5 Uses For ATVs That Might Surprise You

The All-Terrain Vehicle, or ATV, is widely used around the world for many different reasons, with numerous industries making good use of what we call the quad in the UK. From cattle ranching to patrolling national parks, the ATV is a vital component to many industries, which include the following.

Snow Plough

With the right front attachment, the ATV is a very effective slow plough, mainly used in rural areas that do not have the local authority resources to keep minor roads clear of snow. While large snow ploughs clear main roads, some of the smaller lanes are effectively cleared by ATVs with snow plough attachments. If you are thinking of buying a quad bike, there is quad finance for UK applicants from the leading quad supplier, who covers all of the UK.

Weed Killing

With a special attachment underneath the machine, the ATV can spread weed killer effectively, covering a lot of ground in just a few hours, which is really essential for farmers with large areas that need weed protection. Another popular task carried out by a quad bike is spreading seed and fertilizer, with a special hop that is filled up and while the ATV is ion motions, the grains are equally distributed.

Rounding Up Livestock

Primarily in Australia and New Zealand, the ATV is often used to drive livestock to a different grazing area, and as they must cover large areas, the ATV is better than a horse, as it never gets tired. Teams of ATV cowboys often work in conjunction with helicopters, to move large herds of cattle, and these riders are very skillful, managing to turn quickly, with good torque and top speed.


Many hunters use an ATV with a trailer to go deep hunting in the wild, and they might take enough provisions for a several day expedition, plus the ATV can be used to retrieve the carcasses. The hunter might stop his ATV a few kilometres before his target game, as the noise of the machine would scare the animals. If you do buy a quad, there are a few ways you could ruin an ATV, so do take care at all times, as your beloved ATV is not a cheap thing to buy.


While most farmers have plough attachments for their tractors, some small farm owners prefer to use their ATV to plough small areas of agricultural ground. There are also grass-cutting attachments for ATVs, and with a winch fitted, the ATV is great for all kinds of farming.

Of course, riding a quad for sheer pleasure is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the UK, where you can easily find world-class quad trails that test you no matter what skill level you possess. If you would like to view new and second-hand quads, search online for the leading UK supplier and pay them a visit. Once you own a quad and a trailer, you can visit some of the best quad riding venues in the UK.

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