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Why Are Bogg Bags Sold Out So Quickly?

Bogg bags just arrived on the market a few years ago, but they are already becoming one of the most in-demand accessories among women. Unfortunately, a lot of people have discovered that when they find a bag they love, it tends to sell out quickly. There are several reasons for this. Let's dive in. 3 Prime Reasons Bogg Bags Are Getting Sold Within A 'Fraction Of Action' 1. Popularity Bogg bags are becoming some of the most popular bags on the market. They're lightweight but incredibly sturdy. The foam material they're made of retains its shape in virtually every situation, helping to protect the contents of the bag. The rigid material also ensures that the bags can carry a lot of stuff, even really heavy items. The high-density foam that these bags is made from is also incredibly easy to clean and next to impossible to stain. The bags can usually be cleaned and look as good as new simply by spraying them with a hose or in the kitchen sink. Bogg bags are good for a lot more than just visiting the beach. The large bags are great for all kinds of adventures, and many people are using them. Because they come in a wide array of colors, a lot of people are buying several different bags at a time. It's also not uncommon for customers to buy multiple sizes at the same time. In fact, many customers of Bogg bags are repeat customers; once they buy a bag they come back for more. As these bags have become more popular, demand for them has only increased. Under normal circumstances, this would mean that the manufacturer would just be able to make more Bogg bags. These are not normal times, however, and it has become very difficult for every manufacturer to meet the demand for products like this. 2. Supply Chain Like most companies, the people who make Bogg bags are having struggles to meet the demand for their product. The main reason for this in many cases is the struggle to find the right raw materials for production. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of much cheaper or so-called "knock-off" Bogg bags have decided to use cheaper types of foam, coatings, and adhesives in order to keep products on the shelf. In too many cases, this has resulted in bags that fall apart, leak, or crack when they're left in sun or overstuffed. Let's be honest, Bogg bags are more expensive than similar-looking competitors. This is due to the fact that Bogg bags have not compromised on their quality, even though finding the right raw materials has become a lot more difficult. Although they are priced higher, they will last longer than similar styles of bags that have been made from inferior materials. Bogg bags are also almost primarily only sold at smaller retail locations. This has meant that transporting the product to stores has become a lot more difficult as truck drivers become less available, and the cost of gas and truck maintenance has soared. Like many other small manufacturers, the company that makes these bags has tried to combine deliveries to an area around the same time in order to save on shipping costs. To the consumer, however, it can seem as if this means that Bogg bags are often out of stock for long periods of time, then a store will suddenly have a huge influx of product. Because customers have put themselves on waiting lists for these bags, however, that stock can quickly deplete. New customers often discover that they cannot find the size, style, or color that they want because so many bags were reserved before the bags even arrived at the store. With online orders, many customers are putting holds on particular bags weeks before they arrive at a shipping facility. In some cases, orders are even put in for bags that haven't been made yet. The result of all this is that many customers are complaining that they cannot find Bogg bags in the store or online. 3. Increased Demand Of course, as soon as people hear that there is a shortage of something, investors are quick to swoop in and buy up the remaining supply of that item. Unfortunately, this has also seemed to happen with Bogg bags. As supplies of these bags are becoming harder to find in stores, some customers are buying as many as they can get their hands on, then reselling the bags for a steep mark-up online. For collectors, this has had a silver lining. It is possible to sell a Bogg bag for more than a person paid for it. In some cases, this is a boon to loyal customers who are now able to trade out their Bogg bags for the latest style if they were smart enough to put themselves on a waiting list for a new one several months ago. Of course, the boon of people traveling for the first time in years has helped to contribute to the popularity of these bags as well. As more people plan trips to the beach and other destinations, the demand for these bags has gone well beyond what the designers originally anticipated. Taken together, all of these factors mean that a customer might need to wait several months before getting the bag that they want. Additionals: Fur Handbags Still in Style?Classic Dresses: The Little White DressWardrobe Dreams: Statement Pieces to Last5 Perfect Fashion Clothing Choices for Petite Women