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Become A U.S. Citizen Through Naturalization

Are you tired of going back and forth and the travel bill skyrocketing? Whether it is schooling, an internship, or a job that requires you to be in the country part-time, you shouldn't be traveling all month and waiting for your work visa to expire to get it renewed. If you find yourself spending a considerable amount of time in The United States, don’t you think getting citizenship will help you more? Now, it is not a simple process, and a citizenship lawyer would ask you to create a thorough checklist, ensure a clean record in the country, and then apply for citizenship through naturalization. If you are not familiar with the concept of Naturalization, then keep reading more to understand the subject matter and how to proceed with becoming a permanent citizen of the USA. If the legal documentation, and comprehension is getting very difficult then contact a Naturalization Lawyer. What Is Naturalization In simple terms, naturalization is a process of acquiring citizenship of a country when you have citizenship of another country. The reasons why you will need a Naturalization when you are residing in the country more often than not. - When you were not born in the country. - When you marry a US citizen, you will receive a green card that expires within three years. So, you need to submit for naturalization after that. Now that you know the gist of naturalization let us understand the eligibility and how to file. What Is The Eligibility? So, if you are planning to be a US citizen through Naturalization, you must be eligible for all the criteria below. It is a rigid process, and leniency toward making yourself a citizen of a different country is unheard off. Therefore, it is imperative that you take them seriously. - Only an adult can file for citizenship. So, you have to be over 18. - To be a citizen, you must show proof of residency in the country. You could either show proof of being a semi-permanent citizen of the country for the past 3-5 years. Or frequent residency in the country. - Since English is the language of communication in the country. You should at least be able to speak, write or understand basic English. - You should be able to project moral character. Yes, there will be a lot of questions in the procedure. So, it is better to hire a citizenship lawyer for the naturalization process. Since they are local and they have worked in the niche, they should be able to explain all the questions to you. - You need to understand the basics of the US constitution and comply with it. - Have a basic knowledge of US history. - You have to take an oath of Allegiance, so preparing for that is also a necessary part of the process. How To File? Here is how to file for citizenship with the help of a citizenship lawyer. If You Want To Do It Offline - Get the physical copy of Form N-400. - Read the articles on the form thoroughly before filling it up. - Then, start filling out the application carefully. - Sign the N-400. - Some files might have a filing fee, and others don't. - Attached is the extra documentation of evidence and identity proof. If You Want To Do It Offline - You have to create an account in USCIS online. - Then fill up the form. - Pay any fees if they are required. The good part of an online form is you can communicate with the executive securely. Plus, you could even get regular case updates about citizenship through this portal. So, submitting online is more convenient now.  Why Should You Get It? Here are some of the reasons you should get US citizenship if you have reached the age. - It will help you get jobs after college if you study abroad on a visa. - You do not have to renew your work visa every six months. - You do not always have to rent; you can now buy property on American land with your citizenship. - You have been out of the country for some time now, and dual citizenship can solve a lot of temporary issues. Read Also: Having Business in Foreigner Country, Advantages and Disadvantages How to Get a Business Visa to Singapore: Insights for Foreigners Government Debt Relief And Student Loans