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Published on: 01 June 2021 Last Updated on: 03 June 2021
Leiebil In USA

A vacation is something we look forward to. We dream of seeing a large number of places around the globe if possible and go from one place to another. We will certainly need to look into a car to hire which couldn’t be easier in the States.

We often think that there are too many fine details involved, that the process requires endless checks or financing but this not the case.

A simple bit of planning can make things go a lot smoother, and it will take a big weight off your shoulders once you’ve arrived at the destination country by not having to search and remember where all the transport depots are, or busses and train stops.

Looking for the perfect vehicle may seem daunting at first, but if you write down your main priorities in terms of features you are looking for and the objectives of the trip, then it is easier to narrow down the specifics. Think about travel plans, areas you intend on visiting, how many people will be traveling, and whether you are willing to go above your set budget if it means added extras.

The Car for You:

The Car for You:

Determined by your traveling party size the vehicle you choose will be either one of 3 factors: comfort, efficiency, and size. Knowing you are a group of friends looking to explore the United States while having fun, like celebrating a recent engagement, ideally, you will want a car that is big enough so that everyone can travel together.

Having vacationed in a group, I can personally vouch for a minibus. Not only is there ample space for everyone and their luggage, but the atmosphere is always energetic and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable.
Look for the efficiency of fuel if you will be doing a lot of day trips.

You wouldn’t want to be stopping constantly to be filling up (as there might not even be a gas station nearby), but the cost will work against you in the long run.

As the old saying goes, “bigger is better.” A vehicle that is tough enough to handle the ups and downs of adventure enthusiasts, but still chic enough to not look like you’re driving an armored car is what you should search for when going for a vacation.

To get the ball rolling and help you see what is available on the market, take a quick browse at Goautos.no/leiebil/usa/ for a variety of cars suited for all demographics and holidays, and most importantly won’t break the bank. You don’t want to find the perfect car only to discover it is not in your price range or would essentially work against you for this trip, do your homework, shop around and conclude from there.

Why Rent?

Why Rent?

Are you one of those people who think that you’re “wasting money” on a car that is not and never will be yours? Then I’m sure you are hesitant at the thought of hiring a rented vehicle, but if you weigh up the odds versus using the local and public transport means available, are you saving yourself time, not to mention money?

There are endless perks to renting a vehicle as opposed to going local, let’s take a look at the top 5 points people pointed out that made them decide to hire a car while holidaying abroad rather than using buses or taxis.


This is especially important if you are a large group, opting to be picked up and ferried to your destination and back could cost an arm and a leg.

You would need a suitably sized vehicle for starters, drop-off, and pick-up times may be set by the company which could work against your itinerary, and if the driver has to wait there because it is too far to travel up and down, his time is your money.


How long is your trip?

If you are on a long weekend and looking to see as many sights as possible the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time standing in bus queues or on train platforms waiting for the next one to arrive because you just missed this one. Simply hop in your rental and the day begins immediately.


The luxury of coming and going as you please comes easy with a hired car. The tour buses may go on the main tourist routes and sites, but if you see something interesting you would have to go back later that day or even the next to go explore. With a car you just need to make a pit stop, jump out, and go experience something new and different, ‘off the beaten track.’



When traveling abroad some transport companies try their luck by pushing up prices with tourists or when they hear a foreign language, and being none the wiser this could cost you double what it should have had you been a local or used a rent a car. Taxis could take ‘the long way around which also adds up on the meter by the end of the trip.


Depending on the time of the year you are traveling the weather may not be in your favor, and worse so if you have children in tow.

Perhaps you’re away for a snowy Christmas, you want your kids safe and warm in a vehicle or indoors and not waiting outside for taxis to arrive or in the pouring rain.

See some handy tips in this link to consider when traveling abroad with kids, how to make their trip fun and more comfortable which will inevitably mean you will have a good time too. We know how quickly a situation can change when a little one is not in a good mood, hungry, or cold. Being organized can prevent these situations and you can focus on having a great time.

Renting and returning:

The time has come when all the fun and madness has to come to an end and sadly it is back to reality and the working week of the 9-5 rat race.

Taking the car back to the rental agency is not as simple as arriving and handing over the keys, believe it or not, so be aware of a few common mistakes people make.

One of the most common faux pas I have noticed and have been victim to myself is not checking the traveling distance or time it will take to get back to the rental parking lot, and agencies have a strict late-return policy which comes with a hefty price tag. Be sure to mark and map your route and leave ample time to get there. Better to be early than late.

As with most rental firms when returning the car it should be as it was when collecting, this usually means with a full tank of petrol.

Be sure to check the map for the closest fuel station to the agency and stop to fill up, be sure to keep the receipt in case there are any queries.

A great tip I learned from a friend was once you have parked be sure to take pictures of the internal and external areas of the car, as well as the dashboard with the ignition on so you can see the fuel gauge and mileage count. This way you have evidence that all was in order when you handed over the keys and these images can be presented if you need to make a case or claim of unexpected charges to your card.

Lastly, be sure you have ALL your belongings. Check glove compartments, the boot and back seat areas, the middle console, and the most forgotten about gaps – the sides of the doors. There is a slim chance you will get anything back that you have forgotten no matter how honest you want to believe that people are.

A final thought:

If you have all the necessary and essential paperwork and documentation in order there is no reason why renting a vehicle abroad should cause any headache. The world is becoming easier to explore, to venture out into, and driving wherever the wind takes you is as easy as shopping for the perfect rented car.

The practice of renting out cars has been around for centuries, only now we have more options, and it’s more fun, win-win.

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Lake Champlain

Boat Rentals at Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is the 13th-largest lake in the U.S measuring approximately 1,200 kilometers. In regards to volume, the lake holds 25 cubic kilometers of fresh water thus ranking 17th in the U.S. That in mind, it is clearly evident that the lake can accommodate everyone in its shores regardless of their interests whether it is swimming, parasailing, kayaking or any other recreation activity. It is lucrative for some people to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries at Lake Champlain on a kayak, sailboat, paddleboard among others.  Fortunate for them, there are multiple businesses that offer boat rental services at considerable rates. Indulge yourself fully at the lake with exemplary Lake Champlain boat rentals. A trip to Lake Champlain is never complete without enjoying outings on a boat. A variety of both motorized and non-motorized boats are at your disposal to help you make the best of your exercise and water navigation skills.  The rental services last from 2 hours, to half a day or even for a full day. You have to play the part too, so fill up the cooler with your favorite snacks and spend the rest of the day unwinding the tensions of life in the pontoon. Complementary waterfront rental services offered include Kid’s boats, non-YOLO paddleboards, paddleboats fishing poles alongside beach toys and a perfect view to sum it all up. Below is a description of some of the rental boat services that are offered at Lake Champlain. Also, there are pro shop items that are offered not forgetting Kayaks, SUPs, tubes, wakeboards, among many others. Onwards, docks are rented seasonally, weekly or even by night depending on your preference. Boat Rentals for Fishing: The best rental boat option for a fishing expedition is perhaps the 14′ Aluminum Boat with 4-stroke 15 hp Outboard engine. This boat has a capacity to hold a maximum of four people and is well furnished with deep v-hulls and wide beams to offer sturdiness and stability as well as plenty of leg room. These boats are easy to control and as such can get you to the fish locations in a matter of few minutes and what’s even exciting is that it does not dent your wallet. Ski Boat Rentals: With a 17′ Open Bow and 4-stroke 90 hp Motors, this boat is designed to carry a maximum of 6 people. Designed with a 90 hp outboard engine, the boat is suitable to get you wakeboarding, tubing or waterskiing in no time. The comfortable setting of the interior and exterior features is an assurance that you are bound to enjoy all water sports in the lake. catamaran Grenada and Grenadines Pontoon Boat Rentals: Suitable for a maximum of 8 people, the 22′ Flat Decked Boat with a 50hp 4-Stroke Engine is perfect for the entire family. The 50hp engines which are outfitted in the boat ensure that ride is quiet and right for the pace. Get your family and friends today and get them to enjoy the day out in the waters today. Read Also: 5 Hot Spots To Take Your High-Performance Ride In Miami Dive In And Enjoy The Aquatic View: A Guide For Beginners

New Year's Eve

Dubai’s Top Locations To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In 2023

They say the way you welcome the new year is the way you are going to spend the entire year itself. If that is the case, we must better make it a good New Year’s Eve 2023. When it comes to celebration, the image that comes to our mind is colorful buildings, fireworks, and music all around. Does the image correlate with how Dubai celebrates every year? Well, you know where you need to visit to start your new year. Celebrating new year’s eve is a great way to welcome 2023. With its world-class entertainment, glitzy nightlife, and excellent skyline view, there is no place like Dubai for celebration. That said, book your flydubai tickets and ensure you are a part of the celebration. What Makes Dubai The Best Place For Celebration? Dubai is situated at the crossroad connecting Asia with western countries offering a unique blend of cultures. From the world-renowned firework display on Burj Khalifa to the beachfront parties under the starry skies, the city has everything to offer. Dubai offers a once-in-a-lifetime firework display that lights up the skyline. And who knows, if you are lucky enough, you might find yourselves rubbing shoulders with celebrities enjoying the night. Many people in Dubai spend New Year's Eve at one of the many nightclubs. This includes Billionaire Mansion Nightclub, Nasimi - Atlantis, The Palm Tree, and Armani Nightclub. But, if you are looking to do something more exquisite, you can take a tour on luxury cruise ships or enjoy a desert safari. There are so many things to do and so many places to visit that it becomes impossible for a single person to make their destination list, especially when they are visiting Dubai for the first time. This is why we are here with the list of top locations where you can enjoy new year’s eve. Experiences For An Epic New Year’s Eve If we want to talk about the most happening place this new year’s eve, it is Dubai. From exclusive beach parties to exuberant skyline fireworks, it has all the entertainment to offer. That said, here is the list of places you would like to be at this new year’s eve. Burj Khalifa The list has to start with Burj Khalifa. No matter what others have to say, everyone will agree that the only place you need to be there (if possible) this new year’s eve is Burj Khalifa and then any other location. At Burj Khalifa, on new year’s eve, people can watch a scintillating fireworks display that comes with a new year countdown. The major attraction of Burj Khalifa is its appealing light show, fireworks, and fountain. To enjoy the fireworks, you must ensure that you have grabbed the right position. And to do that you need to reach the place in the evening. La Mer La Mer is another best place in Dubai to spend quality time with your friends and family this new year’s eve. La Mer allows you to have good outdoor fun, indulge in outdoor activities, and enjoy some delicious food while enjoying the fireworks. To make the most out of the visit, enjoy the watersports, air tours, paragliding, and beachside chalets and take part in other activities. La Mer is one of the best places when you are with children. They will have quite a space to play and roam around. And when the time is right, they can sit and enjoy the majestic fireworks welcoming the new year. Al Seef Al Seef is also one of the most happening places to visit during new year’s eve. With loud music, live shows, and a waterfront market, Al Seef offers a lot of festive things for tourists to enjoy. If you are looking to acquire an offbeat experience on welcoming new year’s eve from a different perspective, head to Al Seef in Dubai. What's more, you can take a luxurious cruise at Bateaux Dubai and enjoy the water life before returning from the country. Palm Jumeirah If you missed out on the opportunity to reserve a place for Burj Khalifa fireworks, go to Palm Jumeirah. Some of the hotels and restaurants offer the best spot for tourists to enjoy the Palm Jumeirah firework in the comfort of their rooms. What’s more, when midnight hits, people can enjoy performances from legendary artists, Pyrotechnics shows, and live concerts. Meanwhile, you can reserve tables in restaurants, enjoy delicious meals and enjoy the fireworks. While Palm Jumeirah firework is the second best compared to Burj Khalifa, many people chose Palm Jumeirah. The reason is simple. The fireworks in Palm Jumeirah look like the shape of a palm tree and give off a splendid view to enjoy. If you want to get the best spot possible, try to reach Palm Jumeirah early in the morning, as the best spots are taken in a matter of seconds. Jumeirah Beach Let’s just say you miss out on booking the right restaurants and rooms in Palm Jumeirah, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the show. The beaches are always open for you to enjoy. Head to the most beautiful beach in Jumeirah and catch the spell-binding fireworks. While you are at, make the most use of the beach. Carry a beach mat and have a nice gala time with your friends and family. In fact, you can even plan a special picnic out there on the sand and make it one of the best parties you have ever enjoyed. Was That Helpful? There goes our top list. Of course, some people might not agree with the list and would have some of their own to add. Well, that’s how great Dubai is. There is something for everyone. Whether we are talking about restaurants, hotels, beaches, sky activities, and water activities, the place is a wonderland for tourists. If you have any places we missed that you wanted to be on the list, drop your suggestion in the comment section. We can assure you our readers will find them helpful. Additional: BEST GOLF COURSES IN DUBAI Planning the Perfect Event Charter in Dubai Flying Crane: Purpose, Benefits, And Usage Jeep in the best Desert Safari by playing Off Road Dubai


Haridwar- The pilgrimage site surrounded by pristine getaways

Haridwar is often called the gateway to the Hindu pilgrimage sites of the Char Dhams and draws a large number of travelers due to its stunning mountains, rivers and old temples. You can either go for a Delhi to Haridwar taxi or you can reserve your seat in the bus for the amazing journey to this holiest place. Gracefully located at the place where the Ganges rises from the Himalaya, Haridwar is Uttarakhand’s most divine Hindu city, and devotees arrive here in the throng to bathe in the serenity of fast-flowing Ganges. The sheer number of people associating around Har-ki-Pairi Ghat give Haridwar a helter-skelter but reverential feeling. Within the religious hierarchy of India, Haridwar is much more compelling than Rishikesh, an hour further north, and every evening the river comes alive with fulgurating flames as floating offerings are discharged onto the Ganges. It's particularly busy during the yatra season from May to October and is the spot of the annual Magh Mela spiritual festival. During the time of the festival, many visitors take Delhi to Haridwar taxi to come and enjoy the fresh air of Haridwar. Haridwar’s prime street is Railway Rd, becoming Upper Rd, which rushes corresponding to the Ganges canal. Generally, only rickshaws are allowed between Lalta Rao Bridge and Bhimgoda Jhula and Lalta Rao bridge, so vehicles ride around the opposite bank of the river. The pathways of Bara Bazaar are at the south of Har-ki-Pauri Ghat. Har-ki-Pauri Ghat Har-ki-Pauri which means “The Footstep of God” is where Lord Vishnu is said to have shoved some divine nectar and left a footprint behind it. Every eve hundreds of devotees gather for the Ganga aarti. Officials are there in blue uniforms to collect donations and, as the sun goes down, bells ring out in a swing, torches are burnt, and leaf baskets with flower petals inside and a candle on top are lit and placed on the river to flow away downstream. Tourists can blend with the crowd to experience the customs of an age-old religion that still retains its power in the contemporary age. If you want to make a donation, it's best to give to a professional collector. The best times to visit the ghat are dawn or just before dusk. Chandi Devi Temple Chandi Devi Temple was constructed in 1929 by Raja Suchet Singh of Kashmir. Many pilgrims and tourists combine this with a cable car to the jam-packed hilltop temple of Mansa Devi known as a wish-fulfilling goddess. At Mansa Devi, you can ride on both cable cars or take an AC coach between the two temples. Mansa Devi Temple Take the cable car to the throng hilltop temple of Mansa Devi, a wish-fulfilling goddess. The path to the cable car is placed with stalls selling packages of prasad to take up to the goddess on the top of the hill. You can walk up 1.5 km but beware of prasad -stealing monkeys. Photography is banned in the temple. You can reach this place 5 hours as  Delhi to Haridwar distance is 204 km. Read More:  A Visit To Darjeeling Is All You Need This Vacation Planning For A Religious Tour? How About The Birthplace Of Lord Rama, Ayodhya? How About A Royal Visit To The Magnificent Mysore Palace? How About A Royal Visit To The Magnificent Mysore Palace?