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Plan The Perfect Road Trip

When the summer comes around, so does the urge to travel. For some people, waiting for travel plans is too much of an ask. All that booking of flights and getting the time off from work and organizing your friends … it’s a lot of loose ends to twist together. This is where impulse can take over. Who needs plans when you have a car sat on your drive? You don’t need tickets. You don’t need to wait for a travel company to tell you when you can depart. And just think how much you’ll save by doing all the driving yourself instead of paying a pilot. What’s not to love? Safety is paramount. Road trips are fun but car accidents are not. Before you leave, always make sure you know where to turn if you have a car accident. Research car accident attornies and keep a number to hand. This will save you time by the roadside in the event of an accident. Don’t rely on your phone Your phone is many things. It’s a map. It’s a booking tool for hotels. It’s a source of music. It’s brochures for places to go and things to see. But it’s also liable to break or run out of battery at the most inopportune moment. Always take paper maps or printed versions of directions as a backup, and always carry brochures of any places that you wish to see - if your phone is unavailable, you will need brochures to check the opening time, etc. (you may also want to keep a few CDs on board, in case your phone lets you down and you are stuck with nothing else to listen to but mind-numbing radio). Your road trip schedule  This is the biggest thing. Plan everything. From stops for food and stops for fuel and stops for fun and stops for sleep, you need to know exactly where you are going and how long each part of the journey will take. This is because the open road may seem attractive at the outset, but you are in danger of losing focus and having a bad time if you do not have a schedule that maps out what you should be doing and when. As a general rule, try not to drive for much longer than 2-3 hours without a stop. This will help to keep you safe behind the wheel. Read Also: Purchasing a Road Bike How to Plan A Trip In 5 Simple Steps? 7 Important Car Driving Safety Tips You Should Not Skip!