5 tips for college students on how to begin investing using pocket money

college students

According to the United Nations, India has the world’s largest youth population with more than 356 million individuals between the ages of 14-24 years.

A young population carries with it some characteristics- low savings, high splurge and little sense of investment. In such a scenario investment education becomes an important movement. While it may not be intuitive, investing at a young age is beneficial in the long-run considering these individuals are free of financial burdens, possess a higher risk appetite and are rife with enthusiasm.

Though practical knowledge is a must for students to understand the intricacies of any investment, here are 5 basic tips for any college student to take a step into the world of investments.

1. Start saving from yesterday :

Though it is impossible to travel in the past and stop ourselves from splurging on vanity products, it is vital to start saving every single day. As college students, it is easy to go on a guilt-free spending spree, but an effort needs to be made to save a certain portion of your pocket money. This can be easily done by allocating a certain amount at the beginning of the month towards investments, either stocks, fixed deposits or mutual funds. You can pay for college essay with ideas on OnlineCollegeEssay.com. You will get high-quality papers at low prices which will help you to save the balance.

Pro Tip: You can choose a minimum amount to be transferred into another bank account or investment option as a standing instruction with your bank.

2. Low-risk investment options are your best friend :

As college students and amateur investors, it is important to not be swayed by the prospect of high risk high return promises. Though it is exciting, it is necessary to be grounded and learn the basics. You should choose low-risk investment options so that you don’t lose money fast. As a young investor, always remember to balance your risk by planning and with efficiency. A planned investment can fetch you a decent return.

You should choose to invest in long-term options but can segregate a small amount to experiment with such that you can learn with experience.

Pro Tip: The market is rife with risks and uncertainties. Hence, it is advisable to approach your finance professor or family member who could guide you in the same.

3. Assess and evaluate your risk and margin estimate :

Even seasoned investors such as Warren Buffet strongly believe in calculating your risk vs return estimate. No matter what your financial background, risk appetite and goals, it is important to calculate your risk. Before investing, try to assess the amount of risk you are willing to bear and the margins below/above which you will not buy/sell. As a young investor, be ready to tackle losses and be clear in your investment options and always try to balance your portfolio.

Pro Tip: Try to approach a senior family member, ask them about their investments and the calculations they undertake. This will help you give a direction towards what you can do too.

4. SIPs – The future :

A boon for young investors, Systematic Investment Plans are an excellent investment option which offers low risk in combination with high returns. It is one of the smartest methods to mitigate the loss in your portfolio.

SIPs allow for college students to be able to deposit a predetermined amount on a certain schedule which can be attuned according to every individual. This can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly. Though a long-term option, it is one of the most sought-after investment options by early investors.

Pro Tip: Before investing in SIPs, research about various mutual funds offered by fund houses such as HDFC Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund etc. This will allow you to compare options based on various factors such as past performance, returns etc.

5. Be patient and do your research :

As young investors, it is easy to get carried away by brief success or favorable market positions. But, it is important to be patient and keep learning. As you are amateur investors, the skill that you should master is the skill of research and due diligence. The more you learn about various investment options, market vulnerability and performance, the more you will be able to invest wisely.

Start with researching the company, fund house or investment tool. Though past performances will not dictate the future, understand how it does play a role in future growth. Try to analyze the various market trends and keep a lookout on the extremities.

 You will find many bombarding you with information and advice. But, always remember that you are the maker of your own future. So, do your research, be patient and keep learning.

Pro Tip: Tune into various news channels to learn about market trends from various experts. You can also subscribe to various weekly newsletters and magazines for the same.

 Investments are tricky, for everyone including college students. It is an exciting journey filled with ups and downs which only make it more worthwhile. You can reap the benefits tomorrow if you the sow the seeds of research, patience, and dedication today.\

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Microlearning is a modern learning technique based on short nuggets of information, focused on meeting a specific learning outcome. In other words, the purpose of the learning process is to acquire a specific skill that you will use in the near future. The bite-sized format of the courses makes it easy to retain new information, and it allows even the busiest people to learn new skills in their own time. While this learning technique can be applied to any subject, it has proven itself particularly efficient in a few specific situations. For corporate training : Corporate learning is usually based on a formal training model. However, microlearning can successfully be used in corporate environments in order to reinforce or supplement the primary training. This learning method is very successful in agile environments, it has low costs, it is easy to update and it can be applied for both formal and informal training. It can also be a great tool for compliance training courses, such as Health, Safety, and Environment courses. For learning a new language : Nowadays, most, if not all, language learning apps are based on micro lessons. The most popular language-learning app and the one that makes the best use of the microlearning concept is Duolingo. Not only does Duolingo use micro-lessons for written content, but it also uses them for speaking, listening and translating exercises. This app also uses gamification as a way to motivate and engage learners. For retail training : The retail industry is having a hard time at the moment, as online stores have become a serious competition. Not only that, but modern customers are a lot more informed than they used to be, and store employees need to be properly trained to help these new, discerning customers. Microlearning can be a flexible and cost-efficient solution for training store employees and keep them up to date with daily changes. the app is one of the few learning applications that address the particular needs of the retail industry. While EdApp’s user-friendly format allows it to be used for any topic, retail training is one of the most popular app microlearning ideas. The main reason why EdApp is so efficient is due to its intuitive authoring tool, engaging gamification, and analytics tool that helps monitor and improve the learning experience. For developing soft skills : Personal development is a very popular topic at the moment, as more and more people realize that you need more than just hard technical skills in order to be successful. Since learning soft skills require more practice than theory, they can be easily learned with micro lessons. This way, the learners can learn new skills fast, and they have all the time in the world to practice them in real life before they move on to the next lessons. Communication and time management are the most sought after soft skills of the moment and there are numerous learning apps that address these particular skills. To supplement traditional education : While mobile learning seems to be the enemy of a traditional educational system, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Many learning apps can successfully be used in classrooms, and the ones that use micro lessons are particularly efficient in keeping the students engaged and motivated. As a teacher, you can use an app with an intuitive authoring tool such as EdApp in order to create your own bite-sized lessons, or you can use an existing learning app such as Duolingo or TED-Ed to make your teachings more relevant and more engaging.Read More :4 Factors To Consider When Making A Great eLearning Course Benefits Of Using Technology To Ace Your Physics NEET 2018 Notification Delayed: Is It Due To MCI Amendments?

School Hardening

School Hardening: 5 Products to Keep Teachers and Students Safe

In 2021, schools in the United States experienced 23 school shootings. This equates to a school shooting every 8 days. Unfortunately, because of the shootings, parents have started to become more concerned about the safety of their children in schools. It’s important to know that academic institutions, among others, can be considered an essential environment as children usually spend more time every day with their teachers and peers. But with the recent school shootings in the country, it’s about time that the schools address the security threats to ensure the safety of all students. This is where school hardening comes into play.However, in school hardening you have to understand several aspects. After the Parkland shooting in Florida, the concept of school hardening came into the spotlight.School hardening aims to make it difficult for a potential assailant to enter the school and injure children or staff. The process looks different based on the school. It can include solely physical barriers and metal detectors or even arming children with weapons such as mini bats and rocks to use against an assailant.Keep reading to learn about 5 school hardening products that can help keep teachers and students safe. Florida School Hardening: In February 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School suffered a school shooting where 17 students and staff were killed and 17 others were injured.After the shooting, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act was passed to allocate $400 million to schools to promote school hardening.Many states and Congress have also allocated money to help protect schools. School Hardening Products: Children have the right to feel safe in school. Although school hardening cannot guarantee your child’s safety, it has become essential in this day and age. With more parents becoming worried about their kids’ safety, schools should boost their security efforts during the opening of classes. For example, they should add advanced security systems along with security signages and other related back to school images around the premises. That way, the parents will have peace of mind knowing the schools take their children’s safety and security seriously. But aside from these items, here are 5 school hardening products that can help protect schools from active shooters. These are often great products to keep teachers safe, as well. 1. Bulletproof Backpacks: Bulletproof backpacks are a form of gun defense for children. It can only be the best safety element that parents can have control of. Once their children leave for school, they no longer know what happens to them. But with these backpacks, you can rest knowing your kids have something that can protect them against potential security threats. Just teach them how to use the bags properly to obtain a more favorable outcome. However, it’s important to know that most only work to block the bullets of a handgun, and would not work against rifles or large caliber bullets. But despite the limitation, requiring students to use bulletproof backpacks can still provide an added layer of protection while they’re in school. Lastly, bulletproof backpacks are convenient as they work just like any other bag but with certain safety features. 2. Auto-Lock Doors: In many active shooter situations, locked doors are enough to deter a shooter. They often continue onward to another area rather than attempting to break into the door.Auto-lock doors can be manually activated by teachers when all students enter the classroom. An electronic system can also automatically lock doors, especially in the case of an emergency. 3. Bulletproof Doors and Windows: During the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the assailant shot through the glass of locked doors. Manufacturing doors and windows with bulletproof glass would make it more difficult. However, the glass is not completely bulletproof, so the right weapons may penetrate the glass. 4. Barricades: There is a myriad of products that can help teachers barricade their doors in the case of an emergency. These items prevent someone from entering a classroom. However, these items should comply with fire safety standards and allow staff and students to quickly exit in the case of a fire. 5. Security Cameras:Security cameras, when actively monitored by staff, are a great way to view potential security threats. Spotting a strange individual or car can allow staff to act quickly and get law enforcement involved. Final Thoughts: With the increase of school shootings across the United States, school hardening has become more important than ever.We covered 5 amazing products that can help staff and students stay safe in the case of a crisis.For more articles the newest products that can keep you safe, visit our blog today.Read Also:How To Choose The Right Rock Climbing School Can A School Be Legally Responsible For A Student’s Suicide? The Disturbing Trend Of Multiple Chronic Medical Conditions CBD: The Understanding Of Its Benefits Evolution Of The U.S. Patent System 5 Ways College Students Can Minimize Back To School Stress 5 Strategies For Parents To Help Kids With ADHD Perform Better At School 3 Tips On How To Prepare For Transferring To An American High School What You Should Know About Solar Energy For Schools: Benefits, Expectations, And More