6 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney (Not a Consultant)

You are having the time of your life in Los Angeles and suddenly you get a notice from the court that you have a hearing regarding your immigration attorney …

Would you rather go to the court by yourself with no idea how laws work or get someone like an actual Los Angeles immigration attorney and not a consultant to help you succeed in your immigration case?

But why not a consultant? Aren’t they both the same?

The answer is “no” and the reasons are:

6 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney (Not a Consultant):

1. Knowledge of immigration laws

immigration laws

Immigration in a country is an important aspect and the laws and regulations change frequently especially after any new government is elected. The laws can become lenient or stricter, this depends on the political climate of the country. As laws change, the immigration attorney will be able to adapt to them efficiently.

2. Responsibility is handed over

When you appoint an Attorney for your immigration purposes, it is the Attorney’s responsibility to prepare all the paperwork and documentation required for court proceedings. It is important to hand over these responsibilities to an Attorney so he can make sure you are present at all court hearings and all documentation that needs to be submitted is submitted appropriately.

This means that the chances of making mistakes are far reduced when compared to you doing all the paperwork. It also means that the process can be expedited in your favor. This is why you need to hold a free consultation with an immigration attorney. Many of the leading immigration attorneys have great networking skills and work with the officers in the court and the verification process to ensure that your Visa and other paperwork come quickly as compared to the normally lengthy-time period.

3. Making mistakes can cost you a fortune

Mistakes made can prove to be costly, both for your immigration process and financially. With the help of an immigration attorney, it is highly unlikely that you will be making a mistake in the whole process. An attorney can help you with the paperwork and make sure your process for immigration is aligned with the current rules and regulations regarding immigration.

4. Chances of success increased 

An Attorney is able to increase your chances of success regardless of how strong or weak your application might be. They will not only avoid mistakes but will also make sure that you are treated with justice and your rights are not violated. If any unforeseen issue arises the Attorney will be able to take care of that in a better manner than you or the consultant.

5. Immigration cases are complicated

Immigration cases can often lead to complex situations. Your application could get refused and make you apply again for immigration. Lawyers can help you in your complex cases and resolve them with the help of their expertise. Also for your reapplication process, it is necessary that you take the help of an immigration attorney if you haven’t taken yet as your chances of success are further low and an Attorney can help you avoid the mistakes that you made last time.

6. It is cheaper than you expect    

A high fee of Attorneys is often the reason why people do not hire an Attorney for their immigration cases. You can easily find affordable and passionate Attorneys that will take your case and give their best effort to make you successful.

Consultants and Attorneys are two different professionals, be careful when you are hiring either of them next time!

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