Martin Zialcita

Martin Zialcita is a real estate broker with Prestige Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been in the real estate business for nearly 20 years. Martin focuses on Honolulu, but has a team of agents specializing throughout Hawaii and has completed countless transactions there.HomeLight ranks Martin as one of the top 10% of agents who sell homes fast and as one of the top agents who are able to successfully complete transactions.

Email Marketing Mistakes

The 7 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is crucial in driving brand awareness and bringing quality leads to your website. Your email list is the most valuable asset you can own in your business, serving as your virtual distribution channel. However, it's essential to recognize that not all customers will immediately purchase. In fact, on average, you will get less than a 5% conversion rate on purchases, which means you need to follow up with the other 95%. This highlights the importance of understanding the differences between direct mail vs digital marketing and how each strategy can complement your overall marketing efforts. In short, email marketing provides a powerful tool for encouraging interactions with your brand. When a customer subscribes to your periodic newsletter, it is an indication that they have a desire to engage with your brand. According to marketing tests and studies, email marketing affects consumer behavior and can convince consumers to visit websites for more information or make a purchase. Unfortunately, email marketing can be quite complex due to the sheer number of variables affecting email marketing campaigns. Therefore, consultants and marketing managers fail to achieve the desired email opening rates and click-through rates. Ultimately, marketing managers tend to ask a question like: Why did they receive it but never opened it? Did they open it but never took the desired action? Why are they unsubscribing? 7 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes In this post, we uncover the most prominent email marketing mistakes consultants can make. Therefore, if you have been struggling to increase the CTR through email campaigns, you have reached the right page. Let us jump in straight away. 1. Not Personalizing The Email Campaigns Personalized email campaigns can be a powerful tool. However, recent research revealed that 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messages. You are missing out if you are not taking the time to customize your email! Personalizing email campaigns involves collecting data related to your target audience and crafting custom content. Remember that the success of your email campaigns depends on how well you utilize the available data to come up with relevant content that target consumers will be willing to consume. Here are essential arguments to help convince you of the benefits of personalization in marketing. Email personalization gives you the ability to reach specific audiences Personalized emails stand out from the crowd by ensuring better and unique content that leaves special memories for your customers. Personalizing your email campaigns helps to build stronger and personal relationships with your customers. Therefore, start researching about your customers and ensure you personalize every email that you send to target customers. Ultimately, you will start enjoying higher email open rates and increased CTR to your money website. 2. Penning Poor Subject Lines No matter what your goal is, your audience will judge emails by the subject lines. According to Hubspot, 47% of email marketers test different email subject lines to optimize their email performance.  Thus, it is essential to create catchy email subject lines to get people to open the email and convert them into customers. So, what makes a great subject line? Here are essential tips to guide you when creating an email subject line. Communicate urgency and scarcity in your email subject lines to compel readers to act. Maintain some sense of curiosity to pique the reader’s natural interest. People love new things and experiences. Thus, do not forget to mention what is on offer. Incorporate trending topics to feel relevant and compel readers to click to read. Mention your audience to show you truly recognize them, and you are not merely after marketing. As you write personalized email campaigns, do not leave the subject line to chance. A catchy email subject line attracts the audience's attention and leads them into taking action. But, on the other hand, if your subject line lacks the above qualities, you start on the wrong foot! 3. Not Including ONE, Clear Call To Action As you already know, your content needs a call to action. Whether you are writing a blog post, a landing page, or an email, ensure your readers know what action they need to take. Without a clear call to action, you leave them to figure out what you want them to do. In that regard, before you compose an email, define a clear vision of its purpose. What outcome do you expect? Do you want them to subscribe, share or buy? Make sure your intention is clear to the audience. So, here are a few suggestions we think will help you come up with a great call to action: Use bright colors, bold text, or large buttons so that the CTA is easy to find Use words that foster curiosity and avoid bland or vague wording Do not end up including multiple CTAs When appropriate, repeat the same CTA more than once Remember, the CTA is the magic button that leads the readers into taking the desired action. 4. Not Looking Professional The fourth and worse mistake that consultants do is sending emails that appear sketchy or amateurish. Most readers will not be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Thus, so long as you are not sending professional emails, you can forget about conversions. To maintain a high level of professionalism with every marketing campaign, follow these tips: Proofread every email and correct spelling or grammar mistakes Avoid attachments Use respectful and easy to understand language Professional emails attract higher conversion rates and encourage readers to share your message. 5. Sending Emails from A Emails from no-reply are uninviting and often end up marked as spammy emails. Thus, if you send marketing emails from a no-reply email address, do not be surprised if your open rate is still low. Always allow your recipients to get back to you, and include a phone number to reach you or the relevant persons quickly. Include your name and designation and links to social media to help the customers contact you. Sending an email from a person within your company could be a competitive advantage. 6. Ignoring Mobile According to statistics, 85% of users use Smartphones to access email. Thus, it is imperative to make marketing efforts seamless on mobile. Unfortunately, mobile email marketing is a calling that most consultants tend to resist for far too long because they do not understand what it means to go mobile. The reality is that emails that do not display correctly on mobile end up in the trash folder within seconds. To optimize your email marketing for mobile, follow these essential tips: Use a responsive or scalable mobile template Utilize a pre-header that includes a summary of the purpose and call of your email to action Keep the email short, sweet, and to the point Ensure finger-friendly and easy to find CTAs Leverage images to enhance your emails Ignoring mobile when designing an email marketing strategy is the worst of the mistakes you could be making. Instead, talk to an Email service provider to find out the various enhancements you can include in your email campaigns to ensure mobile-friendliness. 7. Wrong Links, Broken Links, Or No Links At All Sending out emails with the wrong link is as good as not sending the email in the first place. For example, you could create a beautiful and professional email, but you will not measure the CTR if no links direct the visitors to a landing page. Therefore, make sure you include relevant links. Then, test the links to make sure they direct the reader to the right page, and the page loads fast. Otherwise, your email campaign will not be fruitful. Conclusion We have looked at the top mistakes coaches and consultants make when it comes to email marketing. While email marketing offers a huge potential to your business, making these mistakes repeatedly will hurt your campaigns. Talk to email marketing professionals for assistance when it comes to email marketing campaigns, creating automation, and developing a solid follow-up system. Read Also:  How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts? 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