A Visit to Darjeeling is All you Need this Vacation

Fortunately, India is crowned with the mighty range of the Himalayas which give way to a plethora of mesmerizing hill stations in India. The northern part of India is totally covered with these exquisite hill stations, which offer a panoramic view and pacify one’s heart to the deepest.

If you are thinking of a nice way to escape the city bustle this vacation, then visit the hill stations of the north. With a myriad of options to visit, like Manali, Shimla, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Darjeeling and many more, it may be quite a quandary to decide where to go, and which hill station to choose among the many options.

To help you out, this article presents you with an enchanting glimpse of Darjeeling, the Queen of Hill Stations. Check for the tour packages for Darjeeling and you can save a lot of money, as compared to individual tripping. Here are some of the beautiful places that may pep your interest while in Darjeeling. Have a look.

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A Visit to Darjeeling is All you Need this Vacation:

1. Tiger Hill:

Tiger Hill

this is the hotspot of Darjeeling. The highest peak of the town, this spot gives you a mesmerizing view of the entire city. This hilltop presents a breathtaking view of the sunrise, which kisses the entire sky with its golden orangish hues. A look below from this peak will give you a green glimpse of the city, which is entirely basked with a thick forest cover and mountains and valleys. Visit the place to experience the best sunrise and sunsets of your life and enchant your souls like never before.

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2. Botanical Garden:

Also known as the Lloyd Botanical Garden, this place is sprawled over 40 acres of land. It is a paradise for nature and animal lovers, and if you are interested in botany, this is bound to stir your interest. Housing a myriads of species of flora and fauna, the place is a perfect delight for a peaceful and serene time in the lap of nature.

Botanical Garden

3. Darjeeling-Rangit Valley Passenger Cable Car–

or simply Ropeway is a very popular tourist attraction. A 3 km long ascend to the mountains will give you a jaw-dropping view of the lush green tea estates below. Travel up amidst the white of the clouds, go blurred and look down to a thick green span. The ropeway has been modernized now and strives to woo the hearts of its tourists very successfully.

4. Senchal Lake:

it is a popular lake near Tiger Hill. serving as the source for drinking water to entire Darjeeling, this lake is revered and holds significant importance. Now, it is a very popular picnic spot, and tourists flock here to spend a nice relaxing and chilled out time. Friends gossip here and sit here for hours, playing games and enthralling themselves. This lake is a major catch of most of the tour packages for Darjeeling.

5. Dhirdham Temple:

if you are visiting Darjeeling by train, visit this temple which is located at a stone’s throw from the railway station. It is quite similar to the famous Pashupatinath Temple of Kathmandu. Visit this.

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