Why Should You Hire a B2B Digital Marketing Consultant?


18 February 2020


digital marketing consultant

With the growing trend in the domain of digital marketing, if you want to stay ahead in the competition, it is suggested to hire a b2b digital marketing consultant. Hiring a consultant is often the best thing for the business if you are looking to have the best outcomes.

With the growth of digital marketing, it has become important to not miss out on the train and catch the growing market. It has become a necessity since your competitors are already utilizing the best features of digital marketing to win the market share.

As we have known how important digital marketing is to your firm, it is important to know the added benefits of having a consultant. Knowing what they bring to the table is very important for heading in the right direction.

Perks of having a B2B digital marketing consultant on-board

Every B2B business needs to understand that there is immense scope for growing online. A good and credible b2b marketing agency can make a world of difference when it comes to reaching new customers and increasing sales figures. They can help you optimize your verticals and plan campaigns in a manner that delivers the best results.

The value that a consultant adds to the firm is unmatchable. Often regarded as the jack of all the trades, the consultants from the best universities bring forward huge experience. The added network effect along with the rich know-how about the latest technologies is why you must hire them.

Instead of focussing only on immediate growth, the consultant’s primary focus is to create a niche and a brand image for your firm. More than just providing the solution, they provide a long-lasting result to your firm, that enhances the image of your firm.

To explore more into the benefits of a digital marketing consultant, let us understand them in detail.

Growth Hacking:

If you are looking forward to having a growth hacker in your team, there is no better alternative than a consultant. With the rich experience across all the domains, it is very necessary to have them on your team. They also bring into the varied culture and the unique factor of learnings from across the globe that enhances your team’s outlook.

Short term goal achievement:

Short term goal achievement

You can easily achieve the short-term goals if you are well equipped with the best consultant. If you are not having the best consultant; you might miss out on the short-term vision and fail to capture a larger market share.

Staying with the trend:

Having a consultant is often the best way to implement the latest trends in the domain of digital marketing. If you are looking forward to capturing the market share, it is often recommended to be the first mover. Having the first-mover advantage will let you attract more consumers. It shall reduce the monopoly of your competitor thus keeping you ahead in the curve.

Knowledge of every market:

Do you know why consultants are one of the highest-paid professionals? It is because of their extensive knowledge about the outside world. Having outside knowledge about real-world happenings makes them unique in a lot of ways. They have been employed in different companies which have a wide range of cultural variation. It gives them the eye for scrutiny and a critical view of the organization.

Having a consultant in your team can lead to hijacking the market and eventually increasing the customer share. If you are looking to improve your firm’s standing, you must not hesitate to hire a digital marketing consultant.

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Introduction Do you know if done in the right fashion, Digital PR can help a brand in several different ways from sales to branding? Are you looking to pursue a Digital PR strategy but do not want to make some of the most common mistakes? Have you tried listening to the advice of some of the leading firms and thought leaders in the field of Digital PR? In the last few years, more and more brands want to pursue a Digital PR strategy in an aggressive manner. It needs to be pointed out that the needs and requirements of every business are not the same as Digital PR. This means that a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work when it comes to Digital PR. In this article, we speak to some of the leading names in the PR world and ask them about five common mistakes, which brands should always look to avoid. Digital PR: What is it? Digital PR refers to a set of online marketing activities and strategies pursued by an individual or a brand with the following expectations- Increasing the sales, revenues, and profits of a brand Establishing and building relationships with existing and prospective target audiences Creating collaborations and partnerships with journalists Building brand exposure and visibility in its relevant niche Attempting to become a thought leader in the industry Whether it is search engines or social media, or press releases, digital PR covers almost all platforms. With the rise in the number of consumers searching for brands online, digital PR is also strongly linked to a brand’s reputation management. List of 5 Most Common Digital PR Mistakes 1. Not establishing relationships with Smaller Publishers- Many brands make the mistake of trying to establish and build relationships with only the big publishers. They do this because of the increased traffic on big platforms helps brands. However, if you start building relationships with smaller publishers, when they become bigger, they will not forget your favor. Brands should look to strike a balance. 2. Not paying attention to the quality of the Content- Sometimes, brands end up spending so much time, energy, and money in making contact, negotiations, and getting the deal done that they fail to focus on the content. This is one mistake, which should be avoided under all circumstances. You should always ensure that content takes priority over everything else in your digital PR efforts. 3. Not fixing Objectives or KPIs? Doing Digital PR just for the sake of it is not going to help you in any way. There should always be a strategy and a campaign, to help achieve some objectives. This means that brands should fix what they are trying to achieve from the digital PR efforts. This will help give the campaign a direction and make everyone understand what they are after. 4. Blindly believing in the Publisher- Remember how the Influencer Marketing scam rocked the industry in early 2019? It was found that nearly all major influencers were paying for their followers and engagement. Brands have lost billions of dollars believing in the profile of influencers blindly. Make sure to verify and research everything before you proceed with the publisher. This will protect your investments. 5. Not taking help from Innovative Strategies and Technologies- It is important to innovate and think-out-of-the-box at times. If you are not doing the same, you stand the risk of becoming obsolete because of following all the old strategies. Run something new and use CRM tools and data to inform your decision-making process. Without using the latest technologies or strategies you cannot expect your digital PR to perform in a certain way. The Final Word Making experts state that being successful at Digital PR is an art. This is the reason why some brands are tearaway success when it comes to this, while others are not. If you follow the article, you will be able to save yourself from committing five mistakes that will ultimately contribute to making your digital PR successful. Read Also: How Digital Advisors have Transformed the Investment Sector Essentials For Digital Marketing Effective Ways to Utilize Digital Marketing

Media Buying

Media Buying Solutions Help You Generate Organic Traffic

In terms of marketing, all the industries see traffic generation as a direct measure of progress. Putting it simply, the number of people visiting your website daily decides the total turnout and progress of your establishment. It is an important measure because it aids in estimating the conversion rates for any organization or business. Many people tend to illegal ways or con acts to improve their ranking in the search engines. They generate fake traffic to their websites and are ranked better. However, with advancements and accurate methods, this deception is recognized. Therefore, to generate organic traffic to websites and online platforms Eventige media buying solutions offer different strategies. Media Buying Solutions: Content marketing The most common and crucial requirement of marketing these days is unique content. Content is everything for a brand. It gives direction to your product. It determines your target market. And it helps attract the public to the brand. You may have found yourself visiting the brands that have a catchy name or phrase associated with the brand. This is in our instincts. Our basic emotions are manipulated by words. And the first of media buying solutions are optimizing these words to get the best in our interest. Unparalleled advertisements Apart from content, your promotion ad needs to be impeccable. Whether it's the visual content or the color scheme, it has to be so good that people get attracted to it. One thing that sets the market square is a brilliant advertisement. If your ad sends off a great message and is meaningful, it won't fail. But that is not the only ingredient it needs. It also needs to be in a certain tone and that tone must not be violent. For an online advertisement, you need to keep in mind that it spreads peace and optimism. People like to see and enjoy bright-sided things online. Idiosyncratic numbers For media buying, the numbers game is very important. An accurately estimated investment must be decided to buy a certain platform. One crucial factor in this regard is competitive analysis. You need to know what and how much your counter-part is willing to pay. Also, you must calculate is this is the right platform for you? And if you invest more than your adversary, will it be fruitful enough? In simpler terms, as a businessman, you need to know how desperate you and your competitors are plus how it will turn out. Then you can certainly make a decision. The ideal solution Conclusively, to get to a determined point, Eventide offers optimization in ideation, development, content, and visuals of an advertisement. Plus the professionals help you analyze which platform will be the most useful for you. Apart from all this, SEO optimization and email marketing are the accessory factors that help you ace it. Optimizing your website by inoculating different portals like online chat and easier interfaces play a great role in media transformations. Buying an ad on a media platform becomes a whole lot easier if you step in the field fully prepared. Read Also: How To SEO Optimize Wordpress Category And Tag Pages 8 Reasons Your SEO Campaigns Aren't Showing the Desired Results

Marketing Strategies

5 Ways Marketing Strategies Will Change Post COVID-19

To think life will go back to normal post-Pandemic is a pipe dream. The world underwent a paradigm shift to the new normal, and there is no returning now. The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought many changes we couldn’t have ever predicted. The unheralded health crises impacted nearly everything, from personal affairs to governmental decisions and even corporate matters. Business operations, in particular, faced quite a few alterations. Digital mediums took over the world by storm, and e-commerce businesses experienced a significant rise in demand. These reshaped business activities welcomed a considerable restructuring of marketing strategies. Marketers primarily shifted their focus to online tools, giving digital marketing an unanticipated hype. Given the technological innovations rate, marketers expect to see many more advancements in the marketing department post-COVID-19. Read below to find out how marketing strategies will change after the Pandemic. 1. The Importance of Online Presence:  If businesses have to choose one takeaway from the crisis, it would be essential to have an online presence. With strict lockdowns and restrictions on going out, the entire world switched to conducting and participating in businesses online. Many also realized the convenience such platforms bring. Hence, owning a website has now become an essential business marketing strategy. Almost 56% of businesses with a website perform better as compared to the ones without a website. Besides, a website is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. It marks your presence on the internet and helps you get more reach. A website also lets you upload a customizable flip book or eBook where you can share all necessary details about your products and services. It is an exceptional technique to spread awareness about your brand, attract traffic, and eventually boost sales. A website gives your customers ease of access and costs much less than traditional marketing, and dramatically impacts investment return. It is a proven worthwhile investment. An authentic-looking website enhances your business’s professionalism and adds value to it. Hence, having a website is vital for a business’s success. So, it is safe to say that website marketing will be a critical element post-COVID-19. 2. The Emergence of Social Media: Social media is undisputedly the king of marketing. The world is quickly becoming digitally advanced, with social media users increasing rapidly. Nearly 83.3% of people use social media worldwide, and the figure is likely to grow by 10% each year. Not only that, 71% of businesses have a social media account, out of which 90% experience improvements in sales and growth. 90% of users connect with brands through social media, and 54% of consumers make purchases from brands after scrolling through the brand’s social media account. The statistics above prove the criticality of a social media presence for businesses. The future is uncalled for, but one thing is for sure; social media’s regime will only grow. Social media helps connect brands with potential customers and allows marketers to make informed decisions based on the target audience. It also gives businesses an incredible opportunity to grow. The paid advertising options on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the easiest, quickest, and most affordable promotion plans for your business. So, you can popularize, promote, and increase your brand’s overall ROI without breaking the bank. Social media is here to stay and quite possibly grow into a platform unimaginable. Hence, social media was, is, and will remain, marketers, fundamental focus. 3. Video Marketing: Video marketing was every marketer’s favorite even before COVID-19 and is still growing phenomenally. Studies confirm that videos interest more users than any other graphics form and carry great potential for attracting customers. YouTube and other video streaming sites are experiencing an incredible increase in usage. These sites allow businesses to market their products and services or raise brand awareness in the form of high-quality videos. Video content also plays an essential role in emails. It exceptionally increases your email’s click-through rates and decreases the unsubscribe rates. Additionally, it boosts your SEO by attracting traffic and increasing your site’s searchability and visibility on different search engines. After seeing how effective video marketing leaves on the brand and consumers, it is likely to grow and remain a powerful marketing strategy in the future. 4. Customer Retention and Loyalty: One major disadvantage many businesses had to face due to the Pandemic was to cut down costs in essential areas like marketing. As a result, markets had to shift their focus to different, long-run marketing tactics like building customer loyalty. Customer loyalty helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Loyal customers give you valuable feedback, increasing your business’s rating and eventually attracting new customers. Building customer loyalty considerably reduces your marketing spending, but retaining a customer also leads to a more profitable outcome. Remember, customer retention is what powers customer acquisition. The free word-of-mouth promotion your business gets from loyal customers is one of the most significant benefits of building customer loyalty. Loyal customers are also likely to make purchases repeatedly and trust your business enough to pay premium prices. 5. Less Is More: The Pandemic has stipulated marketers think about innovative marketing strategies without having to go all out. They have to find ways to develop creative marketing campaigns, which are both practical and inexpensive. Moreover, with a limited budget, marketers have restricted resources which they have to ensure to save for more than one campaign. In short, the coronavirus has compelled marketers to do more with less. Marketers need to make efficient use of technology to find solutions and make decisions quicker. The “less is more” trend will continue long after the Pandemic is over as marketers turn their attention to enhancing innovation and improving skills. Conclusion: Businesses will undoubtedly have to deal with the pandemic effects for a long time to come. However, organizations have to push ahead. The Pandemic led to several changes in consumer buying patterns which marketers cannot ignore at any cost. The changes in consumption techniques encouraged marketers to think ahead and think creatively. Even though companies cut down the cost of marketing immensely due to COVID-19, the role of marketing has thoroughly increased during the Pandemic. However, there is still quite a lot of room for growth and innovation. These alterations in marketing strategies are likely to continue and grow post-COVID. Read Also: Key Components for Your Marketing Stack How To Foolproof Your Digital Marketing Strategy? Why Email Marketing is the BEST Digital Marketing Outreach in Singapore