What Are The Most Popular Businesses In The East Coast States?


06 October 2023


East Coast

The East Coast of the United States is a diverse region widely known for its economic competence and capitalist spirit. From the metropolises of New York to the charming coastal towns of Florida, this part of the country boasts a wide assortment of businesses that contribute significantly to its economic variety.

Thus, in this post, we are going to tell you about the most popular types of businesses that are popular in this region.

What Are The Prerequisites To A Favorable Business Destination?

There is a huge difference between a business destination and a general destination. Many elements combine together to make thriving investment destinations. Therefore these points attract large-scale investments. There are reasons why the East Coast stats has been one of the greatest investment destinations. So, let us start with the destination to understand the topic better. 

Business Friendly Policies

Among the many points that help make a destination rich from the investment perspective, business-friendly policies are one of them. Moreover, the government in such a place ensures they have zero tolerance towards lethargy. They remain busy sharpening their policies to make the ecosystem suitable from the point of view of the business. They use their officials to take note of the situation or scenario from ground reality. This helps chalk out the best of policies. 

Safety Offered By The Establishments

Investors of different scales look for a safety guarantee because they invest their hard-earned money. Alongside it, they take every measure to ensure they provide every element to ensure that the investor’s money is safe. The first thing they do is stiffen the law and order situation. They also tighten the police system of the area so that the investors find themselves and their investments safe and secure. It can help them stay ahead in their business activities.

Ambiance For Innovation And Learning 

Busiensses want to invest in a place where they get the best resources. It is indeed one of the core requirements of developing a business. Therefore, successful business-related states (that of the East Coast) make sure they open centers that promote education and technical expertise to the students. Moreover, these institutions create an environment for continuous research and development. In such places, the investors can easily get the desired quality human resources. 

Access To Market

Business organizations usually want to invest in such a place where they get the desired market for their product. When the manufacturing place gets a strong and healthy market in the vicinity, they can easily meet their requirements. This is why manufacturing plants like to invest in such a place where they get a good investment ecosystem. 

The East Coast states have a combination of the best manufacturing facilities coupled with bustling and growing cities. This combination becomes a successful business destination.

Furthermore, the government of these business-friendly states ensures they establish a healthy business relationship with their investors. 

Top businesses in the East Coast states

Plenty of all sorts of businesses have been successfully developing in the East Coast states. It fully reflects the region’s economic strength and innovation. Let us see the examples of the top businesses in these states.

Technology and Startups

  • State: Massachusetts.
  • Prominent companies: Boston Dynamics, Akamai Technologies, HubSpot, Wayfair, etc.

Massachusetts, particularly the Boston area, is a technology and innovation hub, with well-known universities and prosperous startups. Many small businesses, which later turned into big corporations, started by taking small credits such as Payday Depot.

Healthcare and Biotechnology

  • State: New Jersey.
  • Prominent companies: Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, Merck & Co, etc.

New Jersey is a key player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries of the United States. The state is home to major corporations and research facilities.

Hospitality and Tourism

  • State: Florida.
  • Prominent companies: Walt Disney World Resort, Planet Hollywood International, Marriott International, Carnival Cruise Line, Hilton Grand Vacations, etc.

Florida`s sunny climate and world-class attractions make it a breeding ground for tourism. Plenty of trusted hospitality and entertainment companies provide first-class services for their clients in this state all year round.

Media and Entertainment

  • State: California (East Coast presence).
  • Prominent companies: Paramount Global, the Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal Media (part of Comcast), etc.

While primarily related to the West Coast, major entertainment conglomerates have a significant presence on the East Coast, mainly in the state of New York.

Construction and Real Estate

  • State: Virginia.
  • Prominent companies: S. L. Nusbaum Realty Co., Boyer Landscaping, Inc., Clark Construction Group, Branch Builds, Inc., JBG Smith, etc.

Virginia`s closeness to Washington, D.C., has already driven a prosperous real estate and construction industry. As of 2023, it mainly focuses on government and commercial projects.

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Retail and E-Commerce

  • State: Pennsylvania.
  • Prominent companies: The Hershey Company, QVC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.

Pennsylvania has long become home to a variety of retail giants and e-commerce companies, which greatly contribute to the state’s economic strength.

Education and EdTech

  • State: Maryland.
  • Prominent companies: Johns Hopkins University, Laureate Education, 2U, StraighterLine, Ethink Education, etc.  

Maryland’s proximity to the nation’s capital has led to a significant concentration of various sorts of educational institutions and prominent EdTech vendors.

Logistics and Transportation

  • State: Georgia.
  • Prominent companies: Delta Air Lines, Norfolk Southern Corporation, United Parcel Service, etc.  

With its major international airport in Atlanta, Georgia plays an essential role in transportation and logistics across the United States.

Food and Beverage

  • State: New Hampshire.
  • Prominent companies: Timberland Brewing Company, Stonyfield Organic, Lindt & Sprüngli, etc.

New Hampshire’s food and beverage industry is perfectly known for its high-quality products. It includes various specialty food producers and breweries.

Final words

Summing up all the mentioned above, the East Coast states are true evidence of the economic variety that perfectly characterizes this region. Here, everyone can enjoy a wide range of real business opportunities. Therefore, the East Coast’s most popular businesses cover various sectors, which reflects the flexibility of entrepreneurs who are happy to call this region home. And now, this region of the United States continues to be a productive ground for plenty of successful businesses.

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