Planning Your Next Commercial or Residential Project? 6 Ways an Architect Can Help


08 January 2020

Real Estate


Whether you’re interested in designing a new commercial building for your business, a new home to live in, or an addition for a home or business, the right help can be crucial. An architect is essential for these and related projects and can provide a number of benefits that will make a huge difference in the long run.

Make Sure Everything is Practical

Depending on what the plan is, there may be a need to check and make sure everything is actually practical. Is the land appropriately set up for the building or addition? Is there anything that doesn’t make sense about the overall plan? An architect will look through to make sure everything looks good before getting into the details of the design. Cochran has more information if you’d like to learn more.

Determine if There are Restrictions

There may be a local, county, or state restrictions that can be applicable to the building or addition. These need to be discovered at the beginning of the design process so workarounds can be found. Restrictions may include zoning restrictions like how tall the building can be, how far the addition must be from the property line, or even whether the entire project is allowed.

Add to Design for the Future

Architects aren’t just going to think of what’s happening right now. They’ll also consider the future for the business or home and help you come up with ideas that may future-proof the building or addition. This helps ensure the building is going to continue to be relevant and useful long into the future.

Reduce Overall Costs

Any construction is going to be expensive. While there are many ways to cut costs, some just aren’t worth the savings. An architect can help find ways to save money without sacrificing anything that’s needed or the overall quality of the project. If you’re on a budget, hiring an architect can help reduce overall costs so the project stays on budget.

Help Create a Green Building

Energy efficiency can make a huge difference in energy bills and impact on the environment. If an energy-efficient building is needed or desired, an architect is a right person to ask for help. They can use various design elements to create a building or addition that’s energy-efficient, or green, to help reduce the impact on the environment and help you save money.

Visualize the Design

What will the design actually look like when everything is done? Is it going to be what you’re imagining? An architect can draft visual designs and stake out the property so it’s easier to see exactly how big everything is, where everything will go, and what the project will look like when everything is done. That helps provide a better idea of what the final project looks like so you can ensure it will be exactly what’s needed for your home or business.

If you’re planning any construction, whether it’s commercial or residential, an architect can provide a lot of help and allow you to meet all of the goals. Take the time to speak with an architect today to learn more about what they can do to help with the project and what’s going to be improved by having the right help from the beginning. You won’t want to handle the project without them.

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Don’t Forget To Plan For These 7 Hidden Costs Of Moving

Moving is a very expensive decision — whether you DIY with a rented truck or hire the professionals. You probably budgeted for the truck or moving company before you started packing. But these are just some of the most obvious expenses involved in the typical move. Unless you’re a seasoned professional or frequent mover, you may not realize plenty of other expenses are in your future. Things like child sitting, elevator charges, and parking tickets can up your costs significantly. You can usually rely on a line of credit when you’re faced with unexpected expenses. But when you have already put down $2,000 on a moving company, you may not have a lot of room left on this account. Part of managing your line of credit responsibly is learning to anticipate supposedly unexpected expenses before they happen. This article is critical reading for anyone who wants to limit how often they use their line of credit during a move. Planning early means you can start saving for these expenses in advance. 1. Child Sitting If you have children, you might have to think about getting a babysitter for your child. To save money, you can ask friends or family willing to look after your kids. Either way, removing your kids from the equation is easier for you and your movers. That way, you don’t have to worry about them being underfoot when you move heavy furniture. 2. Pet Boarding The same rules apply to your furry children. Keeping your dogs and cats away from the action protects everyone involved. 3. Takeout With your kitchen packed up, you will be relying on takeout and readymade meals far more often. You can save money by preparing frozen meals in advance, moving them quickly from one freezer to the other. Keep shelf-stable snacks handy, too. 4. Parking Tickets  If your moving company parks illegally on the sidewalk or in a no-parking zone, you (not the company) will have to pay the ticket. Avoid this by seeking out a parking permit for your new neighborhood. 5. Security Deposit  That hole your friends caused when they moved your antique armoire? If you can’t patch it up before you move, you might lose out on the security deposit you put down when you first moved in. DIY repairs might help you avoid losing your deposit, but even DIY work costs money. 6. Elevator Fees  If you live in a condo, you will have to book the freight elevator to move your things. Depending on the condo company, they may apply a charge for this elevator. This fee is usually non-refundable and must be paid when you book the elevator. To make matters worse, most moving companies also charge elevator fees if you live on an upper floor. They may also charge stair fees if you live on the top floor of a walk-up. 7. Utility Setup Once you arrive at your new place, you have to set up utilities to heat and power your home. Some utility companies may require you to put down a security deposit before they start the service. They usually ask if you have poor credit or are a brand-new customer. These deposits can be costly, charging as much as twice your average monthly use. Keep this in mind as you create a moving budget. It’s better to struggle to save this amount than the opposite, being surprised by it when you go to hook up utilities! But if all else fails, your line of credit can pitch in. Read Also : Cab Transportation Never Got More Luxurious At Affordable Prices, Than In Houston 5 Reasons Why SMEs Use Courier Services

Granny Flat

Here’s Why You Should Have A Granny Flat

A Granny flat has been gaining more and more popularity as homeowners turn their attention to this convenient piece of property. Especially populous in Australia, a granny flat is also known as an “in-law apartment”.But first of all, let us get familiar with what a granny flat truly is. A granny flat is a dependent personal unit located inside a house with, usually a single-dwelling, family. In easier words, additional spaces of your home used up to make a dwelling for one or a maximum of two persons is called a granny flat. It can also be defined as an accessory dwelling unit alongside a house. A granny flat is mostly used for an elderly or aging parent, hence the name. A granny flat is ideal for any aging parent, a granny, a young adult, a guest, etc. Where can I build a granny flat? There is no specific rule for the location of a granny flat. You can build a granny flat by converting your garage, building a granny flat in front of your main unit, on the lawn, or building it in your basement. You can be creative, utilize that extra space sitting in your home! Why should I consider building a granny flat? Nowadays, you will see granny flats in every other house. What is the reason for its popularity? Well, they are popular because they are very advantageous. Here’s a small overview of the perks provided by a granny flat. 1. Extra income A granny flat, if rented, can bring an additional income to the house. Granny flats are high in demand by single individuals so you will easily find a tenant. 2. Portable Most in-law flats are portable. Meaning, if you wish to change your house, you can simply take your granny flat with you. Granny flats in Melbourne caught the attention of people for this exact reason. 3. Utilizes extra space That big lawn is just sitting idle. Why not use that extra space for your benefit? Not only will you be utilizing your space stylishly, but you are also bringing additional income to your home through tenants. 4. Keep your loved ones close It is difficult to keep your aging parents away from you in a time when they are so fragile. A granny flat accommodates your aging parents by keeping them close. 5. Privacy Privacy is a significant factor for every person. A granny flat keeps your loved ones close in a way that both of you have privacy as well. What better than being close to family and also having personal space? 6. Increases house value A major advantage of a granny flat is that it increases house worth. An additional living unit is part of the house you own. Hence, the resale value of your home increases significantly. One thing you must consider before building a granny flat is to check with city zoning regulations to go through the conditions and rules for building a separate living unit. Building a granny flat from scratch has more restrictions, rules, and regulations. Therefore, most people prefer converting their garages into granny flats to avoid the barriers of zoning laws and building restrictions. Read Also: What To Look For When Renting A Property In St Albans: Checklist & Advice Property Investment Success Stories Real Estate 101 – 3 Simple Tips to Boost the Value of Your Property

Sunshine Coast

Smart Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Estate from Home Builders in Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is geographically located in South-East Queensland, with an urban area that spans about 60 kilometers from Tewantin to Pelican Waters. It is an upcoming spot for both commercial and residential real estate. Buying real estate, whether for commercial or residential purposes, is one of the most sophisticated financial decisions you can ever make. A real estate investment has several benefits, such as huge upside potential, amazing returns, and even tax advantages. If you are probing for your next real estate investment but don’t know where to look, you have come to the right place. This article will give you smart reasons to buy real estate from home builders, Sunshine Coast. Massive Potential Despite being considered the third most populated area in Queensland and the ninth most populated area in the country, Sunshine Coast has not yet reached its full potential. This should be good news for real estate investors because there is a huge upside potential, which means massive investment returns. Investing in an area that has massive potential but is still underdeveloped is a huge advantage. This is because the value of real estate appreciates over time, according to experts. The earlier you buy, the larger your possible returns will be, when your real estate investment materializes. Accessible and Awesome Geographical Location Sunshine Coast is less than 100 kilometers away from the city of Brisbane, making it quite accessible. It only takes less than an hour to drive from Brisbane to the wonderful beaches of the Sunshine Coast. The 65-kilometer stretch of the Sunshine Coast is home to unbroken beaches, which include Noosa Main Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Beach, and Shelly Beach, to name a few. These beaches are arguably considered as the world’s most mesmerising beaches. Buying real estate from home builders in the Sunshine Coast is truly a wonderful investment because of its strategic location that offers accessibility and beauty. Also, the neighborhood and community are great and will surely make you feel like home. Less Hassle One of the biggest disadvantages of buying raw land is that after doing transactions with real estate developers, you still need to talk to a construction firm for your plans on building your home. This process is simply taxing and causes a lot of hassle. Fortunately, buying house and land packages offers a solution to this predicament. You can never go wrong with investing in house and land packages from home builders in the Sunshine Coast because of the ease of transaction. You no longer have to do transactions with multiple companies because home builders will be responsible for both land and house construction. You may go through Sustainable Home Builders In Australia Turn Your Investment into a Rental Asset Sunshine Coast is poised to become a promising tourist destination because of its amazing coastline home to Australia’s best beaches. This means more and more tourists will be visiting Sunshine Coast during family vacations and summer trips. You can benefit from this future demand by owning a piece of residential real estate in Sunshine Coast and renting it out to families that need a place to stay during their vacation. You can also register your home to websites and rent it out as accommodations for tourists that visit Sunshine Coast. This is certainly advantageous because you are earning money passively, through rental income. By doing this, you get good cash flow from your real estate investment that can increase your monthly income by upwards of 10%. From the reasons mentioned above, investing in Sunshine Coast real estate is, without a doubt, a sound financial decision. Owning a piece of real estate in this wonderful area is something that you won’t regret because of the potential it offers in the coming years. Read Also: How Do Law Firms Help Companies with Their Real Estate Issues? 5 Easy Estate Planning Tips to Help You Plan for the Future Real Estate Syracuse NY Investment: Flipping Houses You Need to Know the Pros and Cons of a New Career in Real Estate