10 Must Haves for Travel Photography

Published on: 05 April 2019 Last Updated on: 21 February 2020
Travel Photography

Readying your gear for your travel photography trips is something you have to plan ahead. You have to think of the best way to fit all your needed gear. This way, you can keep your baggage as light as possible. If this is a problem for you, you’re in the right place as we deliver you our 10 must-haves for travel photography. This list is based on experiences of photographers from their multiple trips.

1. Good Travel Backpack

For a travel photographer, the backpack is as essential as all the equipment inside. Even backpack manufacturers focused on creating specialized backpacks for cameras and its accessories. There are many to choose from, and here are some recommendations for your travel backpacks.  

2. The Right Travel Camera

For a travel camera, choices are also limitless, but here are points to consider before buying one: First, for a travel camera, the size and weight matter. Your camera must be handy so that you can hold it easily during traveling.

The low light performance check is a must. A travel camera must have fast lenses and effective sensors. With them, the quality of the image stays better even in low light conditions such as in travel photo scenes.

Also, a decent zoom is a plus for your camera. It should adapt to your shooting style and capture quality images even from a larger distance.

3. Lenses

Camera lenses are the next purchase priority after cameras. There are various lenses with various functions. For a beginner, the variety may be overwhelming. But don’t worry,  we can recommend the so-called “walk around lens,” the 24-70mm lens.

The 24-70mm lens offers diversity and functionality. From wide captures to close-up portraits, this lens is the one that many photographers start with immediately. Its range makes the 24-70mm lens a remarkable companion for various types of photo shoots.

For a more advanced selection of lenses, you can read more here. Just make sure to purchase lightweight lenses to keep your travel as convenient as possible.

4. Filters

These small accessories may be unnecessary, but filters can have benefits. They can offer your camera lens some protection and control of lights entering into the camera lens. Here are the various filters and their functions:

  • The UV Filters will protect the lens glass by blocking ultraviolet rays. More than that, it also blocks dirt from getting into your lens, which can scratch and destroy it. Having this accessory is a cheaper alternative than repairing your lens.
  • Graduated neutral density filters are useful when taking shots at sunrise and sunset. This works by evening out the light in the scene so that one part will not look too bright or too dark as compared to the rest of the photo.
  • Neutral Density Filters are used to darken the scene and are useful during the daylight when the sunlight can be a harsh element in your photos.
  • Finally, the Polarizing Filter is used for suppressing glare or reflections. It is a necessity when you take photos of reflective surfaces such as water, metallic objects, and glass.

5. Stabilizers

Most travel photographers see the tripod as one of the most important accessories in their travel. You’ll need a stabilizer every time you take photos of scenes with low-light conditions since the camera has to be steady to take sharp photos.

The Gorilla Pod is also complementary to your travel shots. Although it works as a smaller version of a tripod, it has bending legs that you can mold to mount on tricky areas.

6. Batteries

Having spare batteries is always a necessity when traveling. It is better to spend more with batteries, rather than running out of power during your shoot. If your camera’s standard batteries run out quickly for you, try out large capacity batteries like V-mount and Gold-mount batteries <do-follow>. These batteries hold bigger charges and can charge multiple devices, too.

7. Storage

Like batteries, it is recommended to bring multiple storages for your photos. A typical suggestion would be having memory cards with at least 32 to 64 GB of storage. This is because your photos in RAW format take a large amount of storage space. Moreover, having extra backup storage for your shots, such as Solid State Drive (SSD) will also give you peace of mind.

8. Your Smartphone

Of course, your smartphone is a powerful tool in travel too. It can work as different devices in one. The variety of apps available and the features of smartphones today makes it multi-functional. This gadget can work as your organizer, map, another camera, editor, and a communication device to various media.

With powerful smartphones today, simple errands and tasks can be done with them, rather than having a laptop with you. A laptop can work wonders too, however, depending on your needs.

9. Laptop

Having a laptop with you can be another option for backup storage for your photos, as well as a tool to keep you connected. Moreover, with the right laptop specifications, your laptop can be your travel editing tool to touch up your photos immediately while on your trip.  

Sometimes, a laptop is not ideal for travel because of its bulk on your baggage. However, if you include it on your checklist, make sure that your laptop is powerful. It should come with a processor and graphics card appropriate for running photo and video editing software. Also, the monitor should be built to be color-accurate, so that photos are displayed close to reality. Finally, the laptop battery should suffice the screen time you need.

To help you out, here are recommendations for laptops suited for travel photographers.

10. Cleaning Supplies for Your Camera

Aside from protective devices for your camera, cleaning tools can help preserve your camera lenses too. Some tools are Microfiber cloth and Pecpads that wipe off the dirt in your lenses. Without cleaning them, the dirt may show up in your photos. Another option for cleaning is a Rocket Blower, which can blast dust and debris.


These 10 must-have items for photography will surely help you choose your starting gear. These essentials will not only help you take good photos but will also help take care of your devices and keep them safe during your travel.

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