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While being in Dubai everyone should try some water activities. Thankfully, Dubai Marina has plenty of activities to offer from parties on the yacht, fishing trips to snorkeling. But when you’re new to the sailing world it might be overwhelming to understand which yacht you should choose for renting a powerboat in Dubai. Dubai powerboat rentals companies offer a good deal of choices to suit everyone’s wallet and taste. Here are some tips to help you navigate the competitive Dubai rental market. A Powerboat in Dubai is suitable for: If you’re a sea lover and you cannot imagine a holiday in Dubai just staying in the luxury capital of the world, you should definitely consider sailing on the powerboat in Dubai. The design of such yachts helps them to gain speed way faster, which is perfectly suited for adventurous tourists. The trip plans are totally up to the customer, depending on the desired destination. Experienced skipper can teach you how to navigate in waters or take control over the boat; 1. Cruising and sightseeing on the Dubai coast Unlike sailing, sightseeing is usually concentrated alongside the coast, so everyone can enjoy all the main architecture pieces that bring tourists all over the world to Dubai, but from an unusual angle. Renting a boat over motor yachts would allow you to save some money and of course, enjoy the fastest ride in Dubai. Get a nice ride while admiring the best Dubai locations and warm weather. If you’re smart with your booking you can score yourself a golden hour which will make photos with Burj Al Arab or Palm Lagoon in the background truly magical; 2. Snorkeling and watersport Definitely, a refreshing way to spend your time in Dubai. No matter if you’re a tourist or a resident Dubai waters are perfect for snorkeling as it is full of unique fish. Honestly speaking, where else can you jet ski with the view of a magnificent skyline? Powerboat in Dubai for water sports offered to clients with all needed equipment that are included in the price; The historical hobby of local people and a great way to get closer to Arabian culture. Professional anglers are always on the board with you so no matter how experienced you’re in fishing you definitely can learn something new. Activity is kids friendly as long as you keep an eye on them. Fishing is available any season, just keep in mind that during the summer months it’s getting too hot, so not every species would be an easy catch. But again using the right equipment you will manage to catch any dream fish. Some fishing charters will have a barbeque, but be careful as some of them ask to pay an extra fee for it. What are the basic factors that impact powerboat renting prices in Dubai? Some basic criteria like boat design and size will surely affect the price. Powerboats capacity allows you to host up to 10 people, so if you're a big company you can easily split the bill to get more budget options. For example, a powerboat in Dubai around 30-40 ft long with a capacity of up to 10 people will cost you between $70 to $300 per hour.  It’s common for rental companies to charge you by the hour, but whole day renting is always to be discussed. Make sure to contact the manager to get yourself a deal. Time and Destination are the main criteria for renting price as it correlates with how much fuel the crew will spend cruising in the open water. If you’re not comfortable boarding the powerboat in Dubai Marina you can order a yacht delivery to another place for extra charge on fuel that would be spent on the journey. Season and timing. The fact that the tourist season decreases pricing levels for any activity is common knowledge to any experienced tourist. The top season in Dubai comes from September till late March. The best tip would be to book the powerboat prior to your arrival in the UAE. The booking process and additional fees everyone should know about With high demand for any type of powerboat and yacht rental services, it’s better to take care of it before you land in Dubai. The booking is easy over numerous websites and the companies accept plenty of online paying methods. Always keep in mind that if you’re planning on something extraordinary on your trip, talk with the manager beforehand to make sure you won’t have unpleasant surprises. The cancellation policy is clear and most companies allow you to cancel service at any time. As powerboating relies on weather conditions, all trips will be rescheduled or canceled due to storm warnings. Surely in that case booking is fully refundable. Worth noticing that some companies cover insurance expenses for your trip, which is a huge advantage. What comes for extra pay on a powerboat? Birthday decorations and cake. If you're planning a party and don’t have the opportunity to arrange everything by yourself, companies averagely charge an extra $80-90 for a set-up to be ready for your arrival. For that price, you can expect balloons and a 500 mg cake. On a powerboat, barbeque is provided for no more than 10 people for an additional $60-70 on average. If you don’t have any professional equipment with you for an outstanding photoshoot with a Dubai background, companies offer a photographer for additional pay. For his work and editing photos be ready to pay around $130-150. In conclusion, powerboat renting services companies in Dubai will satisfy any tourist, no matter how luxurious you are. Plenty of activities could be done on a powerboat and for adrenaline lovers the no better-suited vessel in Dubai Marina than that. Everyone has a chance of experiencing a yachting lifestyle as a true local. Exact prices could be found on websites platforms like https://charterclick.com and many others. 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