San Francisco and Outskirts: What to See?

Published on: 16 April 2019 Last Updated on: 17 April 2019
San Francisco

Any journey around America begins with a rental car. If you find yourself in San Francisco, the need for a car is obvious, especially if you plan to go sightseen and explore the surroundings. Therefore, choose your best ACE rent a car SFO car rental and start your route.

But beforehand, you must know the terms and conditions of the rental company.

ACE offers its customers:

  • free transfer to the rental point;
  • unlimited mileage;
  • round-the-clock mechanical assistance.

All drivers must have valid driver’s licenses issued in their country of residence and a credit card. Any person driving the vehicle must be at least 18 years old. If you or any additional driver is between 18-21 years old, you must pay extra fee at the time of reservation, or during the rental on the spot.

The driver is responsible for any damage to the car or liability incurred during the rental period. Locations of ACE rental car in SFO offer collision avoidance and additional liability insurance that rids you from this liability.

Where to go?

Golden Gate

There are some places worth your visit. The first thing to see is Golden Gate – the king of all bridges. Especially spectacular it is in the period of fogs.

A popular tourist’s destination is Muir Woods National Monument. Just go to the Visitor Center at the entrance to the park, take a map of walking routes and go for a walk. Plan to visit the park for at least one day. Leave a car in the nearby town of Sausalito, and from there get to Muir Woods Park by public transport. This is possible from March to October.

After that, drive along highway No. 1 to the north to another fairly unknown place – the coast of Point Reyes. It is an unusual peninsula, a corner of wildlife and luxurious coastal panoramas. To get to this place you move along the coast along Stinson Beach and Bolinas Lagoon.

Point Reyes

Surely visit Monterey – a peninsula covered with pine and cypress forests. You will see picturesque rocky shores with countless bays, a wonderful sandy beach, many birds and lavender fields. The island houses the giant aquarium Monterey Bay Aquarium. Along the peninsula passes the famous 17-mile Drive – the most beautiful stretch of the Pacific coast of the United States.

Do you want to walk on the walls or to stand in an unusual pose? Go to the Mystery Spot – this place is a gravitational anomaly lost in California mahogany forests near Santa Cruz. The mysterious effect covers a circle of 150 feet (46 meters) in diameter. A visit to this place is available as a landmark since 1940 and promises to change the human understanding of perception, the laws of physics and gravity.

If you are eager to know how lived the true Russian people in the village, move to the Fort Ross State Historic Park. Actually, it is a former Russian settlement and wooden fortress north of San Francisco. The only original structure that has survived to this day, the house of the last Russian commandant, Rotchev, has been declared an object of the historical value of national importance. There are found lots of objects, different tableware, household things and various instruments from 1930s years.

Fort Ross State Historic Park

You also cannot miss Sonoma, which is the most western wine region of the States. Moreover, it is a wonderful destination is the city of Healdsburg. Here are hundreds of wineries and tasting rooms.

Also, remember to go to very attractive cities – Auckland, San Jose, and of course, Silicon Valley, and ACE rental car in San Francisco will help you to make it true.

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Want To Become A Travel Agent? Here Are The Steps You Need To Take!

There's a reason why the question "how to become a travel agent" has been trending on Google for a while now. Becoming a travel agent offers a flexible work schedule and environment, lots of travel opportunities, and an introduction to a welcoming global industry. Some find this surprising in 2023. Most people thought that using a travel agent was no longer necessary after the internet became widely accessible. But despite the disappearance of the pun-filled brick-and-mortar agencies in strip malls, the field is growing. People can now make money from trip planning more easily than ever before. Either as a full-time business or as a side gig thanks to new software options. However, demand is also increasing. Travel agents experienced a tonne of business when people started traveling again following the pandemic. And that trend hasn't stopped. In order to ensure a smooth trip, travelers have been turning to professional trip planners when travel is complicated. For better or worse, travel has remained convoluted and disorganized, with new regulations coming into effect. Such as the requirement for Americans to pay a fee in order to visit Europe in 2024. There are also airline strikes, and problems with staffing. More than ever, it's tempting to give someone else all of the minutiae. Another classic motivator for people entering the field is a passion for travel. In any case, becoming a travel agent can be a fulfilling career path with some enjoyable benefits. Here's what you need to know about how to become a travel agent. How To Become A Travel Agent? Even though you might be strong in math, we advise taking a technical course with extensive process knowledge. You would gain more knowledge about choosing locations, designing customized packages, managing time-sensitive itineraries, corresponding with hotels (ideally three, four, and five stars), and renting a car from such a course. Pursuing such a course could benefit you both immediately and over time, especially if it is taught by seasoned professionals. These individuals are proficient specialists who can assist you in comprehending the subtleties of the job and provide you with a competitive edge as a trained and seasoned travel agent. Educational Requirements A person can become a travel agent without having to complete any educational requirements, and there are numerous online programs available for certification. Individuals can choose to begin without any official certification. They could also finish a certification program with a recognized tourism body. Or they can pursue a 4-year degree in travel and tourism management. Obtaining a degree, however, is not necessary for individuals aspiring to work as travel agents. Tourism certificates come in handy, but so do prior experience in hospitality, marketing, or even event management. Your career as a travel agent will depend on your concept of destinations, itinerary planning, booking software, and sales. It depends on your situation how much time you need to devote to training before you can work as a full-fledged travel agent. After high school, you have the option of starting your career right away. Or you could devote one to four years to obtaining a certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree in tourism. Of course, you could also leave a similar position and pursue a career as a travel agent using your background as, for example, a destination wedding planner. Logistics Of Becoming A Travel Agent It's likely that becoming a travel agent will require launching your own company. Positively, it needs comparatively little overhead. For instance, you want to start a small business and open a yoga studio. You will need to pay yoga instructors and staff for their services, rent a location, handle permits, purchase supplies, and create a website. But there aren't nearly as many upfront costs for starting a travel agency business. And you can work from your living room. You will need to consider the kind of business you wish to start. Would you like to form an LLC or incorporate? Incorporate requires the most work and is frequently the most costly. Being an LLC can help protect you as a business entity without incurring as many costs. So it's a good happy medium. Typically, small business owners form an LLC to safeguard their assets. If you are sued as an LLC, you cannot have your savings, home, or vehicle taken from you. However, your business assets may be sued. Should you decide to continue operating as a sole proprietor, you effectively function as an independent contractor or freelancer. This doesn't involve any costs or paperwork. It is not impossible to be both an LLC and an independent contractor. It's wise to work as a part of a larger host agency when you're first starting as a travel agent. That is if you want to be an independent contractor. You can eventually become the owner of a franchise for a travel agency. One good reason to incorporate would be the potential for increased overhead associated with being a franchise owner. You should be aware that filing taxes as an independent contractor won't be as simple as for a full-time employee. You may want to begin recording your business expenses since you might be eligible for a write-off. Additionally, your employer may not provide you with benefits like health insurance. Consider having a conversation with an experienced travel agent as you prepare for your new career to ask them the following practical questions: From what source do they obtain health insurance? How do they monitor their earnings and outlays? Do they file their taxes with an accountant? You can also talk about the benefits and drawbacks of working for a larger agency during your meeting with the travel agent. Use social media, such as Instagram or LinkedIn, to connect with other travel agents if you have no idea how to do it. Things To Keep In Mind Delivering specific outcomes, like the following, is something you should constantly consider doing as a licensed and certified online travel agent: Expanding Your Clientele: Without a sizable number of regular, paying clients, no business can thrive. Therefore, to raise your cost-to-quality ratio, you should offer great services at minimum prices. What You Make (Or Get in Commissions): Being avaricious is not the same as being ambitious. Should you purposefully recommend a "lesser" location to your clients to receive a higher commission, they might discover it and damage your online reputation. Increasing Your Knowledge: As time goes on, you should concentrate on becoming a better version of yourself. Additionally, you should remain vigilant and take prompt action if you discover any problems, particularly after the client has departed for the trip. How Much Will You Earn? The number of trips that a travel agent successfully books for their clients determines how much money they make. Since the entire business model is commission-based, agents receive a portion of the total cost of the trip they plan. In addition to their commission, many travel advisors decide to charge a flat-rate planning fee. However, it's important to strike a balance because charging a high planning fee could drive away prospective customers. For those who can develop a strong clientele and excellent industry connections, a successful career could be in sight. Your place of residence can have an impact on your income as well. Wrapping Up Becoming a travel agent makes sense for a few reasons, particularly if you travel frequently. While completing training and applying for accreditation requires time and work, the rewards of becoming a travel advisor can be substantial. This holds true whether you are making travel arrangements for yourself or have amassed a clientele. Either way, money can be saved and obtained. We hope you have found the answer to "how to become a travel agent." If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you! Learn More About: What Is A Commercial Leasing Agent? Choosing The Best Photographer for Your Event 6 Common Myths busted for the insurance agent exam Real Estate Agents In Dubai: Your Gateway To The Luxurious Property Market

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Best places in South India for wildlife spotting

Have you always dreamt about seeing a leopard stretched in the middle of a narrow rocky path through a jungle? or a herd of elephants heading to the waterhole, or deer playfully running through the forest? If you have, then head to South India. South Indian states with their dense, beautiful and unspoiled forest reserves offer a variety of jungle safaris at different locations where you could have the pleasure of actually seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. There are so many reserves that you are spoilt for choice. Let us present you with our pick of 6 such National Parks in South India for enjoying some great wildlife spotting. 1. Bandipur National Park Nestled within the Nilgiri hills, Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is home approx 100 species of mammals and nearly 350 bird species and is best described as a wildlife retreat. Bandipur boasts of thick forests, lush landscapes, and amazing wildlife. The forest department and the resorts here offer jeep safaris and night safaris where you can quite easily sight quite a few wild animals. This national park is known for its Panthers and Four Horned Antelopes, but you can also spot hoards of Elephants, Tigers, gaur, chital, wild dogs, jackal, hornbills, and the mouse deer, etc. If we take an early morning safari, we can also spot some rare birds like the jungle fowl and green pigeon to name a few. 2. Viralimalai Wildlife Park Viralimalai wildlife park In Tamil Nadu is very famous for the six different varieties of Peacocks it houses. The park is dedicated to raising and restoring peacocks with more than 500 peacocks living here. The most magnificent and famous peacock variety is the Palawan Peacock Pheasant as it exhibits numerous and dazzling colors in its feathers. It is the place you need to visit to understand why the peacock is our national bird. 3. Periyar National Park Another popular Elephant and Tiger Reserve located in Thekkady, Kerala is the Periyar National Park which is also house to the rivers Periyar and Pamba. The park boasts of having 300 mammal breed, 40 reptile species, 160 insect species, 260 bird species, and 40 fish species. It is especially unique for being home to several endangered animals with the intent to restore wildlife. Some wildlife that you can spot here is rare species like Monitor Lizards, Lion-tailed Macaque, Bonnet Macaque, Gaur, and birds like the Darters, Kingfishers, Drongoes, and Cormorants. Along with a wildlife safari, in this park, you can also go trekking. 4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary A stone throws away from Mysore city, located on the banks of the River Kaveri, the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is the best destination for bird watchers. Accommodation to migratory birds from Siberia and Latin America during the winter season, nearly 170 species of birds live here. You can easily spot the Common Spoonbill, Black-headed Ibis, and Asian Openbill Stork here. The ideal time to visit this bird sanctuary is during the nesting season from June to November. 5. Nagarhole National Park Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is one of the most famous national parks in Karnataka owing to the constant increase in the tiger ratio. Besides Tigers, you can spot wild dogs, Sloth bears, Leopard, Hyena, Sambhar, Deer, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Wild boar, Elephants, Indian bison, Marsh crocodile, and the Rocky Python, etc. You can also spot many of the 250 species of birds, especially near the Kabini River banks. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. 6. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary Perched uniquely in the Nagarhole forest is the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to the Kabini River, on the banks of which you can enjoy the maximum spotting of wildlife. This has been declared as a tiger reserve and is part of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is quite common to find herds of elephants along the river banks, some lazing, some playfully mingling and sometimes you may witness a duel or two. If you are visiting Nagarhole forest, it may be a great idea to stay the weekend in one of the resorts at Kabini, so you would have two days to do justice to this forest and its many attractions and offerings. You could try the Discovery Village Resort here, which just blends in with its environment. Beautiful ambiance, fresh food, and friendly staff enhance the experience. Finally, these are just a few of the many beautiful reserves South India has to offer. Visiting these lush dense forests only makes us realize how much we need to be responsible for our planet's green cover and the flora and fauna they house. You can visit in South India for wildlife spotting. Read Also: Places To Visit At Gold Coast Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips For Scouting Wildlife Travel In Italy: Interesting Locations To Visit In Tuscany