6 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney (Not a Consultant)


29 February 2020


immigration attorney

You are having the time of your life in Los Angeles and suddenly you get a notice from the court that you have a hearing regarding your immigration attorney …

Would you rather go to the court by yourself with no idea how laws work or get someone like an actual Los Angeles immigration attorney and not a consultant to help you succeed in your immigration case?

But why not a consultant? Aren’t they both the same?

The answer is “no” and the reasons are:

6 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney (Not a Consultant):

1. Knowledge of immigration laws

immigration laws

Immigration in a country is an important aspect and the laws and regulations change frequently especially after any new government is elected. The laws can become lenient or stricter, this depends on the political climate of the country. As laws change, experienced immigration lawyers will be able to adapt to them efficiently.

2. Responsibility is handed over

When you appoint an Attorney for your immigration purposes, it is the Attorney’s responsibility to prepare all the paperwork and documentation required for court proceedings. It is important to hand over these responsibilities to an Attorney so he can make sure you are present at all court hearings and all documentation that needs to be submitted is submitted appropriately.

This means that the chances of making mistakes are far reduced when compared to you doing all the paperwork. It also means that the process can be expedited in your favor. This is why you need to hold a free consultation with an immigration attorney. Many of the leading immigration attorneys have great networking skills and work with the officers in the court and the verification process to ensure that your Visa and other paperwork come quickly as compared to the normally lengthy-time period.

3. Making mistakes can cost you a fortune

Mistakes made can prove to be costly, both for your immigration process and financially. With the help of an immigration attorney, it is highly unlikely that you will be making a mistake in the whole process. An attorney can help you with the paperwork and make sure your process for immigration is aligned with the current rules and regulations regarding immigration.

4. Chances of success increased 

An Attorney is able to increase your chances of success regardless of how strong or weak your application might be. They will not only avoid mistakes but will also make sure that you are treated with justice and your rights are not violated. If any unforeseen issue arises the Attorney will be able to take care of that in a better manner than you or the consultant.

5. Immigration cases are complicated

Immigration cases can often lead to complex situations. Your application could get refused and make you apply again for immigration. Lawyers can help you in your complex cases and resolve them with the help of their expertise. Also for your reapplication process, it is necessary that you take the help of an immigration attorney if you haven’t taken yet as your chances of success are further low and an Attorney can help you avoid the mistakes that you made last time.

6. It is cheaper than you expect    

A high fee of Attorneys is often the reason why people do not hire an Attorney for their immigration cases. You can easily find affordable and passionate Attorneys that will take your case and give their best effort to make you successful.

Consultants and Attorneys are two different professionals, be careful when you are hiring either of them next time!

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Religious beliefs can also come into play for certain burial procedures such as cremation or donating organs. 7. Sentimental Value Leaving possessions to the proper people can be helpful for sentimental belongings that would be monumental if left to a particular loved one. Sometimes a dear gift left from a close friend can mean a lot and help them bear with the situation as well. Much of dealing with loss is carrying pieces of the person with you. This can actually be done. You would want sentimental items like photographs and such to be thrown away. It may look like trash to whoever is cleaning the space, but it might be special to someone dealing with the loss of you. 8. Protect Inheritances If you have been left an inheritance, even if you are as young as 18 if you unexpectedly perish there is no clear answer of who will receive the inheritance if you are unmarried. The same goes for deciding the beneficiary of life insurance. 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Everyone Needs A Will There are many methods of writing a will, and only knowing them will make you will successfully convey your final wants. You can include letters with important aspects of your will that explain what makes the inheritance and the person special to you. Research examples of wills so you can find the correct format. It may also help you consider the exact types of possession you need for the layout. Consider all these things and be satisfied with knowing, no matter your age, that a will is necessary. Read Also: Top 7 Reasons the Medical Field Will Always Be In Demand Healthcare Jobs That Will Be Most in Demand 2020–2025

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Every year there are a half-million accidents that involve semi-trucks. Beyond the damage to cars and vehicles, these accidents can lead to serious injuries and in some cases death. Unfortunately, most insurance companies and trucking companies don’t want to pay enough to victims of these crashes. Without a skilled legal team, all the liable parties could not be held accountable. When you’re interviewing semi-truck accident lawyers, Columbus, Ohio, New York City, New York, and places around the country, they should have incredible legal professionals who can help you get everything you need after an accident. Here’s Why You Should Hire A Semi-Truck Lawyer Immediately: 1. Your Legal Team Can Identify Who is Liable Insurance companies often want to settle right away and for amounts that are far less than what you are owed for a crash. What most people don’t realize, however, is that in a semi-truck crash, there are multiple liable parties. Semi-truck accident lawyers will help you identify if the driver is responsible, the trucking company, the insurance company, the truck manufacturer in the event of equipment failure, or if there is an additional person at-fault. Related Resource: The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents 2. Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Can Negotiate With the Semi-Truck Company The last thing you want to deal with after a major crash is negotiating with a semi-truck company. They also have skilled lawyers who know how to defend their interests. And they don’t want to pay any more than they have to. Having a legal team who can do this on your behalf can help alleviate stress and help you recover better after a crash. You can rest up, while your legal team goes to bat getting what you’re entitled to. 3. Lawyers Have Intricate Knowledge of Truck Driving Laws in Your State Did you know that each state has specific laws that truckers must abide by? These laws determine things like where they can drive, how many hours they can be on the road, and what kinds of goods they can haul. If a truck driver were to break one of these laws and were involved in an accident, they could be liable, at least in part, for the crash. Good lawyers will have an in-depth understanding of these laws and how they apply to your case. 4. Legal Professionals Can Help Craft a Strategic Case Holding each party responsible for their part in the accident helps you not only get what you need but also helps if there are additional criminal ramifications. Semi-truck accident lawyers can develop legal strategies that focus on each aspect of the accident. If the roads were dangerous, they can hold government entities accountable. Faulty brake systems mean that the manufacturers can be held responsible. Additionally, they can determine if any of your driving habits would’ve contributed and how much you’re liable for as well. Hire an Experienced Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Today It's critical to use semi-truck accident lawyers when you’ve been involved in a crash. You need a team who can defend you and your interests and ensure you get appropriate compensation to cover damage to vehicles and medical costs for injuries. Read Also: 5 Different Types of Car Accident Claim 7 Ways Truck Accidents Differ from the Regular Car Crashes Understanding Truck Accidents in Indiana