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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

How to Get a Job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Are you passionate about both business and science? Do you want to improve the lives of people suffering from various illnesses by providing them with access to innovative treatments and technologies? Then being a pharmaceutical sales representative may be the perfect job for you! Being a pharmaceutical sales representative (PSR) is a gratifying and highly desirable job. By educating healthcare professionals on the latest advancements in the industry, PSRs can indirectly get patients medications that could significantly improve their lives. If you’re considering becoming a PSR, here are a few things you should know about the position and how you can land your first job. What Does a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Do? Pharmaceutical sales repswork for a pharmaceutical company to promote their products to various healthcare practitioners and educate them on new developments in the industry. Like any job in sales, the representative must seek out business opportunities, promote the product, and develop customer relationships to become successful. The job can pay exceptionally well and often provides flexible hours, making it an extremely sought-after position. Because of this, working with the best pharmaceutical sales recruiters is the best way to land a great job. There are several specialties within the field of pharmaceutical sales. Choosing a specialty that interests you will benefit your success as a PSR. Specialties include: Medical devices Medical equipment Pharmaceuticals Education Requirements Entry-level pharmaceutical sales jobs will require at least a bachelor’s degree. While some companies won’t care what your degree is in, others will prefer it be in either science or business. Because of how competitive jobs in this field are, having an MSc or an MBA will put you a step ahead of the competition for landing a job. Some companies or higher-level positions may even require you to be a registered nurse or pharmacist. Essentially, the deeper your understanding of various medications and how they affect the body, the better you will be as a PSR and the more desirable you will be as a new hire. Experience in The Field Having sales experience can be important in securing a job as a PSR. Additionally, having experience interning for a company in the industry or shadowing someone who is already established in their career as a PSR could give you a leg up on your competition when applying for jobs. Networking is an excellent way of getting your foot in the door, connecting with people in the field, learning about new job opportunities, and asking informal interview questions to learn about the industry. Skills and Qualities   Being a pharmaceutical sales rep requires a lot of the same skills and qualities as most other sales jobs. This includes being self-motivated, having excellent communication and people skills, and having a business mindset. A good salesperson can take initiative and work both independently and as part of a team. They also are able to handle rejection well and not let setbacks affect their future performance. On top of those skills and qualities, you must also have a strong understanding of science and medication to be a PSR specifically. Read Also: How to Develop A Healthcare App? Top Non-Physician Career Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector in 2021 How Cutting Edge Technology is Helping Dubai Improve its Healthcare Services Where Do Healthcare Companies Buy TVs In Bulk? Healthcare Jobs That Will Be Most in Demand 2020–2025