Apple Settles Lawsuit for $25 Million Over Family Sharing Feature Misrepresentation


19 December 2023


Apple Settles Lawsuit for $25 Million Over Family Sharing

In a recent development, tech giant Apple has agreed to pay a substantial $25 million to settle a 2019 class-action lawsuit, accusing the company of misrepresenting its Family Sharing feature. Despite Apple denying any wrongdoing, the settlement addresses allegations that the company falsely portrayed the capability to share app subscriptions within family groups.

Apple’s settlement case is making headlines following Facebook. The lawsuit contended that a significant portion of subscription-based apps, a growing segment on the Apple platform, couldn’t be shared among designated family members, contrary to the representation made by Apple. Court documents revealed that these apps were exclusively available to individual users who downloaded and subscribed to them.

The court documents emphasized, “The vast majority of subscription-based apps, which is a growing percentage of Apple Apps, cannot be shared with designated family members.” This revelation challenges Apple’s previous assertion and sheds light on a potentially misleading practice.

Furthermore, the documents highlighted that despite the awareness that subscription-based apps did not support Family Sharing, Apple continued advertising these apps’ features. This advertising strategy may have led millions of consumers to download subscription-based apps, assuming they were shareable within family groups, only to discover otherwise after making payments.

While settling the lawsuit, Apple maintains its denial of misrepresentation or wrongdoing. The $25 million settlement resolves the class-action suit, concluding the legal dispute over the Family Sharing feature.

This development raises questions about the transparency of subscription-based apps on Apple’s platform and the need for clearer communication between the tech giant and its users. As the landscape of app usage evolves, consumers may become more vigilant about the representations made by tech companies, ensuring that advertised features align with actual functionalities.

This settlement serves as a reminder for consumers and tech companies to maintain transparency and accuracy in representing features and functionalities, fostering trust in the dynamic world of digital platforms.

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Why you should Consider Immigrating to the United States

The United States is the dreamland to a lot of people around the world. The country is blessed with a lot of tourist attractions which gives her the ability to be among the most visited countries in the world. As much as the United States is a dreamland to a lot of people all over the world, some people still find no reason why they should consider immigrating to the United States. It is very bad when someone decides not to do a thing because of one negative reason or the other without investigating if the reasons are true and relevant. There are some common factors that make people lose interest in immigrating to the United States which include: Racism: Racism is the brutal segregation against some group of people due to their race, ancestry, or skin color. The issue of racism has been fought against over the world by governments and various organizations of the world. It is very sad that as much as racism is being fought, there are still faint traces of it in the United States which is part of the reasons why some immigrants feel reluctant to travel to the country. If you are worried about facing racism throughout the process of immigration, and getting a final citizenship then download a Family Immigration Lawyer. Harsh immigration laws and penalties: The United States has been known for its harsh immigration laws and punishments over the years. Many immigrants are scared of coming to the United States due to the fear of having to serve a harsh punishment due to any breach of the immigration laws of the country. A very good example of the harsh immigration laws in the United States is the decision of President Donald Trump to build a wall at the border of Mexico. Since the building of the wall has commenced, thousands of immigrants who are trying to cross the border into the United States illegally have been arrested, brutalized and put in very bad camps and cells. Security: The United States is the most powerful country in the world. The country is expected to be the most secure country in the world due to its military might and popularity. There are a lot of internal insecurity issues that have been rocking the United States of recent which include mass shootings, cultism, and robbery amongst others. A lot of people are scared of immigrating to the United States due to the increase in the rate of the aforementioned crimes in the country. The record shows that about a thousand immigrants have lost their lives due to hate crimes in 2019 alone which backs up the reason why immigrants are choosing other countries over the United States. The question, who needs esta? Is to be answered by citizens of visa waiver countries that are planning a trip to the United States. Also, it is always advisable that every esta holder checks the ESTA validity before traveling to the United States. Even though the United States has some ill side when it comes to immigrating, there are a lot of positive reasons why immigrants should consider immigrating to the country. The positive reasons include: Employment When talking about countries with the highest rate of employment, the United States is one of the countries that must be reckoned with. Over the years, the United States has always been among the list of countries with the highest number of jobs created per annum. One of the essential things immigrants do consider before immigrating is the availability of a job in such a country and the possibility of being able to secure one. Even though the United States visa is not too easy for immigrants to get, the country is still very lenient when it comes to giving work permits to immigrants. According to statistics, 75 percent of immigrants who immigrate into the United States with the intention of working in the country do get jobs within their first three months in the country. Good Educational system the United States has a very good educational system which gives the opportunity to immigrants from different parts of the world to study in the country. The system gives students a chance to fit into their various school schedules easily by choosing their preferred lecture schedule without the influence of the school, i.e. morning, afternoon, summer or winter classes. The United States educational system is one of the best for immigrants as they are given enough time to settle in to the country, unlike other countries where international students may get bombarded with compulsory gigantic school schedules. Accommodation the good news about immigrating to the United States is that the country has cheap housing system. This makes it a good place to immigrate to as it is easy for immigrants to get affordable homes in the country, unlike other countries where a lot of immigrants do end up being homeless due to the exorbitant mortgage prices. Read Also: Top 5 Ways To Avoid Canada Immigration Consultancy Frauds Steps To Emigrating To Australia

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Retail Giants Gear Up For Earnings; Walmart & Ross Leads, Target Lags Behind  

This week, several key players in the retail sector are slated to reveal their quarterly earnings. The spotlight is on companies navigating these turbulent waters in a year marked by economic challenges and fluctuating consumer confidence. Those prioritizing discount goods over discretionary items have emerged as industry leaders. Predicting Earnings Surprises   Investors eyeing these retail giants have a powerful tool at their disposal—Zacks Earnings ESP (Expected Surprise Prediction). This tool aims to identify companies experiencing positive earnings estimate revisions, leveraging the belief that recent information holds predictive power during earnings season. Historically, combining a Zacks Rank #3 or better with a positive Earnings ESP has yielded positive surprises 70% of the time, boasting a 28.3% average annual return over a 10-year period. Earnings Anticipation In Retail   In the challenging landscape of retail, this year has been a litmus test for what resonates with consumers. Despite varied stock performances, all eyes are on a group of retailers forecasted to beat earnings estimates, indicating a bullish sentiment among analysts. Walmart   Walmart, a standout performer this year with a 20.3% year-to-date rally, holds a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). The retail giant's strategic focus on discount offerings and a robust e-commerce expansion have contributed to its success. Walmart's Q3 earnings report, set for November 16, is anticipated to exceed estimates, with a Zacks ESP forecasting a 0.8% beat. The TJX Companies   Benefiting from its discount pricing strategy, TJX Companies has seen an 18% YTD gain. Operating across 4,900 stores in nine countries, this off-price retailer is set to report earnings on November 15. The Zacks ESP projects a 2.6% earnings beat, reflecting a mixed earnings outlook. Ross Stores   With a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), Ross Stores has capitalized on the discount retail trend, gaining 10% YTD. Expected to report on November 16, the Zacks ESP suggests a 2.08% earnings beat. Ross Stores offers in-season, branded, and designer merchandise at prices 20% to 60% below regular department store rates. Target   Facing headwinds this year, Target's stock has dipped by -23.7% YTD. Target reported on November 15 that it had experienced a significant drop in comparable sales as consumers cut back on discretionary spending. Despite a Zacks Rank #4 (Sell), indicating falling earnings estimates, there's a glimmer of hope with a Zacks Earnings ESP projecting a 1.97% earnings beat. While Walmart continues to lead the pack, Target's dip in valuation raises questions about its future trajectory. Investors are advised to stay vigilant and monitor shifts in earnings estimates for potential investment opportunities in this dynamic retail landscape. Learn More About: Walmart Deals On Black Friday: Apple Watch, PS5, And More Elon Musk To Introduce New Products That Will Challenge YouTube And LinkedIn