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How Long Before the Ceremony Should the Bride Be Ready

There is a huge amount of traditions and superstitions that involve the whole theme of weddings and marriages. Use something borrowed, something old and something blue, if it rains during the ceremony, the color of the bride's veil, knives and broken glass, and hundreds of other beliefs about the before and after the wedding. One of these is to believe that, to attract good luck, the groom must arrive at the church before the bride and also enter the church with the right foot, and wait at the altar for the bride to arrive a little more lately. How Long Before the Ceremony Should the Bride Be Ready: Ideally, at least in civil ceremonies is not to be delayed at all, since the civil registry officer, must officiate other unions, for the time that should not be lost and because they are public entities with strict schedules should be punctual or you put at risk losing the time of your appointment, and therefore your marriage, and even if it was the case of the registration officer moving to the location of the chosen wedding. For cases of religious ceremonies, it is not very different. The priests of the churches warn in advance that it is not good for the bride to be too late, especially if there are other weddings taking place on the same day since they affect the following ceremony. By consensus, among all those involved in officiating a wedding, the prudent time it may take for the bride to arrive after the scheduled time is 15 minutes. Now, this time is traditional and planned, which serves to get the guests in order to organize your pages and ensure that everything goes well in your triumphal entry. But this does not mean that you should be ready for only 15 minutes before the ceremony, not even thinking about it. There are certain factors that always wreak havoc and delays at the beginning of weddings, and that can be prevented in the best way. Untimely guests: most guests are so accustomed to the idea that the bride will be late, that they disregard the schedule a bit, which usually means that the guests are late and not the bride. To prevent this from happening, the invitation time is usually placed approximately 30 minutes before the official time, thus ensuring that everyone arrives at the desired time. In addition, it is true that it is the responsibility of the guests to review and confirm the place and time they should be, because today many couples diversify the way in which they send the invitation, either in writing, by mail or until a notification from Facebook, but apart from this you can take an extra and very simple measure: a reminder of the time and place by the bride and groom, you can have a format prepared to delegate that someone sends it to your guests prior to the ceremony. The second thing that usually wreaks havoc in the preparation of the bride, the hairstyle and makeup are the part of the preparation that you take time before the ceremony for the bride. Consider getting your stylists to go to the place where the bride's arrangement will be on the wedding day for your comfort and efficient use of time, and that a margin of at least one hour is maintained for each of them. And even leave a margin of time between makeup, hairstyle and putting on the dress, which gives you time to see all the details of the dress, that is, try it on time in case there is any detail to fix it before, try on shoes and put them on, to ensure that they will not have any discomfort, so that the bride can be ready at least two hours before the ceremony, especially if when you hire a wedding photographer from Wure you will schedule a photo shoot before the ceremony. Although a wedding takes months of planning in advance, unforeseen last-minute events, problems with the dress or hairstyle, the time of transfer to the church, traffic or delay of the guests always occur. It is best to have a wedding planner, who is responsible for organizing and ensuring that everything goes properly. If this is not the case, and all responsibility rests with the bride and groom only delegate. Form support networks between your close friends and family that can help you measure the times and control the suppliers and take care of the logistics details when you cannot take charge. Along with this, it organizes a schedule with the timing of the wedding, this should contain all the activities that will be carried out during the day, the deadline between the two activities, the order of the events during the ceremony and the time at that must happen, taking into account that there should be a slack time between one activity and another to avoid setbacks or confusion, as well as having the time of transfers and transportation. After making sure that you do not leave any loose ends and that everything is included in the schedule, making your ‘checklist’, so that you feel the peace of mind that you are not forgetting anything and thus not feel involuntary nerves or worry. It is important to remember that the wedding program is not just about the activities of the party. They should put an hour up to their daily hygiene activities, time to get ready, and thus leave just in time for your long-awaited ceremony. The schedule also serves to check the professionals who will take part in the wedding. It is not possible to discard the suppliers, the functions they fulfill, the people in charge and the necessary contacts. Not forgetting the arrival time of each and the duration of their respective services. The providers you go to can suggest what they usually do during the provision of their service and at what times, you can be guided by these tips to assemble the sequence and give a copy to each of your suppliers: wedding coordinator, catering, waiter service, music manager, place manager, even give it when you hire a wedding photographer. Remember that the more precise you are, the better your wedding will be organized and there will be no mistakes between activities, so you can enjoy every moment without worrying that you missed something. 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