The Profit Revolution: The Best Bitcoin Trading And Investing Platform


05 November 2019


Bitcoin Trading

Ever since Bitcoin first emerged on the scene, it has been able to polarize opinions, make millionaires overnight, and create secure Blockchain technology. It has also managed to make the world leaders stand up and take notice, obstruct and demonize a democratic and open call for mass equality.

The earliest investors in Bitcoin became billionaires in no time. They went from being your average kids to billionaires and millionaires driving supercars and buying villas in downtown LA. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies came under severe criticisms. From funding terrorists and notorious arms deals to sex trafficking and other evils, world leaders left no stone unturned in opposing the biggest challenge to the global economic and financial order ever.

In this article, we will not be looking at the philosophical aspects of Bitcoin or its impacts. We will be looking at how investing in Bitcoins can help you earn handsomely and make the practice a sustainable professional practice.

Bitcoin Trading and Investing: Which Platforms to work on?

Bitcoin Trading and Investing

If you are confused about why you will need a Bitcoin Trading Platform, let me clear the air on that one. A bitcoin trading and investing platform work in exactly the same fashion as a share or stock platform. The platform helps you with real-time calculations, suggestions, data and financial expert services at all times.

All of the above factors help you make the right informed decision at all times. This minimizes the risk of losses that are the frequent complaints of many a Bitcoin investor. We need to acknowledge the fact that Bitcoin trading has seen its fair share of difficulties. To help you tide over such uncertainties, you need a financial expert that can guide you with the right kind of information.

Imagine a situation where you had bought some Bitcoins in early 2018. I am sure all of you remember the depths to which the valuation fell in late 2018. 90% of people who owned Bitcoins sold them and exited their investments. However, the people who bought them at those crashed prices held on to them and saw their value increase to nearly $10000 USD in October 2019.

Why should I use the Profit Revolution?

There is no doubt that the Profit Revolution is one of the most attractive trading platforms in the digital currency world today. Let us look at some of the factors that make them an immediate choice-

1. The Human Factor (24×7 Financial Expert Consultation):

One of the best features of the Profit Revolution platform is the Expert Financial Help on offer 24×7. You can talk to an expert at a time of your convenience from anywhere in the world. Automation is good, but if you have a human element guiding you at all steps of your journey, you definitely feel more reassured.

2. Data and Automation to drive Decision Making:

The biggest financial institutions and stockbroking firms use sophisticated AI and Machine Learning to compute data and inform decision-making. Profit Revolution uses the same tech and helps you see how the markets at behaving at all times. They also show projections, trends and offer suggestions on which stocks you should be moving on.

3. Instant Monetization Benefits:

Yes, there are other platforms as well. However, the worst criticism of them is that they have several hindrances when it comes to withdrawing funds. On Profit Revolution, you can withdraw the funds instantly from your linked Bank Account. It is as simple as that. No time stipulations, no minimum balance maintenance, and no extra paperwork.


If you are looking to invest in Bitcoins, you should check out the Profit Revolution platform. It is easy, convenient and offers complete security at all times. 2019 is perhaps the right time to invest in Bitcoins. Several experts are of the view that the valuation is likely to hit $15000 in early 2020. What are you waiting for?

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When building an investment strategy, a primary method for establishing a secure portfolio is through diversity. Many investors accomplish this by adding a physical commodity like precious metals or gold, boasting as an excellent long-term investment. That would make it ideal for a retiree. Adequate planning for an investment portfolio would include reassessing each year until reaching retirement and after since goals and circumstances change. One consideration is determining an appropriate age to retire. A problem for some is becoming harried about retiring, tending to jump ship a little too soon without considering the consequences. These retirees are often unprepared, with a few finding themselves heading back to work. The priority after the fact is following the guidance of a professional financial counselor for the best way out of the pitfall they find themself in. Other investors are relatively on the mark, with planning working in their favor thus far. Still, striving for security means reassessing the strategy and looking further into the future to discern how the goals will need to change as their lifestyle does. What steps should you follow to ensure optimum security as you head into retirement? Let’s learn. Reassess your needs and what you hope to achieve Each year before retiring and continuing after retirement is reached, it’s wise to consult with a financial counselor to look over your finances, see where you currently stand, and what you see as goals moving forward. A counselor is in a position to offer advice on where to make adjustments to align your strategy with new objectives. As a retired investor, you’ll be less risk tolerant with your investment choices. The idea at this stage is to keep a steady flow to withdraw from instead of being intent on amassing a fortune in wealth. You will still want to protect your wealth, making a case for keeping that little bit of gold in your holdings. 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No risk isn’t reasonable either You’ll be less tolerant of risk when you retire, perhaps a bit more conservative with your investment choices since recovery takes time when the market spirals. Still, you don’t want such a “safe” portfolio that inflation nibbles it away. For some, retirement can go on for a couple of decades, perhaps more, depending on when you stop working. These savings need to carry you through that timeframe. The idea is to have a healthy blend of investments that will continue to grow throughout the years. Plus, if you have that sparkle of gold diversifying your assets, the precious metals will help to reduce your risks, protect your wealth, and stabilize your holdings. It will take careful planning and adequate guidance to discern investments that are neither too great of a risk nor too minimal but instead offer excellent growth potential. Some ways to improve funds coming into the household include stocks that pay dividends and setting up annuities. These will be the closest thing to a steady, secure flow of income after leaving the workforce. Open for details on how to retire with “millions.” Final Thought Securing retirement, determining when to retire, and planning looks different to everyone. A common denominator is protecting the wealth that you do accumulate. That usually means reducing the risk of loss. Investing in a precious metal like gold can do both these things and more. It’s also a consistent investment, steady and long-term. When reassessing your plan and goals plus your lifestyle changes each year, the only constant that could remain true at any age is possibly your gold asset. Read Also: Smart Ways to Invest in Gold How To Start Your Investor Journey: 5 Credible Options To Explore What Investors Should Know about Investment in Gold and Silver Assets

Startup Funding

7 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Startup Funding

Are you an entrepreneur hoping to build a thriving business backed by investor funding? Do you have an awesome business idea with product/market fit, but need angel investor funding to help your business scale? If so, you've come to the right place. There are a number of ways you can increase your chances of finding startup funding if you are strategic in your approach to making valuable connections. Gabriel Patterson, a Toronto based chairman at Bethmann Lombard Bancorp, is a dynamic businessman and certified Islamic finance specialist who has over 26 years of investment banking experience. 7 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Startup Funding Below, he shares and encourages you to incorporate the following seven tips into your fundraising efforts to improve your chances of scaling your company. Confidence is Essential: Be confident when attempting to raise funds for your startup. Investors will often back an entrepreneur they believe in even if the entrepreneur's startup idea isn't strong. Investors know the entrepreneur can always pivot their startup to a more profitable business idea, but they want to be among the first investors to bet on an entrepreneur who exudes confidence and drive. Always be Networking: Make time for networking with potential investors regardless of how busy you are building your startup. Something as simple as schmoozing with angel investors and VCs (venture capitalists) on Twitter can help get your startup on their radar. Add valuable insights on Twitter conversations, don't overtly promote your startup, and continually tweet helpful content to build the startup ecosystem. Your efforts won't go unnoticed, especially if your business idea is appealing. Know Your Ask: Know what you want when pitching potential angel investors and VCs. An entrepreneur with a lukewarm pitch with no firm ask isn't going to survive long with seasoned investors. Know what you're asking for, be firm in your presentation, and be prepared to negotiate to keep the entrepreneur/investor relationship moving forward. Consider Smaller Rounds: Be prepared to accept a smaller round of funding than what you initially ask for from investors. You may have grandiose plans and think you need a major round of seed funding or Series A funding. This is a common trap many entrepreneurs fall prey to when raising funds for their startup. Even smaller amounts of funding can be quite helpful in moving your company ahead. If you learn to reduce your burn rate and spend your funding wisely, you'll be amazed at how far a smaller amount of funding can take you and your startup. Investigate Investors: Don't assume it's only big-name investors who can help grow your startup. Too many entrepreneurs think they're only successful if they raise funding from famous VCs and investors in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, or New York City. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can raise funds for your startup from investors anywhere, but you need to approach them with respect and understand their investment thesis. The more you investigate potential investors for your startup, the more likely it is you will find reputable financial backers for your business. Ethical Behavior Matters: Be careful how you portray yourself when in public. You never know who you might be chatting with at a networking event or who they might know. One slip-up in behavior or egotistical boasting could potentially cost you the financial funding you so desperately long for. Be an entrepreneur with ethics and a strong moral code and you'll increase your long-term odds of startup success. Appeal to Investor Emotions: Don't forget to appeal to investor emotions when seeking funding for your startup. You must know your numbers and offer a pitch deck that investors can believe in, but it never hurts to appeal to their emotional side too. You don't want to overplay this card, but a touch of emotion in your investor outreach efforts can go a long way. Remember these seven foolproof ways of increasing your chances of finding startup funding and you'll improve your entrepreneurial future. Raising funds for your startup is hard work, but the rewards can definitely be worth all the sacrifice and long hours. Read Also: 5 Steps To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Startup How To Attract The Best Talents For Your Startup 7 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur In The Best Area: IT