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Required Content Marketing for Your E-Commerce

According to HubSpot, in 2019, 75% of the world's companies used content marketing and found it more efficient than other ways to attract customers. Small businesses with up to five employees predominate among them. The fact is that young companies with budget deficits, in contrast to large market players, prefer to invest in useful content, offering users detailed and objective reviews. Popular sites for content marketing: Blogs on a store's website or a third-party site; video channels; thematic forums; affiliated websites. A blog on an E-Commerce site may include product reviews, sales leader ratings, interesting case studies, recipes and application examples, detailed answers to customer questions, stories about creating a product line and other useful content that will show your expertise in this subject. YouTube channel is an absolute must-have for shops, whose products can be spun in the hands, show in work and express their impressions. For today YouTube is a search engine where you can find answers to almost any questions. Tell your customers which bike is best for the city and tires for the ice. And you'll notice how customers will reach out to you. Thematic forums and partner sites are the right places to post quality content, where you can demonstrate expertise in your niche. User-generated content of the E-Commerce E-commerce is an excellent platform for generating content by users and customers. Reviews, Q&As, photo and video reviews of products provide an opportunity to receive unique and useful content almost for free. It's enough only: simplify registration; add authorization through social networks; abolish premoderation; motivate users to communicate and express themselves; ask to bark, share in social networks; provoke discussion; to give bonuses for comments or reviews. The advantage of content marketing can be considered an increase in the image and customer loyalty due to the trust in the expert opinion of the store. With the same level of traffic to useful content and to the selling page, the content gives the best conversion into sales. If your niche is not yet engaged in content marketing, you have a great opportunity to become an expert and leader in their field. The disadvantage of this method of attracting clients in high labor costs and the long-lasting effect of investments. But during the regular publication of quality materials, the cost of each client involved is constantly falling, which makes content marketing profitable in the long term. Criteria for the effectiveness of content marketing Google Analytics, together with E-Commerce reporting, allows you to track all quantitative and qualitative indicators of content marketing efficiency: viewings; malfunctions; time on the site; number of subscribers; likes, reposting, comments; returns to the site; lids and sales; conversion rate; marketing costs. Sales and lids are just one of the criteria for efficiency. Much more emphasis is placed by experts on the involvement of the audience, which is subsequently converted into sales. Read Also: 7 Proven Marketing Tactics to Increase your ROI in 2018 Creating Successful Mobile Games: What You Need to Know