The Role Of A Franchise Consultant In Business Growth   


28 June 2024


Franchise Consultant

Today’s businesses work under a stiff, competitive business climate, as every organization likes to maintain its competitive edge in the market. In such a scenario, the assistance of a Franchise consultant can be a game changer for you.  

A survey found that 78% of businesses have a presence in both online and offline modes of marketing. Therefore, a franchise consultant can help your business grow faster in such a scenario. As it follows the rule of competitive business intelligence. 

If you go by the terminology of marketing strategy, then Franchise business models use push strategy. You must know the work process of a Franchise consultant before seeking their help. 

Essential Role Of A Franchise Consultant

A franchise consultant like one from Infinity Business Growth Network is integral to business expansion through franchising. 

  • The knowledge of the franchise consultant enables them to offer invaluable insights, ensuring businesses can maneuver through the franchising landscape with expertise. 
  • They are pivotal in crafting bespoke franchise models aligned with a company’s ethos and growth aspirations. 
  • The franchise consultant’s role extends to executing market analysis, identifying apt franchisee profiles, and fostering a conducive environment for franchising success. 
  • The meticulous approach of franchise consultants empowers businesses to capitalize on franchising opportunities effectively. Thus mitigating risks and maximizing potential rewards. 
  • Through their guidance, companies are well-versed in embarking on a structured path toward scaling their operations, harnessing the consultant’s strategic insight to navigate the complex dynamics of franchising.

How A Franchise Consultant Can Tailor Your Expansion Strategy

Engaging a franchise consultant offers the distinct advantage of customizing your expansion plan to match your business’s needs and ambitions. It also delivers the guidance necessary to increase your brand awareness

1. Offers Strategic Franchise Marketing Opportunity 

A quality franchise consultant can help your business develop and find the right target audience by creating compelling marketing materials. Furthermore, they can help you to implement the correct marketing campaigns. 

This will help you to generate steady leads for your business. Additionally, this can make the franchise business model process work perfectly well for you. 

2. Delivers Operational Support 

Franchise consultants can help your business outline the standard operating procedures, training process, and quality control measures. Thus, it can help your organization increase employees’ efficiency to deliver better results. 

Moreover, a franchise consultant can deliver operational support for your business by offering training to them. It is the job of your franchise consultant to deliver quality business support

3. Provides Expert Advice & Guidance 

Most of the time, the franchise consultants help build expertise and industry knowledge for your employees. These consultants come with great skills and competence that guide your organization’s employees in such a way that it helps them to increase their productivity level. 

Sometimes, franchise consultants can offer your employees guidance and advice so they can perform well in the workplace. 

What Are The Challenges A Franchise Consultant Have To Face? 

Most business owners must be aware of several challenges a franchise consultant faces. After all, the journey of finding a qualified consultant is no child’s play. Here are a few challenges, commonly faced by a franchise consultant. 

1. Maintaining Consistency & Quality 

When your franchise business operates in numerous locations nationally, regionally, and internationally, it sometimes needs help to maintain brand consistency. On the flip side, some franchises need help to maintain brand promises. 

This can lead to negative reviews from the customers. Ultimately, this can impact the brand’s reputation as well. This is why franchise consultants, like other business professionals, need to keep their promises to their customers. 

2. Handling Fierce Franchise Competition 

If you want your franchise business model to stand ahead, you must do something extra and unique that your competitors need to do. This thing is possible when your franchise consultants start to track consumer behavior. 

You can arrange for public feedback data to outsmart your competitors from the market. Find out which factors influence the buying behavior of your franchise consultants. This will also help the franchise consultants pitch the right offer to your clients. 

3. Recruitment & Retention Of Franchise Staff 

Hiring the right talent for a franchise consultant position is challenging. Skill shortages can affect industries and can impact employee turnover. In most cases, high turnover can add up to more problems if your business is short-staffed!

Thus, inefficient employees increase the operational cost and can damage the customer experience to a greater level. 

4. Having High Operating Cost For Franchising    

Setting up the franchise business can lead to high operating costs. It squeezes the customer purse and profit margins to a greater level. Meanwhile, the interest rates can make your company’s borrowing more complex. 

Without careful management of financial resources, financial turmoil can lead to the end of many organizations. This can boost the scope of your brand value to a greater level. Furthermore, if you have high operational costs in your franchise business, then it can lead to high debts in the long run. 

5. Meeting Evolving Customer Expectations 

Across all industries, customers expect more from businesses as their customer’s spending power is reduced to a greater extent. Now, with the time, the customers’ expectations can alter. 

66% of the customers want the companies to understand their needs and expectations. Here, you should get through the complete process of understanding the customer’s expectations to meet your brand requirements. 

How To Choose The Right Franchise Consultant For Your Business

Another essential factor to consider when hiring a consultant is the research and due diligence required to choose the right franchise consultant for your business. This requires a thorough evaluation of their credentials and compatibility with your business ethos.    

  • Start by checking the credentials of your franchise consultants. 
  • Ask for the referrals. 
  • Compare multiple options to determine which option suits you the best. 
  • Evaluate the compatibility of your franchise consultant. 
  • You need to be aware of the red flags. 


Wrapping up, the engagement of a franchise consultant is instrumental in steering your business toward expansion and prosperity within the franchising realm. Here, selecting the correct franchise consultant can be a game-changer for you. 

Their specialized knowledge and support offer a substantial advantage, helping to devise strategies that are both innovative and in alignment with your company’s aspirations. 

The journey to franchise success is laden with complexities and potential hurdles, but these challenges become navigable with a seasoned franchise consultant. And that marks the end of this comprehensive guide. 

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Company registration

Why Registering a Company Online Now Becomes Easier

Are you looking for business opportunities in Singapore? This is an excellent choice because Singapore ranks 2nd in the world, in the ease of doing business. Singapore is also one of the most advanced financial centers in the world, acting as a headquarters for thousands of global brands. The ease of doing business starts right at the beginning stage of registration.  Foreigners can easily register a company in Singapore, as well as get an employment pass. Singapore has outdone other competitors in Asia with entirely paperless business registration. Company registration is done in 1.5 days if the documentation for registration is right. Benefits of Online Registration Register from anywhere in the world You don’t have to come to Singapore to register a company. You can submit all the documentation online. Better yet, you can use a company incorporation Singapore service to register your company.  This service is offered by a team of professionals who are conversant with the documentation and procedures required to register a company. Affordable Paperless registration translates into lower costs for registration. Paid-up capital is only SGD 1.00 which is very friendly for small businesses. Fast Online processing has allowed cutting short the duration needed for company registration to 1.5 days.  You can start your business operations within a week after landing in Singapore. Who Can Register a Company in Singapore? Both Singaporean nationals and foreigners are allowed to register private limited companies in Singapore.  Shareholders can be individuals or companies. Singapore is one of the few countries that allow 100% foreign shareholding.  However, bankrupt people and those with criminal backgrounds are not allowed to operate businesses in Singapore. A foreigner who wants to register a company in Singapore should; Have at least one director who is a Singapore resident. This could be a Singapore citizen, or a person holding a permanent resident visa, or someone holding an employment pass. Hire a filing service for company registration. This is a team of professionals, usually lawyers, accountants, or company secretaries. They are familiar with the documentation and procedures needed to register a company correctly and in a short time. What Are the Procedures in Company Registration? Step 1 – Name Approval Companies in Singapore are registered by the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You should submit at least 3 names for approval.  Guidelines for company names include; No vulgar or offensive wording The name should not already be in use by another entity or be part of another company’s trademark. If the name includes words like bank, media, finance, or educational it shall require further approvals by the bodies regulating these sectors. ACRA reserves the approved name for 60 days, with a further 60 days extension. Step 2 – Document Preparation The required documentation for a private limited company registration includes; The name approved by ACRA Description of a maximum of 2 intended business activities in Singapore The registered office address Singapore or the physical address of the company offices. Consultants can operate from a residential address but must show landlord consent. Particulars of shareholders. Foreign shareholders are required to supply a copy of their passport and proof of residence in their country. Company shareholders must submit a copy of their Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association. Particulars of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners. These are shareholders with more than 25% ownership in any level of shareholding Particulars of directors Particulars of a data protection officer to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) Particulars of the company secretary. This role should be appointed within 6 months of registration. The company secretary can be a filing agent. This is often offered as part of the package in business registration services. Paid-up capital. The initial paid-up capital is SGD 1. This can be increased after registration KYC documentation Singapore has strict anti-money laundering laws, which require Know-Your-Customer guidelines to be followed when registering a company.  Individuals must show proof of nationality, proof of residence, and describe their professional or entrepreneurial background.  Corporate shareholders must show a Certificate of Incumbency if they are offshore companies registered in places like the Caymans. Step-3 Submitting the Documents ACRA maintains an online portal on which the documentation is submitted for registration. The Certificate of Incorporation is generated electronically within 1.5 days.  But company registration can take as long as 2 months if further approvals are needed from industry regulators. Why Use a Business Registration Service? Get a full corporate kit – You get a package that helps you start operating as soon as possible. This includes the Certificate of Incorporation, Company stamp, Memorandum and articles of Association, and the minutes of the first board meeting. Help in the processing of an employment visa if you want to relocate to Singapore Help in opening a corporate bank account Singapore is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. You get world-class financial services, good infrastructure, and a stable business environment. If you are looking for investment opportunities, work with a business registration service for quick company registration. Read Also: How to Register Your Company in China Fast

Ethan Stiles

Here’s What You Should Know About Ethan Stiles

For some of those who do not know, Ethan Stiles is the vice president of product for Food at the Starbucks Coffee Company. In a span of 15 years, Ethan has worked in business strategy and product roles globally at different sets of companies like that of Samsung Electronics, McKinsey & Company, Group Health Cooperative, and AT&T Wireless. When Ethan was at Starbucks, he has delivered compounded growth to the company year on year. He was the one responsible for the launching of the Pink Drink and Ombre Pink Drink which got the millennial generation goes gaga. Furthermore, Ethan was able to determine the root causes for underperformance and implemented a new strategy that achieved a 20%+ volume growth in a declining category, this turned around the Starbucks VIA product line. For a brief background, Ethan Stiles earned an A.B. Economics from Harvard University and a Masters in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Ethan is also available for speaking and writing engagements and is interested in board opportunities. Ethan Stiles specializes in four major areas; these are product management, profit and loss leadership, organizational development and business strategy. Below are some ideas on what these areas are and this affects your organization: On product management: In general, product management is the practice of tactically driving the development, the market launch, and the continuous improvement and support of a company’s product.  A product management job entails the duty to strategize and arrive at tactics so as to increase the market share of an existing product, or to put into market a newly developed product. This is, however, a big task that not one person can accommodate, however, the product manager is the one who will determine what is best in terms of product management. Of course, this decision is not just based on gut feel; this requires a lot of research. Through these researches, the product management professionals will be able to determine the market of the company, the user personas, and its current and prospective competitions. After determining the sufficient basic industry information required, and then the product management professional cans start to shape his knowledge into a strategic plan either for an existing product or for a newly developed product. This strategy includes the goals and objectives, broad-strokes bird’s eye view of the product itself, and may even come up with a rough timeline. After such a strategy is approved, then these plans will now be coordinated with the relevant teams to put the plan into fruition, like the product marketing team, development, etc. After product building, testing and market introduction, the job of the product professional will now determine what works, what doesn’t, and what to improve based on the collected data and direct feedback from users. After that, the core team will again be called upon to work within the incorporation of the feedback into the future duplications of the product. On profit and loss of leadership: The profit and loss responsibility is one of the most crucial executive positions.  This type of responsibility comes with the monitoring of the net income after expenses per department or business unit level, and the organization as a whole, with a direct influence on how the company resources are to be allocated. Persons who are responsible for the P&L often have the final approval on what projects to approve or reject based on its return on investment and are also required to continuously find ways to drive down costs without having to compromise product quality. The profit and loss are highly regarded when it comes to executive recruitment which holds true in multi-million or multi-billion dollar organizations. Managing a company’s net income is no easy task. It takes a person with broad experience to be able to make sound decisions and maintain a company’s profitability and sustain its place in the market. On organizational development: As a consequence of a rapidly changing environment, one of the important advantages for an organization is the ability to manage these changes and to make sure that your manpower remains to be healthy and trustworthy. By definition, organizational development is the endeavor to encourage the members of an organization to expand their sincerity with each other about their views of the organization and their experience in it and to take greater accountability for their own actions as organization members. In organizational development, the practitioners are sometimes considered to be organizational physicians who intend to improve the effectiveness of an organization. On business strategy: A Business strategy is an organization’s high-level plan in reaching specific targets and objectives. These plans are successful it contributes to the growth of the business, establishing a strong competitive position, and strong financial performance. Should this high-level strategy flunks, this will depend on its impact to the business, if it can still be remedied, the organization can adapt to a new approach, but if the outcome is severe, this can lead to the organization going out of business. There should be clear cut targets and plans and back up plans should in the process of execution, some parts of the plan will not succeed. A business strategist holds a very crucial role in the advancement of an organization because it will be his skills that will contribute to how the business plans are going to turn out. A company thrives not only because of its name or legacy but on the people behind it. Should your business needs a push upward, Ethan Stiles is one of the people equipped to help you develop goals, sustain your growth, and get your manpower in check to make sure they are also aligned with the organization’s values and visions. It is very important for an organization to be able to determine the weak and strong points of your organization so that there will be reconciliation towards compromise or a change in directives. The track record that Ethan Stiles possesses makes him a suitable person to provide you with sound decisions that should contribute to the progress of your organization. Read Also: Top 5 Ways To Avoid Canada Immigration Consultancy Frauds Why You Should Choose To Have An Asset Protection For Your Business

Statutory Compliance

Why Is Statutory Compliance Important In HR? 

In the Human Resources definition, Statutory Compliance is the legal structure which a company must comply with, with regard to the treatment of its employees. Statutory compliance is relatable to the various types of labor and taxation laws prevalent in different countries.  It is important for a company to comply and keep up with these laws since they are very dynamic and can even change on a month-to-month basis. Thus, it can be highly beneficial to hire or consult with Global Compliance Expertise, especially if a company is multinational and has offices spread throughout various parts of the world.  The following are just a few reasons why statutory compliance is highly important.  Let’s have a look at what is statutory compliance. What Is Statutory Compliance? The word statutory compliance means this is related to the rules and the regulation status. Compliance means adherence. Statutory compliance means you are getting adherence along with the other rules and regulations. Statutory compliance means the legal framework of an organization which is a great way to deal with its employees. In statutory compliance, the legal framework works associated with all types of corporate norms. In this compliance, everything is included. For example, if any legal penalties and legal complaints are included, these are also applicable here. 1. Legal Penalties  Statutory compliance ensures that an organization can avoid any legal penalties, fines, lawsuits, or other such legal troubles. Being aware of and complying with regulations is the easiest way to ensure that the business faces no additional difficulties and is abiding by the laws. Legal penalties are an important part of statutory compliance. The facts are every organization has some specific company norms and rules. And these legal penalties are making the business run in a better way. The employees and the employers are aware of the facts about what to do and what not to do. Note: Potential lawsuits could be highly costly for the organization. Thus, it is best to ensure that such a situation does not occur in the first place. 2. Good PR A company that fully complies with prerequisite regulations is a sign of responsibility and stability. As statutory compliance is related to an organization being able to follow the rules and laws of a country, it is important for the organization to show that it is authentic in its management and legal compliance.  PR compliance is making the company's process smooth. And both the employee and the employers are aware of the facts about what types of relationships they have to maintain or which is going to be profitable for the company. Note: An organization that fully follows statutory compliance will have good PR as a result. Organizations are only going to call good organizations if a good PR is applicable to the company policies. For these, the organizations are always concentrating on building better PR and simpler the whole employee and the employer relationships. 3. Employee Morale Employee morale can be boosted by statutory compliance since compliance with the regulations means the company performs efficiently and with good intentions. This improves the morale of employees since there is goodwill being built.  It’s important for companies to build a good reputation, and one aspect of reputation comes in how well the company complies with laws regarding employment and the treatment of employees.  There is a long list of laws in statutory compliance, especially with regard to HR. For larger multinational companies, these laws can vary depending on geographical location. Note: It can be overwhelming to stay on top of these trends, which is why it might be ideal to employ statutory compliance management.  4. Compliance Is Making Whole Business Process Smooth Statutory compliance specialization is a key concept in business that allows organizations to be run more effectively. Therefore, it might be ideal for enabling such work with regard to compliance and complex facets of the law to be handled by an external organization that is experienced and has expertise.  OSHRS is one such organization offering various solutions and global compliance expertise for a myriad of countries, including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and more.  Note: Employing the services of an organization with expertise in statutory compliance in HR is highly beneficial for avoiding legal penalties, good PR, and boosting employee morale.  Wrapping Things Up: Every company has its own statutory compliance. Based on corporate law and company policies, these compliance are applied. These are the main benefits of having statutory compliance in the company. So what is your opinion? Do you think statutory compliance is developing a clearer relationship between employees and employers? Then you can share your opinion through the comment sections. Additionals: Sneak Peek Into The Working Of HR Department7 Best Employee Recognition Awards Ideas For 2021Why In-Company Training Results in Better EmployeesPossible Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Too Productive and What to Do About It