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Play the Puck at Home the Way You Do at the Rink

The NHL season has begun, and that means only one thing: your ice hockey season is about to begin too! Did you work on keeping your skills sharp all summer? If so, your hard work is about to pay off, and if you didn’t, you have some catching up to do! Let’s check out how the best hockey training equipment lets you practice from home as if you were at the rink. Skating on Tiles There’s nothing like that moment when the Zamboni is done flooding, and you have a fresh sheet of ice to skate on. Now you can enjoy this moment whenever you want. Leaders in training equipment like HockeyShot Canada, offer synthetic ice surfaces you can easily build in your basement, backyard, garage, or anywhere else. These interlocking tiles form skating surfaces of any size, indoors or out. The best tiles can withstand the weight of cars, so you can put them right on the driveway. They also have UV-protection and weather-resistant treatment to endure the hot and cold months. You won’t need to worry about renting the ice to get a skating session in. Just lace them up whenever you want and skate at home with friends and teammates. Related Reads: Health Benefits of Figure Skating Pick Top Corners Like a Pro When you get the chance to bury the puck, you can’t miss it. You need to develop the instinct and reaction to go bar-down, and that takes a lot of practice. If you’re scared of the damage a misfired puck might cause your walls or garage door, your practicing will be restrained and timid. Shooters need to fire the puck, so you need to condition yourself to automatically shoot hard in a game by practicing just as hard. Shooting tarps protect your property and have holes in the corners and between the goalie’s legs you need to aim for. Work on the Sauce The “saucer pass” is a handy tool for getting the puck past a defender and onto your teammate’s stick. If you can control the puck so it hovers just over the outstretched stick of a defender and onto your teammate’s tape, your teammates will fight to be on your line. The best producers of hockey training equipment created sauce kits, a type of Corn hole game you can play by yourself or with friends to improve how you pass. Pass the puck into the miniature net by clearing the obstructing ramp. A sauce launchpad is included that makes the puck feel like it’s on ice. Work on your saucer passes anywhere, even the beach! The highest-grade equipment is designed to withstand years of abuse from sticks and pucks so that you can have years of fun. Ice hockey should always be fun, but what’s more fun than scoring sick goals, dangling opponents, and winning games? Ice hockey training from home is the most enjoyable way to keep your skills sharp, but you need modern gear that makes practice away from the rink feel just like it does on the ice. Read Also: What Do Ad-in And Ad-out Mean In Tennis? Guide to Over-the-Top Sports Streaming Services What Golf Equipment to Pick When You Start Out