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Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips for Scouting Wildlife

seIf you are an avid hunter, you probably use trail cameras. If you do you know that a trail camera can help monitor deer during the offseason.  Do you have the right camera though? Do you have it in the right spot and set up correctly? If you are an avid hiker looking to explore the wonderful world of wildlife, there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind. According to the best wildlife lawyer in Northwestern Colorado, individuals and families should not do anything that harms the animals or their natural habitat. This includes spilling plastic wastage, leaving an unattended fire burning, and feeding animals human food. Best Deer Hunting Trail Camera Tips for Scouting Wildlife Tip 1: Finding the right Trail Camera: Trail cameras have improved over the last five years with better imaging higher resolution and even the ability to send pictures directly to your phone.  Some trail cameras have better batteries than others, some have better cases, lenses, trigger speeds, and even range.  Check to see how up-to-date your trail cameras are if they still make loud trigger sounds or you have to manually get pictures off of it; it may be time to upgrade. Although some of these types of trail cameras can become costly, they can improve your hunt during the season. Having the right trail camera can bring a deer hunter closer to that bigger buck, or even let you know if you have no visitors. Tip 2: Setting up your trail camera: Trail cameras need space and should be in a decent area so that you get clear pictures.  A decent place to set up a trail camera during the offseason is over food plots and salt licks this will help you see that you do indeed have a decent group stalking your hunting spot.  If you post a trail camera over a salt lick or food plot and nothing shows up, you may need to find a new hunting spot. Tip 3: Things to Remember about trail cameras: The biggest tip to remember about trail cameras is simply to check them. You want a trail camera up as soon as you can during the offseason allowing your camera time to monitor movement and see what is going on in your surroundings.  Remembering to check trail cameras rather often (more often with phones) will help keep the memory from filling up as well as making sure everything is going right in your spot. Tip 4: Camera Scent: Finding a camera with the option to send to your phone is a great key. This keeps you out of the area so that your scent isn’t picked up. If a deer picks up on the scent of you off of the camera of food plot they will take off. A deer has keen senses such as being able to hear and smell very well. If something spooks your deer away that is not caught on camera it could be the camera or your scent being too evident in the area. Trail Camera Tips Conclusion: Trail cameras are very efficient in helping track the deer in the area you plan to hunt in. These cameras have changed over the years and yours may be outdated. Newer trail cameras have features that make it easier for hunters to see what is going on in their spots by looking at their phones.  By having an updated camera with newer features you can keep your scent from running the game away. Read Also: What Is A CMOS Camera? Top 6 Tips To Shoot Hyperlapses Quickly And Easily Using A Camera Gimbal