5 Uses For ATVs That Might Surprise You


20 July 2020



The All-Terrain Vehicle, or ATV, is widely used around the world for many different reasons, with numerous industries making good use of what we call the quad in the UK. From cattle ranching to patrolling national parks, the ATV is a vital component to many industries, which include the following.

Snow Plough

With the right front attachment, the ATV is a very effective slow plough, mainly used in rural areas that do not have the local authority resources to keep minor roads clear of snow. While large snow ploughs clear main roads, some of the smaller lanes are effectively cleared by ATVs with snow plough attachments. If you are thinking of buying a quad bike, there is quad finance for UK applicants from the leading quad supplier, who covers all of the UK.

Weed Killing

With a special attachment underneath the machine, the ATV can spread weed killer effectively, covering a lot of ground in just a few hours, which is really essential for farmers with large areas that need weed protection. Another popular task carried out by a quad bike is spreading seed and fertilizer, with a special hop that is filled up and while the ATV is ion motions, the grains are equally distributed.

Rounding Up Livestock

Primarily in Australia and New Zealand, the ATV is often used to drive livestock to a different grazing area, and as they must cover large areas, the ATV is better than a horse, as it never gets tired. Teams of ATV cowboys often work in conjunction with helicopters, to move large herds of cattle, and these riders are very skillful, managing to turn quickly, with good torque and top speed.


Many hunters use an ATV with a trailer to go deep hunting in the wild, and they might take enough provisions for a several day expedition, plus the ATV can be used to retrieve the carcasses. The hunter might stop his ATV a few kilometres before his target game, as the noise of the machine would scare the animals. If you do buy a quad, there are a few ways you could ruin an ATV, so do take care at all times, as your beloved ATV is not a cheap thing to buy.


While most farmers have plough attachments for their tractors, some small farm owners prefer to use their ATV to plough small areas of agricultural ground. There are also grass-cutting attachments for ATVs, and with a winch fitted, the ATV is great for all kinds of farming.

Of course, riding a quad for sheer pleasure is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the UK, where you can easily find world-class quad trails that test you no matter what skill level you possess. If you would like to view new and second-hand quads, search online for the leading UK supplier and pay them a visit. Once you own a quad and a trailer, you can visit some of the best quad riding venues in the UK.

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Friendships Up in Smoke? 6 Ways Addiction Affects Relationships

If you’ve suffered from long-term substance abuse disorders, you likely understand how damaging drug and alcohol dependency can be to your close relationships. People who abuse substances often behave erratically and irresponsibly, leaving loved ones in the wake of drug-induced rage, mania, and recklessness. Unfortunately, addiction frequently severs relational ties, leaving addicts alone and susceptible to further drug use. Though it can be challenging to remedy broken relationships, you can perform damage control by making amends and extending an olive branch to those negatively affected. One of the critical steps in rehabilitation is reaching out to those you’ve hurt, apologizing, and attempting to rebuild the trust you’ve broken. If you’re unsure whether your friends and family are at their wit’s end, read on for six ways addiction can affect your close relationships. Behaving dishonestly One of the most difficult relational obstacles to overcome when living with a substance abuse disorder is dishonesty. Unfortunately, many addicts rely on secrecy and deception to conceal their drug and alcohol use and absolve themselves from judgment. Chances are your addiction is tied up in shame and guilt, and keeping the severity of the situation concealed can feel like the only option. However, once your loved ones notice unusual behavior or catch you in a lie, they may feel hurt and upset at your dishonesty, negatively affecting your relationship. Isolating yourself People with substance abuse disorders often begin isolating themselves from friends, family, and partners, pushing people away to continue their drug and alcohol use. Sadly, long-term use can significantly impact your emotional states, turning you into a completely different person when inebriated. Though every addict copes with dependency in unique ways, many find their priorities lie in getting their next fix, disregarding those around them to keep their habit alive. Emotional dysregulation A common symptom of addiction is emotional dysregulation, which can significantly impact your close relationships as you experience outbursts and engage in reckless behavior. Unfortunately, your friends and family often receive the brunt of your mood swings and callousness, leaving many loved ones feeling resentful and unwilling to continue the relationship. Losing trust As people fall deeper and deeper into substance abuse, the trail of lies, deception, and betrayal they leave behind can be long and winding. Unfortunately, broken trust is difficult to remedy, and many people engaging with addicts find themselves frustrated and disheartened by deceitful behavior. Though you can rebuild bonds by taking actionable, rehabilitative steps, like apologizing sincerely and committing to sobriety, distrust can reinstate the bond present in once strong relationships. Abusive behaviors Unfortunately, drug and alcohol dependency and abusive behaviors often go hand in hand. Though many addicts find treatment before stuping to toxic behaviors, others blame their behavior on substance use, punishing those around them through emotional and physical violence. Drugs and alcohol prompt irrational behavior and can ignite fights quickly as anger builds into rage and resentment. Sadly, those living amongst heavily addicted individuals often experience mistreatment and trauma during outbursts and drug-induced mania. Additionally, frustrated family members can also act out, punishing the addict in unhelpful, abusive ways. Wrapping up Addiction and substance abuse disorders can significantly affect your interpersonal relationships as you engage in erratic, potentially dangerous behaviors. That said, by getting help from a professional treatment center and taking actionable steps toward recovery, you can attempt to rebuild broken connections and trust. Read Also: Is Outpatient Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Effective? How To Know If You Have An Addiction: 7 Common Signs Available Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction The Benefits Of Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Over Other Choices

Right Packing Paper

How To Select The Right Packing Paper For Your Moving Needs

Are you someone who is looking to move homes and are confused about how to choose the right packing paper? Do you know what kind of padding is required to help you safely transport goods and valuables while moving? Have you looked at bubble wrap and heavy cardboard options only to be left confused about what will work best for you? If you are someone that has experience in moving homes, you will know the importance of packing paper. The right packing paper makes sure that your valuables are protected, safely transported, and suffer no damage while in transit. The best quality of packing paper also ensures that the actual packing process becomes much easier and faster. In this resource article, we are going to look at the importance of packing paper. We are also going to help you decide on the best packers and movers. If you wish to know more about the top-rated packing companies, visit here. Major Advantages of Using Packing Paper for Moving: 1. Buffering Agent- When you are stuffing your crockery and showpieces into one large cardboard box, you do not want them banging against one another. This is why you need packing paper to act as a good buffer and prevent those hard bumps that lead to damage. Packing paper reduces the shaking of the goods inside the boxes. 2. Compensates for Box Shortages- Every time we move, we think we have sufficient boxes for moving. However, we soon realize that we need a lot more. This is where packing paper can come in handy. Things that are tough on their own, need not be put into cardboard boxes. You can wrap them up in a robust fashion and this will ensure that they are safe and sound for the moving process. 3. It is Recyclable- We all know how much clutter and wastage happens every time we move homes. Most people think that using tons of plastic for moving is great. However, this has a detrimental impact on the environment. Packing paper is far better as it is recyclable and does not contribute to any environmental waste. If you want to do your bit for the environment, you can shift to this. 4. It is Cheap and Affordable- When it comes to spending money on money, we all know how it is easy to go over budget. This is why it is essential that as a homeowner you try to save on as much money as possible. Packing paper is a simple, cheap, and inexpensive way of packing your goods and valuables. A few dollars will be more than sufficient to help you with all your packing needs. 5. It is Simple to Store and does not take a lot of space- Cardboard boxes have the tendency to occupy major portions of the house. This can occupy a lot of spaces and create unnecessary problems in movement. Packing paper comes in rolls and can be easily stored in a convenient manner. Even if you save some after all the packing is done, you can store it safely tucked away in a corner of your new house. How can you Use Packing Paper for Moving Homes: Fasten all the Kitchen Wares- A kitchen is a place in the room where you are able to find the most odd-shaped items. As packing paper can easily be molded, you can wrap them up in any which way possible. This means that elements that have funny surface areas will be protected. It's ideal for little things and we're certain there are many items that will profit from packing paper. Envelop the things by pressing paper or air pocket wrap into a crate with the goal that they do not bang into one another. We propose casings the more valuable things in an extra layer of pressing paper. Protective Buffer for Stuff- As soon as you start to stack a layered box with things moving to the new house, guarantee that you make a foundation in the box with the packing paper. This goes about as a pad for the thing that you want to transit in a safe and secure manner. Can you Reuse Packing Paper? Once you're finished utilizing the pressing paper you might think that you would never have the need to reuse it again. Be that as it may, don't stress, you can generally reuse the pressing paper for little assignments. When reusing packing paper, the principal thing you ought to do is fix it. Read Also: Motivational Tips to Kick Start Your Packing Process for the House Move How to Handle the Move-Out Cleaning Tips To Unpack, Stay Organized After A Move

Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks: What You Can Do

There may be numerous situations in your life that cause you to panic. You might forget that you left the stove on or suddenly remember that you forgot your wallet at home. However, if you experience too much panic in your life, you may have a panic attack. This is something you’d probably like to avoid if possible. Here’s a look at what a panic attack is and what you can do to prevent them. What is a Panic Attack? A panic attack occurs when your body is under a large amount of stress. This signals the body’s fight or flight response, which can physically make you feel like you are experiencing a heart attack or chest pains. An attack of this type only lasts a moment or two, but it might seem like quite a while when this happens. If you have had a panic attack in your life, this doesn’t mean that you will continue to have them. Many people have at least one, but this is nothing to be concerned about. It likely means you experienced a period of intense stress, which your body reacted to. On the other hand, some people have panic attacks regularly, which likely indicates that they have panic disorder. If the thought of panic attacks makes you uncomfortable, you may want to know what you can do to prevent them. To learn additional details on panic attacks, visit https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/panic-attacks. This page can tell you more about what they feel like and how long they last. Preventing Panic Attacks When you wish to prevent panic attacks, you may want to start with your diet. Ideally, you should watch what you eat and ingest healthy foods. This means that you must try your best to eat the proper number of calories and include healthy snacks, instead of fatty ones. You should also do what you can to stay hydrated since this is something that can keep you from having headaches and body aches as well. You also need to exercise. If you are following an exercise plan, then there is a lower chance that you will have a panic attack. This is because exercising can burn off energy and could allow you to change how you are feeling about your problems as well. For instance, if you have had a long and trying day at work, you may feel better once you exercise. It can alleviate stress and clear your mind, where you are able to figure out solutions that were problematic for you. In fact, you should limit stress whenever you can. If you are able to stay away from situations that cause stress, do it. On the other hand, if you are experiencing stress regularly, do everything you can to change this. You may need to take more breaks from work, relax when you get home, or work with a therapist. Seeking therapy for your stress may be able to limit your panic attacks since a professional can show you how to lower your stress level and offer you more information on preventing panic attacks. Also, they should be able to diagnose you with panic disorder if this is what you are experiencing. Consider working with a therapist if you are unsure what to do about your stress levels and you are concerned about panic attacks. Conclusion Panic attacks are a topic that may leave you feeling fearful, but there are ways to prevent them, in some cases. While anyone can experience a panic attack, most people only have 1 or 2. If you have had a panic attack or regularly do, you should work with a therapist for further help. They should be able to provide you with all the information and support you need to limit these attacks or protect you from some of the most severe symptoms of them. Keep an eye on your proper diet and the good amount you exercise as well, which could play a role in panic attacks and if you experience them. Read Also: Easy Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle 10 Best Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Of All Time In 2021