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Rose Gold

Why Hairdressers Love Rose Gold Colour

Grey hair, pastel, and balayage are all daring hair colour trends and are in fashion today. Now the beauty that caught our attention is 'Rose gold'. The good news is that dreamy shade is still on trend in 2019 for those who want a subtler version of pink hair. And so many girls decided to try this special colour shade. Bellisimos hair is one of the best hair salons in Cardiff, known as Cardiff hairdressers, here you have a consultation to decide what you want and what is the best for you. Important tips and information that you wish to know: If you're scared of a permanent change, talk to your hairdresser, because they know exactly what they’re doing and really can reassure you. Here is also an option to apply demi-permanent pink toners over the top. It’s meant to change the colour but isn’t permanent and will eventually fade (after approx. 10-20 washes). Your hair colour will look different depending on the light. In natural light, it may look bright, golden pink, but in a darker light, it can be a strawberry blonde tone. How to Choose Rose gold colour Shades and Style? Almost all colour variations of rose gold are attractive. However, there is an off chance that some variations might suit some people better than others. Peaches and Warm Gold Colour Shade: When it comes to rose gold, as a shade in itself, it tends to evoke warm emotions. Think summers and yellows. This shade of rose gold is perfect for girls who are blessed with bright skin colour. Lavender and Ash Blonde: Unlike peaches and warm gold that is ideal for warm skin undertones, lavender and ash shades are a dream shade for girls who are blessed with cool undertones. If you have a hair type that has natural shades of ash, a purple-pink hair colour combination is the ideal match for you. Balayage Highlights: This look is trending hotly in 2019. If you want to set examples and be a diva role model, the balayage is for you. This beautifully blends into the look and is more natural than even an ombre shade. However, most importantly, the balayage is safe for your hair roots and the scalp. Getting Rose gold at a Salon: All the equipment needed a for your hairdresser to provide you perfect rose gold colour shades. Here is a list below: A kit for hair bleaching. A gentle Toner A brush for colouring the hair A Bowl for cleaning A disposable old towel Some Rubber gloves to apply the mix Proper Sectioning clips The main ingredient- a dye of rose gold Washing off Shampoo A conditioner that is colour safe. Romantic Rose gold colour ideas: Rose Gold (Blush and Lemon): One of the most striking hair colours that you will ever see. One way to make it even more enticing is to add some streaks of pink, yellow and some other bright colours. These shades will complement each other beautifully and give you the desired look. Rose Gold (Shadow): If you are not in the mood to play it safe, why not go for an all-out punk rocker look with the rose gold shadow option. This is a dark and bright glossy shade. You can use this and ask your hair stylist to create a shadowy effect towards the tips. If you want to sport hair that is edgy, then this is your look. Rose Gold (Muted): If you want to shift towards a colour shade that has 70% gold elements and 30% rose elements then this shade is the best. Gold is the dominating colour. However, if done beautifully, the gentle rose tint comes out wonderfully well. Rose Gold Sombre: These days are gone of ombre with its visibly defined colours and blunt contrast. Because it can provide you with a natural look. Strawberry Rose Gold: Nothing can beat an unbiased tone that showcases an elegant and matured vibe. How to Maintain the Rose gold Colour: The beauty of the shade depends on how well you care for it. We suggest you follow the below-mentioned tips religiously- A safe shampoo (sulfate free) will help you maintain the natural brightness of the hair colour for a very long time. It is best advisable to shampoo as less as possible so that you are able to maintain your look for a longer period. If your hair gets messy, it is advisable to use dry shampoo, just to cleanse the greasiness. One old trick is to mask your hair with coconut oil, as it helps in extra nourishment and enriches the hair follicles. The biggest mistake is to use heat-styling products on your sensitive hair regularly. We advise that even if you have to use them, please stick to just warm blow-drying. Also, avoid chlorinated swimming pools that use heavy amounts of chlorine. If you have to step in, please wear a swimming cap Summary: Rose gold is one of the most compelling hair trends to hit social media nowadays, which comes in various shades due to blending blonde with reds and pinks to create a shimmering shade. It is lovely for the spring and summer months in particular. As it is now on trend and has many advantages to make your hair more attractive, so hairdressers love it so much too. Read Also: Epilators: The Best Solution To Smooth Skin Use Organic Products To Prevent Gray Hair