Comic Relief for College Students


14 June 2016


College student

Far from being a distraction to the overall learning process, the simple act of laughing is a great way to relieve the tension and stress that comes along with the whole college experience. A recent phenomenon has seen very popular comedians refuse to perform on college campuses due to the “safe space” culture that has taken hold, so where can students go to have a laugh? The internet, of course, and this short guide will discuss a few of the more popular college humor websites to visit and waste countless hours on.

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Let’s just get this one out of the way fairly quickly. You probably already know about it, and it is almost certain that a bunch of your Facebook friends has sent you links to it, but it needs to be mentioned in this list anyway.

This website has been around for a while and has stood the test of time by continuing to produce funny and original articles from a variety or contributors. For example, while you are taking a break from studying or trying to get past a hangover, you could learn from pieces of wisdom such as “Why the laws of robotics would defeat Robocop”, and other gems including “Why we’ll definitely insult aliens when we meet them”. Okay, so you may not be getting any smarter by reading this website, but you will probably find something to laugh about.

Weird things can be funny, and that is what Oddee is all about. Have you ever been involved in a heated debate among friends over which Wikipedia page is the sexiest of all? Then have no fear, as you now have an answer in the form of “8 Sexiest Wikipedia Entries”. All of this and more of the mysteries of life come under the microscope in what usually ends up being a fun way to waste a bit of time while you wait for a bus or what have you.

Another giant in the fields of comedy and satire, The Onion brings you news stories that aren’t really real… but you could have sworn what you just read could have actually happened. Of course, you don’t need to be a college student to enjoy things like this, but the intelligence that goes into crafting these satirical news stories is something that you will surely appreciate.

If you’re really tired, stressed out, and you just want to sit back and have a laugh then perhaps the idea of reading funny articles does not appeal to you. That’s where the Funny Or Die website comes in, with plenty of videos that often feature famous celebrities. The topics are generally taken from current events, TV shows, and movies.

This is really just scratching the surface when it comes to the number of funny websites online that cater to the college-age crowd. If you’re still looking for another option after checking out these websites then just ask around in your circle of friends, or pay attention to what they’re posting on social media to see the newest funny stuff.

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STEM Education

What Is STEM Education

Students have to learn multiple academic subjects. Some of them are always reviewed separately, while others are united into a special combination. Thus, many people know about STEM, which is a union of 4 vital areas – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As you can see, each of them is pretty important and complicated separately. As you have to study all of them intensively, your education can turn into a real hell. Nonetheless, the benefits will be impressive if you withstand this challenge properly. You will find a great job, the possibility for career and personal growth, respect from colleagues and others, a high salary, and so on. Our informative guide casts more light on your job options, as well as tips that may make your education much easier and more convenient. Find Help With Assignments Online It is very hard to be successful with all those united subjects, and you may require help with assignment online. If it’s so, opt for us. We are a famous and highly reputed academic agency. We specialize in offering various kinds of learning help for students who are interested in STEM and similar disciplines. All our specialists are verified and trained after they are employed. Thus, you can fully trust them. They release only high-quality and authentic projects, which are completed swiftly. Define STEM And Possible Professions As we have already figured out the abbreviation of these 4 fields, we’d like to pay your attention to another interesting aspect related to them. What kinds of professions one can find if one has a STEM degree? We’ll name the most popular ones with the average annual salaries: Computer programmer: $58,343 Chemist: $62,228 Financial analyst: $68,538 Biologist: $72,448 Civil engineer: $80,928 Mechanical engineer: $82,422 Psychologist: $85,794 IT manager: $88,872 Database administrator: $92,194 Mathematician: $96,762 Economist: $97,042 Physician assistant: $105,128 Actuary: $109,014 Data scientist: $121,853 If you get the desired degree in these subjects, you are welcome to opt for these and many other incredible jobs. STEM In Education: How To Be A More Effective Learner? Many folks are opting for help with assignments online, and we can understand them. These 4 subjects are very complicated. That is why many students are actively looking for various methods to be more effective learners. We have a few vital insights for them. Manage time reasonably. Many students run out of time too often. This may be the main reason why you fail. Be sure you create a flexible schedule that outlines all your urgent tasks and sets clear timeframes. Stick to them and use various time management techniques to become faster. Be an eternal learner. Make a habit of learning something new every day. Try to find at least one new topic that is related to STEM and master it. This habit helps to quickly enrich your knowledge. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Good learners always ask questions. Follow this example because you may miss vital facts if you don’t ask your teachers and professors. Every time you mishear or misunderstand any explanation – be sure to ask to repeat or explain again! Take notes regularly. Smart learners always take notes when they feel some piece of information is crucial. Follow this great habit to never forget something relevant. Make sure you refine all notes to divide them into logical categories. Thus, you will swiftly find the right fact. Use technology. You should never forget that technology is your ally. Just use it correctly, and the fruits will be ripe soon. Use various learning apps that help to calculate, equate, as well as write, edit, research, etc. Stay away from distractions. Many students steal their own time that could be devoted to learning STEM. For example, they like to surf social media platforms, play video games, hang out with friends, etc. Avoid these and similar time stealers until you complete all your assignments. STEM Fields And Where To Get Help With Them? One of the best ways to cope with your learning hardships is to look for help with assignments online. The Internet is a huge hub of all kinds of useful data for learners. Let’s check things that can provide you with it here below: Educational Sites Do not ignore various educational sites that are devoted to STEM. They may contain a lot of vital information on the matter. These can be guides, tutorials, and manuals. Moreover, many college and university sites, as well as non-profit sources offer samples with explanations. Thus, you may find out the necessary details to understand how to complete this or that assignment on math, technology, etc. Online Courses At times, you may require other explanations from other educators. Thus, you may opt for numerous courses in these 4 areas. Define which one suits you better and improve your skills. STEM Communities There are many communities that are dedicated to every subject or the 4 of them at the same time. It’s useful to join them because there are many teachers and students with their own experiences. They provide effective tips and recommendations about how to solve various tasks and boost any skill you want. The Bottom Line This direction is very popular, as well as challenging. All these subjects are complicated, and you will really have to try hard to enjoy success. Yet, it’s worth a try when you look at possible job options. Use the prompts provided above to make the process of learning easier. READ ALSO: Career Options after 12th Science 8 Useful Tips for Personal Career Development How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Content Rally

A Guaranteed Approach to Raising a Little Genius

There are many forms of success: social happiness, financial success, work success, being loved, and satisfied with life, but one thing is certain – all parents want their kids to achieve success. In order for our children to achieve this bliss in life, they need to be smart. And like many children, there are, there as many ways of being smart, but parents can be the essential factor in raising a little genius. So, if you are seeking ways of ensuring a great life for your child, you need to seek ways of challenging their brain. Raising an Open Mind In order to become smart children need to learn and experience new things. Keeping an open mind about the world allows them to intake new knowledge which increases their intelligence and overall capacities. From an early age, allow your kids to discover the world around them, and take in everything. Raising an open-minded and tolerant child will ultimately result in familiarity with learning, where children are not afraid to experience new and interesting things. Catering to Your Child’s Unique Learning Style Each child also learns its own way, and there are three main learning methods: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each targets a different sensory system and finding your child’s main preference, as well as refining all three ensures a smart and individualized approach to learning. Creative arts and crafts projects, pictures, and coloring all tend to the needs of a visual learner. image source: Reading out loud, repetition, speaking out information out loud, or learning through song can be a sure-fire way to satisfy the auditory preferences. On the other hand, dancing, learning through movement, or as part of a game can improve their kinesthetic learning. A Fun Approach to Learning Using play as a way to teach kids has enormous potential of developing a healthy attitude towards learning. Young kids use playing games and toys as a way to make sense of the world and is therefore only natural to use it to improve their intellect. Toys play a major impact on skill development and problem-solving games like puzzles and Lego’s target logical thinking, problem-solving skills, but also improves creativity. On the other hand, kids adore their video games, and incorporating math, language, and science by providing free video games to kids, such as Poptropica, can improve their skills, and overall cognitive stage development. The Value of Reading Incorporating reading into your child’s upbringing, not only expands existing mental abilities but also teaches them to make it part of their lives. During the early years, reading to children stimulates their language acquisition, and positively affect their imagination and creativity. Later, when kids learn to read, and reading becomes a habit, and providing them the best children’s books is a must.                                                    image source: By reading people are able to use their senses and emotions, in order to understand the material. This, in turn, sparks imagination, inspiring and motivating children to create stories, as a way to resolve problems and accept any challenge that comes their way. Increasing a Brain’s Physical Properties Since a healthy mind requires a healthy body and brain food to grow and expand, kids need exercise and diet that can make them smarter. Eating regularly and incorporating Omega-3 essential fats into their diet, helps increase brain mass, improving synaptic connections. This is seen through heightened concentration and ability to intake information. On the other hand, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can increase lung capacity and regulate healthy sleep patterns. That also allows brain matter to store data and increase thinking rate. In the end, it is important to remember that all kids have the ability to become smart, but in order to create a little genius, kids need a little nudge. By providing them with a healthy environment in which they can grow, you, the parent, are helping them raise their intellect, and ultimately paving their path to success.

HBCU facts

15 Historical HBCU Facts You Didn’t Know

Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or anything related to the HBCU facts, are exciting news. Not only are they a huge part of U.S. history, but they also provide excellent opportunities for today’s students to thrive and succeed. While most people know, or can guess, that HBCUs were formed around the time of the Civil War as places for formerly enslaved people to earn an education. This is true, but there is so much more to the history and historical figures behind HBCUs. In fact, there is quite a lot about the history of HBCUs that most Americans don’t know. 15 Historical HBCU Facts You Didn't Know Let’s take a look at 15 HBCU facts that you may not know but will appreciate learning more about. Across the United States, there are more than 100 HBCUs. Alabama has the highest concentration of HBCUs, with 15 schools in the state. Atlanta is the city with the highest concentration of HBCU facts, with nine schools in the city. The Cheyney University of Pennsylvania and Lincoln University are the oldest HBCUs in the U.S. Chyeney was founded in 1837. Lincoln was established in 1854. 75% of Black Americans with doctorate degrees earned their undergraduate degrees from HBCUs. More than 80% of Black Americans with degrees in dentistry and medicine graduated from Howard University or Meharry Medical College – two HBCUs. 5% of Black officers in the U.S. Armed Forces earned an undergraduate degree from an HBCU. 80% of Black U.S. federal judges earned undergraduate degrees from HBCUs. HBCUs are leading institutions in STEM fields, including science, engineering, mathematics, and physical sciences. In fact, HBCU facts, are responsible for one-quarter of all Black STEM graduates. Students who graduate from HBCUs are more likely to complete graduate school or professional training. Around half of the Black faculty members at White research universities earned undergraduate degrees from HBCUs. A Gallup-Purdue University study reveals that Black students report more meaningful educational experiences at HBCUs than their peers at other colleges and universities. Black HBCU students reported in a survey that they are more likely to recall instances of feeling supported by faculty members. Notable Graduates 8 Impressive Black Americans In The History In addition to these HBCU facts, we must mention just how notable HBCU alumni are. Some of the most impressive Black Americans in history attended HBCUs. Some examples: Booker T. Washington – educator and advisor to several presidents – attended the Tuskegee Institute, later called Tuskegee University, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Martin Luther King, Jr. attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Joycelyn Elders, the first Black American Surgeon General of the United States, attended Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. Katherine Johnson, a NASA employee, credited with critical calculations that made the first (and subsequent) space flights successful, attended West Virginia State University, located in Charleston, West Virginia. Lonnie Johnson, a NASA engineer, and creator of the Super Soaker toy graduated from Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. Nobel Laureate and author Toni Morrison attended Howard University in Washington, DC. Starbucks Chief Operating Officer Rosalind Brewer attended Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Reverend Jesse Jackson attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. The first female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, attended Howard University in Washington, DC. As you can see, there is a lot to learn and learn about HBCU facts in the U.S. Not only are they deeply rooted in history, but they continue to produce incredible graduates that are changing the world. If you are considering colleges or universities for undergraduate or graduate studies, now is a great time to consider HBCUs. At a time when diversity and equality are at the forefront of Civil Rights, HBCUs continue to support variety within the educational system. Conclusion: These all of the HBCU facts give you an excellent idea about the future perspectives of the US. Even after the black freedom, there were separate schooling systems for blacks and whites. When you want to develop a unique race, you have to mix up the children from different races. As the students and youths, they are always making a historic symbolic movement for the rest of society. And these facts are proof of these historical movements. Read Also: 4 Emerging Trends in the Education Sector Top 6 Reasons Why Professional Qualification Courses Are The Best Way To Learn