Benefits of E-Cigarettes over Traditional Smoking


The American Cancer Society insists that traditional smoking enhances the risks to most cancers by 30%. Smoking thus remains the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Actually, 7 million lives are lost yearly due to tobacco exposure. Alarmingly, 90% of this population is direct users.

Judging by the statistics, you can argue that tobacco is the real issue. On the flip side, if you remove tobacco from the equation, there won’t be combustion and thus no smoke or carbon deposits. Ultimately, this translates to less harm.

Well, this is where e-cigarette comes in. With the devices, there is no combustion, hence there is no smoke. Instead of tobacco, you use a special juice called e-liquid. The liquid is heated to produce vapor clouds that give you pleasure.

Unlike traditional smoking, you can control how much nicotine you are taking using e-cigarettes. Other than this reason, there are other benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional smoking. Here are the obvious ones:

1. Help you Quit Smoking :

When most people try to quit traditional smoking using conventional ways, they suffer from what we call nicotine withdrawal. The condition is so serious that a bigger fraction of them go back to smoking. E-cigarettes are designed to help you counter the effects of nicotine withdrawal. You can reduce the levels until you are comfortable with 0% nicotine.

2. Eco-friendly :

You’ve heard of fire outbreaks that have been initiated by the regular cigarettes. In most cases, when a burning cigarette gets into contact with inflammable substances or cloth materials, they lead to a wide range of emergencies and can claim lives and property, especially when immediate action is not taken. Furthermore, the cigarettes release harmful smoke and cancerous deposits to the environment. This is not the case with e-cigarettes. They are clean, thus eco-friendly.

3. Saving :

You spend roughly $7 on a pack of cigarette. A majority of e-cigarettes are reusable. So, you just need to replace the cartridge after buying the device. One cartridge costs $20 on average and is equivalent to 10 packs of the regular cigarette (which cost $70). So, you save more than three times when using e-cigarettes. Moreover, you can take advantage of discount codes such as the Misthub coupons on This way you will be healthy and save some extra money.

4. Discreetness :

For certain reasons, not all smokers are comfortable with smoking in public as some of them don’t want close friends and relatives to know that they actually smoke. However, you cannot smoke traditional cigarettes without people noticing or feeling irritated. Yes, traditional smoking normally leaves on your clothes (and in the air) an offensive smell. As for vaping, unless someone is familiar with the device, they can’t tell what you are doing, more so if you are using the vape pen.

In a nutshell, e-cigs are a healthier and more desirable alternative to traditional cigars, not only for you but the society at large. And the above benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional smoking are a further confirmation of how the devices are convenient and flexible for you. You can use them to control the amount of nicotine you take and reduce the risks that are associated with tobacco.

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Suitable Compensation

Staking Claim To Receive Suitable Compensation

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A Loved One Addicted to Opiates? Here Are Common Signs

If you've been paying attention to the news, you already know that the opioid crisis in the United States has reached critical mass. In some areas, opioid overdoses increased by 70 percent in just over a year's time.The opioid epidemic now touches the lives of millions of everyday Americans. As a result, the chances that you know someone with opioid addiction have increased astronomically.For anyone concerned that their loved one might have a problem, it's important to recognize the early warning signs of opiate use. That's what this article is for.Below, you'll learn a few basic things to look for when trying to determine if a loved one has an opiate problem. With any luck, you won't need this information, but preparedness and awareness are always important. Physical Signs of Opiate Use : When dealing with opioid abuse, there are two major categories symptoms can fall into: physical and behavioral. Let's tackle the former first.One major and obvious physical warning sign to look for is needle marks. Often, an addict will start to use drugs intravenously, which means they're injecting it. This will usually leave clear signs of use at the injection point, which is very often the major artery in the arm.Beyond the clear physical appearance of abuse, addicts will often suffer from other physical ailments. One prominent side effect is "nodding," which means that the user falls asleep suddenly and at inappropriate times. If your loved one frequently drifts off mid-conversation, this can be a sign there is a more serious problem under the surface.Other than the two unmistakable signs above, physical signs of opioid use are hard to spot. Other symptoms like constricted pupils and flushed skin can be attributed to many other things, so it's best not to worry about them alone. However, if they're paired with needle marks and nodding, there is cause for concern. Behavioral Signs of Opiate Use : The behavioral side effects of opioid abuse can be tough to spot because they closely resemble side effects caused by other common ailments like depression, stress, and anxiety. But since they're so often paired with physical signs, you'll most likely be able to tell the difference.Withdrawing from social activities is a big early warning sign. If your loved one suddenly retreats from social groups or things they once enjoyed doing, it can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Isolation is one of the earliest and most clear indicators that something is up.Mood swings and drastic behavior are also something to look for. If someone is acting highly out of character, breaking the law, and engaging in unusually high-risk behavior, something is probably wrong.All in all, behavioral shifts can be hard to hone in on, but drastic changes are almost certainly a sign of something worse. Even if it isn't an opioid addiction, it's always worth checking in with a loved one if their behavior changes unexpectedly.There are treatment centers like SMC Recovery that specialize in opiate addiction rehabilitation. Reaching out to a facility such as this can provide you with the resources and expertise you need to determine if your loved one requires medical follow-up. What's Next? Now that you're familiar with some basic signs of opiate use, you can stay vigilant when it comes to keeping loved ones safe.Addiction is a notoriously difficult problem, but there's always hope. People recover every day. If you or a loved one has an opiate problem, don't give up.With the help of professionals, friends, and family, no obstacle is too tall to scale. Stay strong, and with a little help, recovery is well within reach. Follow our blog for more health-related news and updates.Read Also :5 Reasons Why It’s Not Too Late To Get Help Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Your Skin & Good Sleeping Habits

Are You Sick and Tired of Drugs

Are You Sick and Tired of Drugs?

The media has created a lot of awareness regarding addiction treatment. People who engage in such activities can find a way out from addictions. Every country has a lot of recovery centers that offer proper treatment. The experiences of individuals vary but mainly people go through four phases in every treatment center. The phases are:Admission with a complete care plan Detoxification Rehab Center Aftercare planEvery individual who gets admitted to the center goes through these four phases. These phases have many activities and treatments designed for addicts. Every phase is like a domain that covers series of activities and plans within it. The treatment journey aims to bring a clear-headed life. It takes time and is not a one-day process. It demands devotion, motivation, and assurance. Nothing can be achieved without hard work.  The journey of sobriety is tough to some extent but the professional assistance has helped a lot of people to work on their goals. A comprehensive evaluation takes place which is used for designing a customized plan. The decision of choosing and deciding on a rehab often causes stress. If you need some understanding about what is involved in the treatment of rehab then you’re in right place. Here we have a brief guide for you. Understanding of Phases:Let’s start with the first phase which involves the creation of an individually customized plan for treatment. When the intake process takes place, the person goes through series of assessments which help in making a tailor-made plan for the addict. In this phase, the addict and his family meet the team and discuss all the options for the treatment. The objective of this segment is to advance a plan which caters to social, physical, and emotional functioning. The medical team assesses the condition from a mental and physical aspect. This step decides the functioning of treatment, finance, and all the facilities decided for the entire cure journey. In the second phase, the team seeks to remove the effects of addictive substances from the body of an addict. The removal of the substance is carried out through the detox program. It has some dangerous and uncomfortable symptoms but the assistance of professionals ensures that the patient will remain safe and comfortable throughout the detox period. They know how to take care of unpleasant symptoms. In some cases, medication is added to the detox process to bring ease to the withdrawal symptoms. Medication depends on the type of drug used. Some people fear detox but without it, it is impossible to get rid of drug use. In the third phase, comes admission to a rehab center. At this point, the addiction of a person is over and he just needs counseling to stay stable in his upcoming life. After a successful detox, the patient is moved to rehab. This phase includes intensive sessions and therapies where one understands the underlying problems that lead him to the drug journey. For rehab, we have inpatient and outpatient or partial hospitalized treatment. This phase includes various therapies like behavioral, individual, group, and family therapy. Patients are given a lot of amenities like a private room, a comfortable place to live, a personalized chef, delicious meals, etc. For more info, visit Recovery Corps Los Angeles. The last and final phase is the aftercare plan which allows the person to continue the healing journey so he stays sober for a longer time. Aftercare is very important because it is a solid plan which guides the person his entire life. Off and on sessions and discussion with the team keeps the individual on the path of sobriety.Read Also:Cannabis can Help in the Fight Against Drug Addiction Marijuana Addiction Treatment: 5 Steps to Avoid Relapse 6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life Are you aware of Belviq – a Weight-Loss Drug? 4 Tips to Find an Effective Drug Therapy