5 Strategies for Parents to Help Kids with ADHD Perform Better at School


02 August 2018


ADHD Perform

Focusing on a particular task for a long period of time can be troublesome for anyone. But for children with ADHD focusing is dauntingly challenging and can cause a lot of issues, both at home and in school. Children suffering from ADHD need the help of their parents and teachers to be able to keep up with their peers.

In most cases, both parents and teachers have the children’s interests in mind. But parents and teachers need to work together to help kids with ADHD focus and perform the tasks they are asked to. If the parents aren’t supporting their child at home or if their teachers don’t have enough understanding of their condition, their condition will affect their performance in the school.

Parents whose kids have been diagnosed with ADHD need to ensure that they are sending them to a preschool that understands the peculiar nature of their situation. With the right care and concern from teachers and other officials at the school, kids with ADHD can hope to become better and continue with uninterrupted quality learning just like kids that do not have the same. This is a process, a kind of a journey that requires patience, experience, and expertise. Every kid is different and their condition should be addressed differently.

If your kids’ teachers aren’t cooperating or showing understanding for your child’s issue, you can always get help from a reputable company like the Pacific Coast Advocates. But when it comes to helping your children at home, the effort has to come from you.

5 Strategies for Parents to Help Kids with ADHD Perform Better at School

There is a number of ways parents can help their kids with ADHD direct their focus at the tasks at school and at home. This involves developing a healthier lifestyle that can help children cope with this condition and achieve great results at school. Read on to learn what you can do!

1. Adjust their Medications:

If your children have a prescription for the ADHD, make sure to get the dosage correct. Whether you want to medicate your child or not is your choice. However, if you do choose to help your child through medication you have to know that one drug might not work the same with different kids.

Therefore, medication should be prescribed based on your kid’s needs. You also need to remember that the drugs prescribed for ADHD are not a cure, but rather help your child concentrate and perform better in school.

2. Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Sleep:

Getting the right amount of sleep is important both for kids and adults. Being well-rested is important for our concentration and tackling our daily issues. Do you remember the last time when you didn’t get enough sleep and had to endure work all day?

It’s worse for children with ADHD. Numerous studies have shown that children who got enough sleep performed better in the classroom and were less moody. They communicated better with both teachers and peers and got better grades as a result. This is why children should get enough sleep on a school day, especially children with ADHD.

Therefore, make sure to set a strict bedtime and eliminate any distractions like their smartphones or computers. By keeping a steady sleeping schedule, your kids will perform better in the classroom.

3. Encourage them to Play Outside:

Spending quality time outdoors can have numerous benefits for your health. For children with ADHD, playing outside can be particularly beneficial as it can help ease some of the symptoms of this condition. Several studies have shown that the symptoms of ADHD were reduced in children who played outside.

Therefore, you should invest all the effort of getting your kid away from the computer screen and out into the open. There’s a good chance this will help them with their ADHD symptoms and improve their performance in school.

4. Encourage them to Exercise:

Younger kids don’t often understand the benefits of exercise and don’t feel too happy about their PE class. But exercise can help improve cognitive functions and focus, which for kids with ADHD means an effective way to combat the symptoms of the condition.

If your kids get some exercise before school they will perform much better as exercise helps improve focus almost instantaneously. Make sure to let your children’s PE teacher know about their condition and how exercise can help them with their school assignments so they can adjust their program accordingly. A special education advocate can help you communicate the problem to the teachers.

5. Discover What Works for Them:

All of these suggestions are just a starting point, but ultimately not every child will react the same to them. If your kid does not want to take medication or is too weak to exercise, perhaps you can find other means of helping them improve their focus by doing what they love, whether it’s playing outside or playing video games. Find the right school, like AIS International school, which cultivates curriculum and extracurricular activities to help ADHD kids exclusively. Before they understand more about self-discipline and control, making them comfortable is more important.

Keep track of their activities and compare them to their performance at school to find out what works best for them. No matter which strategies you choose, make sure to let them in on the plan. Get their feedback about the ideas you’re having, which will help you find out what works best for them.

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