Comic Relief for College Students


14 June 2016


College student

Far from being a distraction to the overall learning process, the simple act of laughing is a great way to relieve the tension and stress that comes along with the whole college experience. A recent phenomenon has seen very popular comedians refuse to perform on college campuses due to the “safe space” culture that has taken hold, so where can students go to have a laugh? The internet, of course, and this short guide will discuss a few of the more popular college humor websites to visit and waste countless hours on.

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Let’s just get this one out of the way fairly quickly. You probably already know about it, and it is almost certain that a bunch of your Facebook friends has sent you links to it, but it needs to be mentioned in this list anyway.

This website has been around for a while and has stood the test of time by continuing to produce funny and original articles from a variety or contributors. For example, while you are taking a break from studying or trying to get past a hangover, you could learn from pieces of wisdom such as “Why the laws of robotics would defeat Robocop”, and other gems including “Why we’ll definitely insult aliens when we meet them”. Okay, so you may not be getting any smarter by reading this website, but you will probably find something to laugh about.

Weird things can be funny, and that is what Oddee is all about. Have you ever been involved in a heated debate among friends over which Wikipedia page is the sexiest of all? Then have no fear, as you now have an answer in the form of “8 Sexiest Wikipedia Entries”. All of this and more of the mysteries of life come under the microscope in what usually ends up being a fun way to waste a bit of time while you wait for a bus or what have you.

Another giant in the fields of comedy and satire, The Onion brings you news stories that aren’t really real… but you could have sworn what you just read could have actually happened. Of course, you don’t need to be a college student to enjoy things like this, but the intelligence that goes into crafting these satirical news stories is something that you will surely appreciate.

If you’re really tired, stressed out, and you just want to sit back and have a laugh then perhaps the idea of reading funny articles does not appeal to you. That’s where the Funny Or Die website comes in, with plenty of videos that often feature famous celebrities. The topics are generally taken from current events, TV shows, and movies.

This is really just scratching the surface when it comes to the number of funny websites online that cater to the college-age crowd. If you’re still looking for another option after checking out these websites then just ask around in your circle of friends, or pay attention to what they’re posting on social media to see the newest funny stuff.

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Read This If You Are Appearing for This Year’s JEE

Every student has heard about the JEE by the time they entered middle school. Some of us saw our own siblings or cousins losing their heads over it. We also saw people who came out with flying colors and got accepted to the top engineering and medical colleges. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"] image credit:[/caption] However, we also saw many who were not that successful and got into a not-so-reliable private college and many who decided to change their career plans for the better. If you are one of the lakhs of students who are going to appear for the JEE Exam this year, you must be wondering how to make sure you do not become one of those whose efforts went down the drain. Here are some expert tips from people who have successfully cracked the JEE Mains in recent years. Know what it is and what it is not Since the JEE is a hot topic of discussion in our country, many things get blown out of proportion. Parents seem to make it the only career milestone that is worth looking at for us despite the existence of various other options a student might be inclined towards. That is why you need to be very sure of a few things before you go ahead with it: Read More: Best MBA Colleges In India Attracting The Best Of Best Among Students • Introspect: This is the basic step in taking any decision at all. Ask yourself whether you want to go for engineering or medicine at all or whether you are doing it just because it’s what your parents want you to do and you aren’t aware of other options. Find out everything about JEE and evaluate if this is what you want. • Strategize: If you have already made up your mind, the previous point is of no relevance to you. Though it is good to give it a thought because that is the case with 2 out of 3 students. However, if you are not one of them, you need to have a timing strategy to cover the whole syllabus. Make a practical schedule for yourself about 6 months prior to the exams so that you can proceed slowly and steadily. • Collect data: You need to know some JEE details to ensure that your efforts are channelized in the right direction. Get hold of the last 5 years’ questions and practice them. While you are preparing for your boards as well, club the studies and delve deeper into the subject to simultaneously preparing for the JEE. Read More: Upcoming Educational Trends In 2017 • Sit for mock tests: You must appear for as many mock tests as possible so that you can evaluate your own progress. Also, keep a track of the questions asked in these mock tests. One mock test per month is enough to proceed steadily. • Time yourself: There is no point in knowing everything but not having enough time to finish. For this again, the tests that hoard up one month prior to the real exam will be helpful. By this time you are already pretty well-prepared. You now need to rehearse the performance. Read More: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your MCSA Certification Today • Keep a Plan B handy:  In case you don’t get a good ranking, you need a Plan B. It could be regular B.Sc. or a total change of stream. Understand that the intention of this point is not to scare you into believing that you may not succeed. The motive of this point is to make sure you do not keep stressing over ‘what ifs’ so that you can perform well. Just like it does not rain on most days we carry an umbrella, you are more likely to not need Plan B if you have one. These tips will help you remain calm and assured about your performance. You’ve got this. With a cool mind and a steady routine, you will excel in this Joint Entrance Exam. Good luck! Read More: The Importance Of Exploring And Knowing The Language Hindi Virtual Reality And Gaming Technology Innovation In 2017 Top 6 U.S. Universities That Offer Health Science Course 10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation

planned manage

Perfect day: How to manage everything you have planned?

It's time to stop wasting your life. Even spending money for nothing is not so terrible spending time useless. Money comes and goes, and life just goes away. It's time to think about what we are spending our lives on seriously. Everyone can learn how to manage their time correctly. Everybody has 24 hours per day, neither more nor less. Surely you have dreams, plans, goals, and desires that you are continually putting off for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. To manage to do everything planned, try to implement the following tips. 1. Managing everything is impossible : Your task is to manage to do only the most important things for you; then your days will be filled with meaning. Take primarily of all those tasks that will bring you more results, that are more meaningful for you. All secondary matters ignore or delegate to other people. If you are a student of the mathematical faculty, and you are asked to write an essay on history, you can safely ask to write my essay online fast and concentrate on the equations. Separate the wheat from the chaff, do not waste yourself on unimportant things. 2. Make a schedule for the coming week : A large number of businesspeople keep a diary, making notes about upcoming business in it. This is a beneficial thing, because, thanks to a clear plan of action, you become a more disciplined person. In the diary, you can write out definite plans for a week, a month, or even a whole year ahead, which is next to impossible to do just in your head. 3. Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today : No matter how hard it is, do what you need to do today, in spite of laziness, lack of desire and mood. Keep discipline, do not go to rest while you still have unfinished business. Find the strength to finish it before the end of this day. Tomorrow you will thank yourself for it. Rest will be much more pleasant if you realize that there is no tail of unfinished business behind you. 4. Read a few books about rational timing : Authors of such books reveal secrets that can increase the productivity of your work and help to save precious hours of life. Learn not only from your own experience but also borrow the wisdom of successful people. Professionals will help you to allocate time, setting the right priorities, and also eliminating unnecessary occupation. You will learn how to manage time and improve productivity without too much expense. 5. Learn to say "No." No matter how polite a person you are, do not take on other people's problems. Do you have a shortage of time, why reduce the productivity of your work even more? To help a friend is a good thing, but not at the expense of your time. If you aim to reach the heights, then sometimes you will also have to say "no" to invitations to drink a beer with friends, to sleep an extra hour in the morning on the day off or temptation to skip training. Refuseeverythingthatpullsyoudown.

JEE Main 2018

JEE Main 2018- Importance of Practicing with Previous Year Questions

JEE Main is the largest engineering entrance exam of the country. Due to sheer competition in the exam, it is not easy to crack it. However, there are many things candidates do or can do to get an edge over others. One of these things is to solve past year question papers for Joint entrance Examination which has become an important, rather essential part of preparation. Solving previous year papers can be beneficial in the following ways: Best Guidance about Important Topics The biggest question in the mind of JEE aspirants is that which are the most important topics. Well, you can have a lot of teachers and seniors telling you important topics and they can give accurate guidance as well. But isn’t it better to know these things directly from the papers? If you scan through the papers of the last 15 years, you will never need to ask anyone about the important topics for the exam. Therefore, while you are looking to start your preparation, just go through the past year papers once. Just note down the number of questions coming from each topic (don’t solve those papers for now), and there you go. You will have a self-made list of the weightiest topics for the exam. Read More: Free Student Guide To Help You Achieve Exam Success Perfect Source of Practice There are numerous sources from which you can practice questions for the exam such as books, mocks, coaching material and whatnot, but actually, the best source of practice will always be the past year papers. See it this way, on one side you have some random questions from all the topics, and on the other hand, you have questions that have actually appeared in the paper, and you know which one is better. Thus, previous year papers become the best source of practice. But we suggest that you do not start solving them right at the start of your preparation. Practicing with these after completing your entire syllabus will be a better option. Read More: How To Crack Civil Service Exam In One Attempt These Boost your Confidence Most people join coaching for JEE Main but coaching institutes generally provide study material that is way beyond the level of the exam as JEE is about concepts and not about all the toughest science problems of the world. Due to such high-level questions, many candidates tend to lose the confidence and past year papers can be the savior for such students. The questions asked in the actual exam are not as tough as those witnessed in mocks or coaching material. Thus, relevant questions take your confidence to another level, which is a very important factor of preparation. These are the Best Mocks, Ever! Taking mock tests have become an essential part of preparation these days. Many students enroll for national level mock tests to practice and know the level of their preparation. But there is always a problem with mocks regarding the relevance of their level of difficulty. Some candidates feel that the mock tests they enrolled for were not up to the mark, and some say it was above the required level. But what if we tell you about the best and the most relevant mock test series. Yes, the past year papers are undoubtedly the best mocks you can appear for. If you solve 10 papers as mocks, you would have appeared for the exam 10 times before the actual test. Isn’t it great? So use past year papers as mocks and you have the optimum level of practice you need. The ‘Repeated Questions’ Scenario Although it is not the ideal way to think, many a times questions from past year papers get repeated in the exam so if you go through these previous year papers, you will be able to solve such questions quickly. Although such repetition is not very frequent, even if you get just 1 or 2 questions repeated, isn’t it a great bonus of 4-8 marks. So why miss those 8 marks? How to Make the Best Use of Past Years’ Papers? Well, solving past years papers is always of great benefit, but you can maximize the benefit by applying some simple tips. Here is what you can do to make the best use of these papers- First: At the beginning of your preparation, scan through the papers of at least past 15 years. Note the important topics here. Second: After completing your syllabus, these papers should be your first preference for practice. Third: If you see any type of question(s) getting repeated, note it down separately, go through it during your final revision. Fourth: You can also prepare some strategies by referring to these papers. Fifth: Solving every question is not necessary (until of course, you want to score 330 or more). Look out for questions which are the most doable ones. We hope you have understood the importance of past year papers from above-mentioned information. So go through these and nail JEE Main 2018. Good Luck! Read More: Upcoming Educational Trends In 2017 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your MCSA Certification Today 10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation Best MBA Colleges In India Attracting The Best Of Best Among Students 10 Tips To Memorize All Necessary Information Before Exams