them whenever they get the chance. So, you can take them outside the home to some muddy area where they could draw with different chalks. It’s a simple yet fun-filled activity which can also make your child more creative. Adding to it, they can learn various new things while drawing freely with chalks. In case you don’t find any nearby muddy area, you can use a mini blackboard for the same purpose. Moreover, doing any activity outdoor increases levels of creativity of your child. Therefore, you must take your child to a nearby park or garden for this purpose. 2. Play With Hula Hoop: Playing with hula hoops in the outdoors is an absolute fun especially for your child who is under ten years of age. On top of that, it’s a playful way to keep your child physically active and hence healthier. You can take your child to a garden or a nearby playground for playing hula hoops. 3. Get an Electric Scooter: Riding an electric scooter is the simplest way to have outdoor fun. It also keeps your child physically active and energetic. Electric scooters are not simply for the young ones but also for the adults. Therefore, you can opt for electric scooter racing with your child to make as much outdoor fun as possible with it. Click here to check out the best electric scooters for your child. 4. Head towards the Beach: Heading towards a beach with your child is a simple idea to have fun. Beach offers so much mud with which your child can play in various ways. For instance, your child can make sand castles or draw anything with fingers on the muddy area. You can also help him build sand castles on the beach. 5. Capture the Nature: Children under ten years of age are always excited to learn new things and explore nature. Just take your child outside, hold him a camera and ask him to take pictures of whatever he sees around. It could be greenery, snow, bridges, transport, roads, people or anything. 6. Gun Painting: Most kids like painting and playing with colors. They would enjoy doing it with a color splashing gun. You can take your child to a certain garden or playland for gun painting. It’s an enjoyable way of keeping your child happy and active. 7. Catch and Throw Water Balloons: Balloons are probably the favorite playable thing for kids. They actually find balloons really attractive and fun-filled objects. Hence, throwing water balloons on one another in an open ground or green area is a hell of a fun for kids. In addition, using colorful water to fill the balloons will make this activity more cheerful. Read Also: Ways To Improve Children’s Parties 7 Important Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event