Boost Online Visibility With THESE 3 Smart Strategies + Bonus!


09 July 2024


Boost Online Visibility With THESE 3 Smart Strategies + Bonus!

“Senpai notice me!” Said all online brands to internet users. They want to grab their audiences’ attention, lure them into their sphere, and generate a new lead. 

This is easier said than done, though, especially with new brands entering the market daily and trying to capitalize on the same audiences. Introducing online visibility.

The key to being a successful, prosperous brand is to have a strong online presence. The more users who see your brand online or on social media, the higher your chance of being visible. They will begin to recognize your brand, seeing you as a leader in the space. 

Boosting a brand’s online visibility isn’t a straight path. However, these three strategies will help no matter your starting point. 

3 Strategies To Boost Online Visibility

The following list suggests the top 3 strategies that will help you gain more traction, thus boosting your online visibility in no time:

Content Marketing

Creating high-quality content regularly is a prime way to increase your online presence. The more content you create, the more chances you can reach and engage with your intended audiences. 

Valuable content is also what will help set you apart from the competition. You’ll be viewed as a reliable, trustworthy leader in the space, one that benefits and serves your audience.

In terms of your content marketing strategy, think about creating a diverse content portfolio. For instance, posting articles and hoping they find their way into the top search results isn’t the most thoughtful approach. 

Alternatively, create blog posts but also short and long-form videos, ebooks, podcasts, and infographics. You may be able to utilize the same type of content but repurpose it for different formats. For instance, a podcast you’re taping could be recorded and posted on your YouTube channel for additional distribution. 

If you’re feeling a bit lost on what kinds of content to create or what to prioritize, it may be advantageous to recruit some outside help. A performance marketing agency can collaborate with your content team to develop a strategic approach to your content marketing efforts. 

Since they are experts in the field, they’ll know which keywords you should strive to rank for and which ones aren’t worth your time or effort. 

They can also help with evergreen website copy and materials to drive home your marketing messages and brand vision. These updates and refreshes can lead to growth for your business and boost your online presence. 

Social Media Marketing

Related to content marketing, social media marketing is becoming more important in the digital space. Consumers today are going to social first to find out about brands and learn about their offerings. They’re also reading comments, looking to see how others are engaging with the brand, and seeing if there are any potential red flags to be aware of. 

If they’re interested or have a specific question, they may reach out via direct message, hoping the brand will respond promptly. Social media marketing aims to build brand awareness and connect and engage with potential customers and followers. 

This will assist in driving website traffic and, inevitably, sales. Posting valuable content consistently is just the start of what social media marketing can look like today. 

It also includes engaging users through interactive chatbots and creating personalized, tailored experiences for followers. Brands know that if they show up regularly and consistently on user’s feeds, viewers are more likely to recall the brand and talk about it later. 

Another component of social media marketing is influencer collaborations. Influencers know what resonates with their audiences — after all, it’s become their job to engage and promote content. Businesses can leverage an influencer’s audience by partnering with them for a social campaign. 

If you have a new product launch approaching, working with an influencer can help spread the word. They can share a review of the product or brand and even entice users to follow your page to enter a giveaway or sweepstakes. 

Paid Advertising

There’s only so much you can grow without going the route of paid advertising. This marketing strategy involves displaying banner advertising to targeted audiences. It can include everything from television commercials to podcast spots to internet-based and social ads. Paid advertising isn’t cheap, so you need a tailored strategy that works for your business needs. 

Choosing the right platform and setting clear goals will allow you to reach your intended audiences. Narrowing who sees your ads and when they see them will help ensure you’re reaching the right people. 

Some of the main targeted advertising selections include behavioral, demographic, interest, and purchase-based intent. You can get more granular depending on your audience persona and your business goals, whether that’s awareness or sales. With each paid advertising campaign, you’ll want to monitor performance closely. See specific engagement metrics, including impressions, click-through rate, and conversions. 

Additionally, keep an eye on the cost per click to justify your budget for the campaign. An exceptionally high cost per click, meaning the dollar you’re spending for someone to click on one of your ads, may not be sustainable. Optimize where you can, applying what you have learned from one campaign to future ones.

Bonus: THIS will help retain your online visibility 


There are two aspects of retaining an audience on your site or business. Consistency and quality. Both are often ignored. Both consistency and quality only benefit you in the long run. 

If you aim for social media visibility, stay consistent there. 

Be regular with your posts and engage with your audience frequently. Social media marketing will only work if you consistently keep the audience engaged. The quality of your posts must be quite high. Think of maintaining the standard. 

If you closely follow your competition, you can observe their and the “industry-best’s” work. This will help you know if your content fares well. No one wants to return to your content if they keep seeing a lack of quality. 

This also applies to your consistent efforts; consistently use the above-mentioned strategies. Patience and hard work will bring you results soon!


Your brand’s visibility and recognition are crucial for long-term success. Content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising are three channels that will boost your brand’s presence.

Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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Online marketing is just another way of selling your product and service online through the web and mobile phone systems. The art of selling things online is very difficult, you need to find the right mix of strategies that suit your product and reach your audience which can then convert into real deals. Many people think this is the easiest way to publicize but there are a lot more ways to fail at this than is successful. So we today at AdsBridge will try to explain to you about online marketing. Benefits of Online Marketing: A key advantage of taking the help of the internet for marketing your product is that you can quantify the effect that a strategy has in publicizing plus you know how many clicks you get for each publicizing platform and how they interact with a website. Then we can analyze how many of these visitors are converted into paying customers and which strategy is most profitable to you. Examples of Online Marketing: EA sports pays different search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to post ads on people desktop which search for keywords such as "Games". Grammarly hoards up email delivers on their site through a free trial and then send emails regarding discount and services. A recent trend is to make memes and then share them on the official handles on Facebook, Twitter, and etc. to engage with their audience and create a favorable image of their product. This technique is mostly used by condoms or tobacco companies. Online marketing seems to be the future as everything is available online. This definitely opens new doors but it is very difficult to build your audience. One of the things, companies should understand is that the internet is a virtual field and so should be your content to lure people, you can’t go old fashion on the internet. Companies should develop their strategy keeping in mind their customer, and the product which we do at Ads Bridge. People use various techniques such as surveys, user testing, and in-person conversations. Online Ads: Google earns the most through internet ads because it works for businesses but there are ways through which you can be looted. There are various other platforms that offer online ads, they won’t be as popular as Google but they are very much effective Marketing through emails: As discussed above, a lot of companies used this strategy. They will find a way to collect your email address. Then they will send you a mail regarding the discount and offers. If you like their trial product/service, receiving those offers can tempt anybody to buy. Marketing through social media: This has taken marketing to a whole different level. You can reach out to your audience even in their most secluded moment as using mobile is stable for all. But on social media, you need a 24/7 presence, it doesn’t work if you than posting ads for your products or services. Blogging: Having a business blog is another way to reach out to your customers. You can use these blogs to keep people informed about the latest development in your product or service. One important use of the blog is you can write luring article which can tempt people to buy your product or service. Or you can simply use it for reviews or feedback from customers. Read Also: How To Market Your App Successfully Mobile App Marketing Agency Marketing – What’s Right For Your Business?

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What Is Integrated Marketing Communication in 2020 [Full Guide]

It is just a simple concept of making all kinds of communication and messages linked together. This is just to ensure that there is no lack of information. This lack of information can have a negative result on the work. Do you know what is integrated marketing communication? At the basic level of IMC i.e., Integrated Marketing Communication, all the promoting tools are linked together for smooth communication. You surely must have heard of the marketing mix. Yes, that 4Ps of the marketing mix. This promotion is one of that marketing mixes To make all the tools work smoothly, all the tools must work together in harmony. This can be advanced when regular communication is integrated into several levels, such as Horizontal, Vertical, Internal, External, and Data integration. Let’s go through various components of IMC: 1. The Foundation: In this, a detailed analysis of the product and the target market is required. For the marketers it is essential to understand the nature of the brand, what are its USP (unique selling proposition) and the requirements of the end-user. It is important to have a close eye on your competitor’s behaviors. Every need of the customers is of the utmost importance. 2. The corporate culture: There must need to be relevant in the product and the producing company. Every organization has its own vision, so while planning marketers need that to keep in mind. For example, there is an organization whose vision is to train teenagers in the field of their interest. If they start training the middle-aged man they are deviating from the vision. 3. Brand focus: Every organization is known by the brand they are producing or facilitating. So, it’s important to have plans which are always focused on the brand. Making their brand the center of attention. 4. Consumer experiences: You must not forget about the consumer and how they feel about the product. Nowadays customers are more attracted to the product which looks good, has good packing, and of course, the product itself needs to be one of the best. 5. Communication tools: It is a way via which the brand communicates with the customers. The ways can be direct selling, advertising, social media, advertisements, etc. 6. Integration tools: Selling the product is one part of communication but also getting feedback from the customer is also part communication. Plans for Integrated marketing communication It integrates all aspects of the marketing mix to promote the products and services to the customers at the right place and at the right time. It is a proven fact that if you use different IMC tools at the same time it can improve the customer experience of the product. If done correctly. IMC can improve the visibility of the brand. Whenever a customer goes to the market for shopping, they will be reminded of your brand. The impact of integrated marketing communication increases if the end-user sees the brand simultaneously multiple numbers of times. A marketer should be well versed in time management. Because doing many things like budgeting, allocating the right resources at the right for the promotion of the product is of utmost importance. Gathering information about your company and its product and the audience who buy this product is very important for planning. While planning some points are needed to keep in mind: A detailed summary needs to be made on the brand is going to reach its targeted audience. Everything about the organization needs to be crystal clear. Good knowledge of the product is required. Choosing the right market is very important, and hoe you are going to promote it into the market needs to be mentioned clearly. Competitors’ analysis is very important. And how the competitors are active in the target market. Knowing your brand weakness as well as your strong points can be a good start to promote your brands. Implementing integrated marketing communication Integrated marketing communication is a way of promoting the brand through various methods like advertising, social media awareness, direct selling, public relation, etc. It focuses on using all the available ideas together to get the most desired result. Instead of using one integrated tool at a time, it brings all the possible tool under one umbrella and uses any viable option which is used in an effective way. The success of integrating marketing communication relies totally on understanding the customers, their needs and expectations. Just remember one thing the customer will be loyal towards you only when you outperform their expectations. And to do so you need to be well versed in the marketing mix and need to apply that knowledge in the fields. Just promoting your product once or twice does not make you gainer. You need to keep doing that. So that whenever they think of buying a product, your brand needs to be the first to come in their mind. This can be done only after promoting the same product several times a day to the same audience. This makes their subconscious mind active and your product makes space in their second mind. Let’s take Colgate for example, no matter where you are, whenever you think about a toothpaste product the first name that comes into mind is “Colgate”. Why? Because it was their integrated marketing communication skills that have made you think this way. This what an integrated marketing communication does if done correctly. What are the components of successful integrated marketing communication? It is essential for organizations to have a well-integrated marketing communication team, who can work hard for the organization. And make the customer satisfied so that the customer can invest in the product. This can only happen if the brand can provide services that can make the customer loyal to the brand. This can be done only by using the components effectively: Customer focus No matter how good your product is, no matter how good is your service is, until and unless you make a customer happy all is worthless. Do you believe in God? No, then start believing in the god named “Customers”. If you are a marketer then you need to have faith in this god. Only this god has the power to make your brand, organization what you hope for. So, if you think ignoring their needs and doing and coming up with the best plan will work for you then you need to go back a little bit and have a fresh start. Everything about the customer is very important. Their appraisal, as well as their, complains both hold the same value. But for me complain matters the most. That shows where we are lacking and where we need to improve ourselves. Make sure whatever you are planning customer needs to be at the center of that. Co operation Cooperation among the marketing team is important, but it is essential that every member of the organization work as a whole, to promote the product. Other members who are outside of the department are needed to be allowed to give their thoughts on the matter. This can help in unboxing new ideas, which can really accelerate the promotion. Database communication The sharing of information is one of the important aspects of good planning. This helps in formulating the best course of action. Every employee needed to be filled in on every relevant detail that they need to do their job. Leverage Analyze every channel on which the promotion is done. Calculate their cost estimation. See that if the ROI on that cost is relevant or not. This helps your brand’s promoting efficiency. Profitability At the end of the day, we have to gain revenue. So, making a plan, formulating the strategies are only helpful when they can bring in profits. So, we have to market in such a way that it really brings in the audience to invest in our brand and stay loyal to the brand. This will help to bring in higher revenue. Importance of integrated marketing communication Nobody can deny the fact that integrated marketing communication is an important aspect of the promotion of the brand. Let’s go much deeper: It acts as a messenger between the brand and the audience It recognizes the need of the customers, it gets the data of the competitors, locate an important place for marketing the brand and send this back to the organization for the analysis. Brand awareness at a low cost It is a long-term process where you gain audience trust, and convince them to invest in your brand. Integrated marketing communication is the best way to promote your values. Think like this, if brand A is already communicating with you properly, and delivering its USP on a regular basis. Why would you go for the brand B. you will subconsciously choose brand A Integrating marketing communication over traditional ways IMC is taking over traditional ways because it not only focuses on getting new customers but also tries to retain the older on as well. Gaining a new customer does not mean that you forget about the older customer who has already avail of your services. Gaining new customers is very good but losing the older one is not accepted. Because once the trust is broken, it cannot be restored. The customer will never trust you again. So, doing both is of utmost importance. It reduces the time required for the planning If not for this IMC, strategizing the plan would take lots of time. It is due to the IMC that the time is reduced to none. IMC tools It is essential for organizations to have a well-integrated marketing communication team, who can work hard for the organization. And make the customer satisfied so that the customer can invest in the product. This can only happen if the brand can provide services that can make the customer loyal to the brand. Let us go through the tools which are used in IMC: Advertising It is the best way of promoting the brand. It can reach a huge amount of audience in the shortest time frame. Advertisements on the television, newspaper, radio can reach many audiences in a small frame of time. This also increases the authenticity of the brand. Now it is the marketer’s job to make sure that the right messages are sent to the audience. Self-promotion The promotion which the brands do with the promotional code, discounts, attractive offers, etc. brands itself can pay for advertisements to the newspaper, distribute leaflets for the promotions. Direct selling There are various tools like mailing, text messages, brochures, which the brands use to promote themselves. Personal selling Personal selling here is referred to the selling of the products from their showrooms, via their agents and making sales call. Public relation activities Well, have you seen brands presenting themselves in the community meetup, in fairs, in public events? If yes, then you can understand what public relations mean. It’s all about communication with the public by going in between them. This makes them feel closure to you. This creates a friendship bond with potential customers. Even if they had never thought of investing in your brand, but due to your public appearance. They may think at least once of buying your services. Managing IMC It is essential for organizations to have a well-integrated marketing communication team, who can work hard for the organization. And make the customer satisfied so that the customer can invest in the product. This can only happen if the brand can provide services that can make the customer loyal to the brand. Just making the strategies and implementing those can be said that only half work is done. The rest half is managing and maintain those plans. There are different modes of communication, so it needs to be managed effectively so that all work in the same synchronization to deliver the same message to all the audience. This can be done with the help of proper managing plans. The first step is to identify the right audience Finding the right audience is the best way to make your promotion fruitful. You need to understand who is your audience. what can be done to find the relevant audience for providing services, and who are willing to invest in you. After you find out the answer to these questions, only then you can move on with the second phase of the IMC. The second step is to think of what to communicate The kind of message you send to the customer is very crucial for gaining their trust. You need to have a proper crystal-clear message for audiences. This makes your brand much more authentic. The third step is to plan your message in a way that convinces them Having clear messages will not do, you need to present them in such a way that the audience likes it and get the meaning of it. Make sure that your messages are all properly formatted. The fourth step is to identify the various channel via which you can communicate with them Choosing the best course of action is very helpful in making a promotional platform. It needs to be efficient that it reaches the right person at the right time. The fifth step is to allocate the right source at the right time Investment is needed to be done properly so that ROI gains a profit rather than a loss. So investment needs to be done after analyzing ever aspects of the promotional platforms. Lastly, it’s important to measure the reach of Integrated marketing communication You need to monitor constantly that the promotion is reaching the people or not, doing a blind job is just like walking on the edge of the mountain blindfolded. Conclusion As a whole, integrated marketing communication lays down a bridge between the organization and the audience. Without the IMC informational gap is created which can lead to malfunctioning of the whole organization. There are many strategies that can be implemented to overcome any possible crisis faced by the organization. Each and every detail on integrated marketing communication is given in this article. Image source Read Also: 6 Ways To Increase Real Instagram Followers Without Spending Money! Organic Traffic vs. Paid: Where Should You Focus Your Budget?