01 May 2018


The UAE is comprised of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest city of UAE. Dubai is more popular among tourist as it has great attractions for leisure and hotels to pamper you.  The whole UAE contains desserts which mark the substance of the golf course.  You can have a perfect surface just by adding hybrid grass and a bit of water. Among all the Emirates, the best golf courses are in Dubai and people come from far areas to enjoy the play.

The best golf courses in Dubai are as follow:

Emirates golf club :                                                                 

The Majlis is one of the emirates golf club course located in Emirates Hills, designed by Karl Litten with 18-hole grass and is the first and most prestigious golf course in the Middle East.  The Majlis is comprised of 7,300-yard par course 72 and world best-known golfers have played on it such as Ernie Els, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy during the European annual tour Dubai PGA.

The Majlis is known to be ‘Desert Miracle, one can see a profusion of trees, beautiful landscapes, native plants, natural desert rolling terrain, fast large greens, and vast saltwater fresh lakes.  You can also enjoy the dining and drinks after golf at clubhouse Bedouin tent.

Al Badia Golf Club Dubai Festival City, by intercontinental :

Al Badia which means ‘Land of the Bedouins’ in Arabic, designed by Robert Trent Jones II has 18 hole par 72 courses.  The golf course was designed by keeping in mind an oasis theme.  The golf course is a true test for all levels of golfers with water features all over 12 holes, peaceable waterfalls, large, interconnected and soft flowing lakes and streams.  You can also analyze your golf club fit and swing at performance lab which is Taylor made.

Jumeirah Golf Estates :

Jumeirah golf estates are 25 minutes away from Dubai Marina and are a residential and prestigious golf community.  It is known to be the most iconic golf club in the Middle East and is home to 2 world-class designed golf courses Greg norman- fire and earth.  The earth-course is the tournament course that masses race and world tour DP championship to Dubai.  The course boasts both various tee boxes and wide fairways which are designed for many skill levels. The earth-course is quite distinctive with gradient variations, downhill and uphill shots are a great test for golfer’s aptitude.

The Trump International Golf Club :

The Trump golf course exceeds all the expectations and is world-class among other golf courses.  The golf course is just 10 minutes’ drive from Sheikh Zayed road is comprises of 7,300 par  71 courses. The 18-hole golf course is designed by world-renowned and golf   Olympic 2016 course architect Gil Hanse.

The golf course is comprised of large Dubai clubhouse 30,000 square foot. The great clubhouse offers superior restaurants, luxury swimming pool, and gym with state of the art facilities.  The future development contains the golf pro shop offering the latest apparel and equipment, golf academy, driving double-sided range and chipping facility.

The Els club :

The Els Club is attractive for many players because of its immense variety.  The golf course is 2nd shot for pro players.  If your shot approach is not right, you can face a lot of struggle.  The basins and swales configuration makes chipping many tricks so you have to give good shots on greens especially.

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Golf For Beginners: How To Perfect Your Game In Three Steps!

Let’s accept it; golf is an interesting yet complicated game with so many rules, a different type of clubs, playing etiquettes and of course terms like lingo, birdies, bump-and-runs, bogeys and what’s not!Further, it's calming, rewarding and quite challenging. While for some, it’s an obsession, for others, it's an occasional hobby that they love cherishing.No matter what it is for you if, at any point in life, you want to learn this game, here are a few tips that will help you play like a pro. Step 1: Choosing The Right Club: No matter what game you're playing, the right equipment can break or make the score of your game, and the golf is no exception. So, focus on finding the right club and golf ball for your game and enhance your game. The modern set of golf bag usually consists of three kinds of wood, a putter, at least one hybrids and seven irons, making a total of twelve clubs. However, as per golf club, you can take at least fourteen clubs in your bag.  Different types of golf clubs are:Wood clubs: Wood clubs feature drivers and fairway woods. However, their clubs are not made of wood. Further, the clubs made of woods have large heads, usually hollow and extended in few inches from both sides. They also have long shafts, which help golfers swing with pace. These clubs are often used for long shots, including strokes that are played by teeing the ground. Iron clubs: Iron clubs have solid heads and angled faces with grooves that help grip the golf ball with ease. They are usually used for tee shots or short holes. Hybrids: Hybrids are also called utility clubs or rescue clubs and are numbered like iron clubs. Golfers also use it as a replacement for the long irons. Wedges: While wedges have their own golf clubs, they are also called the sub-set of irons because they have same Clubheads as that of iron clubs. Further, they are the highest lofted clubs but are used for shorter shots.Step 2: Hitting With The Ideal Ball: Look for multi-layer, urethane-covered models to make your golf game a success. You can also look for the best beginner golf balls that are less expensive, spinless and are easy to hit.  You can also pick fit two iron balls, wedges, and putter. Once you have the perfect golf ball that works with your scoring club, you can easily adjust your driver and other clubs. Step 3: Perfecting the Game: Golf can get you to think a lot; however, the obvious thing you can do is to get yourself a nice setup, check the ball and posture, and swing with ease. You can either build an indoor golf facility or get yourself a virtual golf simulator so you can hone your skills while at home. You should know:When To Chip And Pitch: When you are ready to shoot, you will either hit the chip or a patch. While the chip shot will be low and will run along the ground, the pitch shot will fly high and will not roll much. The Bunker Shot: The bunker shot is one shot where you simply swing the clubhead into the sand, which is behind the ball. To hit this shot, you need to hit harder than you usually do. Don’t Forget Your Athleticism: Although golf is a mental sport, you still need dynamic and athletic movement to hit the swing. Golf is more like an endurance sport in which you need to build yourself for playing 18 holes.If you are a novice in the game of golf, the above-mentioned tips are for you. keep them in mind and hit the game!Read Also:8 Golf Accessories That Should Find Their Way Into Every Golfer’s Bag 4 Fundamentals To Better Golf

Tennis Courts

The Ultimate Guide To Tennis Courts Serving Up The Basics

Tennis, a sport that combines elegance and athleticism, has captivated players and fans for generations.At the heart of this beloved game lies the tennis court, a meticulously designed surface that plays a pivotal role in the sport's essence.In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about tennis courts toronto, from their history and types to maintenance and playing techniques. So, grab your racket, and let's dive into the world of tennis courts.Tennis, often referred to as the "sport of kings," is not just about swift movements and powerful strokes; it's also about the stage upon which this elegant battle unfolds – the tennis court. Let's journey through the history, types, dimensions, and everything else that makes a tennis court an integral part of the game.A Brief History of Tennis CourtsTennis courts have a rich history that dates back centuries. Originally played on grass, the sport evolved over time, leading to the development of various court surfaces. It's fascinating to see how these surfaces have influenced the game's dynamics.🎾Types of Tennis CourtsTennis is something players can play on multiple surfaces. All the surfaces have different characteristics and impact the style of play and the natural ability of the players. However, the most common types of tennis courts are as follows: Grass CourtsGrass courts are the most traditional type, known for their lush green appearance and fast play. Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis tournament, is played on grass. On this surface, playing tennis is most pleasurable, and the ball does not bounce too much. A player has to get the ball more quickly on grass courts than others.Clay CourtsClay courts offer a slower pace and are favored for their unique characteristics. The French Open is a prime example of a clay court tournament. Since they are mostly made of brick, stone, or crushed shale, the surface might slow down the movement of balls. Consequently, there is a high and slow bounce. Hard CourtsHard courts provide a consistent and medium-paced playing surface. The US Open utilizes hard courts, showcasing the game’s versatility. As the name implies, a hard court is usually made up of rigid and uninformed materials. This particular surface is quite popular as it provides a good even, and positive playing experience. Artificial Grass CourtsThese synthetic courts mimic the feel of grass while offering durability. They are often chosen for recreational play. The synthetic appearance is not only smooth to see but also to play. The ball moves very quickly and mostly remains low. However, it is also a great surface for all types of players, and they can even learn a lot here. Court Dimensions and Markings: Maintaining Tennis CourtsUnderstanding the dimensions and markings on a tennis court is crucial for both beginners and professionals. Proper court markings ensure fair play and adherence to rules. The choice of equipment in tennis can significantly impact your game.From rackets to tennis balls, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of these tools. Maintaining a tennis court is vital for ensuring its longevity and safety. Regular cleaning, repairs, and resurfacing are part of the court’s upkeep.Related: What Do Ad-in And Ad-out Mean In Tennis?🎾Playing TechniquesAlmost all levels of the tennis game include six basic strokes. Starting from the serve to the forehand and backhand groundstroke, there is so much more to this. Let’s give you a quick look here: The ServeMastering the serve is the gateway to a strong tennis game. It’s the only shot in which you have complete control, making it a powerful weapon. Since it is one of the most complex tennis strokes technically, several players struggle with it. Hence, learn to master it primarily. GroundstrokesGroundstrokes are the bread and butter of tennis. Learn how to hit forehands and backhands with precision and power. To define groundstrokes, these refer to backhand and forehand strokers that hit the ball after it bounces in the court. One can play them from literally anywhere. VolleysNetplay is an art in itself. Basically, volleying refers to an offensive play style where you look to aggressively shorten balls and get quick points. Here, the player mainly reduces the time of their opponents to get a reaction, move, or recover from the previous actions. It is further subdivided into forehand and backhand volleys. The LobThe lob is a tactical shot that can turn the tables on your opponent. Learn when and how to execute it effectively. In tennis, this shot mainly aims to push the ball deep and high into your opponent’s court. It might be referred to as a defensive shot and might have close associations with the offensive shot. The Drop ShotThe drop shot is a finesse shot that can catch your opponent off guard. Add this to your repertoire for a versatile game. This shot is used strategically to bring opponents to the net when they are not too comfortable. It is mostly effective when the opponent is just recovering from the previous smashes. Tennis Court SafetySafety is paramount when enjoying a game of tennis. Understanding how to prevent injuries and stay safe on the court is essential for players of all levels. Consider the following safety tips:Acquire a sports physical right before initiating any training program.Remaining in good shape before opting for the play.Indulge in warming up and stretching before your matches or even practices to prevent unprecedented injuries. Choosing the Right Tennis CourtWhether you're a casual player or a serious competitor, selecting the right tennis court can make all the difference in your game. We'll provide guidance on making the best choice for your needs.In conclusion, tennis courts are the canvas upon which the sport's magic unfolds. Understanding their history, types, dimensions, and maintenance is crucial for players and enthusiasts alike. So, next time you step onto the court, you'll have a deeper appreciation for the ground beneath your feet.Read Also:Football Tricks You Should Know5 Snowboarding Tips For BeginnersPlay the Puck at Home the Way You Do at the Rink


Guide to Over-the-Top Sports Streaming Services

Over-the-top (OTT) media services, to put it simply, are subscription services that are meant to either replace or add on to the traditional TV viewing experience. Unlike TV, they do not require you to subscribe to any cable or satellite bundle, offering you a lot of modularity with which to play around.Consider your average cable or satellite TV subscription, which does not only tend to be pricy but also limited in regards to what it offers. As weird as it might sound, the vast majority of channels that come with a bundle subscription make it worse, not better, as you pay extra for content that you’re not even interested in.What’s the point of paying good money to be able to watch the History Channel when all you’re interested in is CNN Sports? That’s where OTT services come in, allowing you to subscribe to bundles that have been tailored to satisfy the needs of certain people. We’re talking about you, sports fans.There are many advantages to subscribing to an OTT service instead of traditional TV, the first of which is a highly reduced cost. Everything that you can do with cable or satellite you can do through an OTT service, since having the internet is the only requirement to subscribing for one, which opens many windows.There’s a wealth of information out there to be gleaned by the enterprising intellectual, whether related to, say, biology, or, more appropriately, sports. Traditional TV might allow you to watch a (scheduled) sports game, and a commentary might follow soon after, but if you want more specific information, then how are you going to find it?That’s right. Through the internet. OTT services have slowly gained the upper hand over traditional TV, with many people from across the world having eschewed the old for the new. Making room for change is much easier when change brings nothing but benefits.Take messaging, for example. Previously, it was done through SMS services provided by your phone carrier. This meant having to pay for the privilege of letting your nan know which recipe you used to bake those awesome cookies she was impressed with. Now, you can send her the recipe through Whatsapp, a free messaging service that makes use of your internet to communicate instead of SMS credit. How Can OTT Streaming Benefit Me?The main advantage is a highly tailored experience when compared to traditional TV. You don’t have to waste large amounts of money on channels you don’t need. If you’re only interested in watching professional basketball, then you can sign up for a bundle that will provide you with basketball and just basketball.That’s not all. There are several OTT streaming services that offer, for example, bundles for all manner of sports at a fraction of what you would pay for traditional TV. Furthermore, a true advantage sports fans cherish is the possibility of not just watching national sports games, but also those from Europe or Asia.You can also watch OTT services on the go. That means you don’t have to wait until you’re home to watch your favorite sports game. If you’ve just gotten out of work and would like to watch a game you know for a fact you’re going to miss, then all you need to do is to pull out your internet-connected phone and watch it on the way there. Makes public transport so much more pleasant!While traditional TV follows a set schedule, OTT services give you the opportunity of watching wherever you want, at any time. If a match was set up to be broadcast on cable or satellite at 3 PM, then if you miss it, you miss it. Odds are, you aren’t going to be able to watch it unless you pay for additional services that allow you to download the match locally.OTT services aren’t restricted to that. If a sports game took place, then odds are it’s been forever archived by the OTT service, meaning that you can watch it regardless of where you are. 1 AM and you have to go to sleep? Well, your preferred OTT service might have to keep you up on account of the fact that it’s just too tempting not to rewatch your favorite sports game.That’s just a couple of the advantages OTT services offer when compared to traditional TV. Wherever and WheneverAn OTT streaming service does not constrain you as much as cable or traditional TV. You pay less, have a higher average broadcast quality, don’t have to stomach uninteresting content if you don’t want to, and you can make use of it whenever.The advantages are manyfold. It’s up to you to determine whether or not it’s the right option for you. One thing is certain, though - OTT sports streaming services are supplanting the traditional ones.Read Also:Top Series To Watch On Netflix 5 Ways to Stream Free Movies and TV Shows on Your Smartphone 0123Putlockers And Servers – Watch Movies Online