Who Are the Best Software Vendors Out There?


12 February 2019


Best Software Vendors

Selecting the best software vendors for your business can be a huge job. Your team is unique, and you need tools that fit your specific situation. The quality of the software solution you get depends on the quality and reliability of the vendor who stands behind it. So how do you get what you need?

Who Are the Best Software Vendors Out There?

Understand the types of software and vendors:

Some vendors try to do it all, but most concentrate on a particular category, whether that’s enterprise software, automation tools, productivity platforms, specific niches for marketers or educators, or advertising software. It’s always a good idea to go with a vendor who specializes in what you’re looking for.

As with all software, you as the end user are really just buying a license. The software remains the vendor’s property. All software licenses come with limitations, so in most cases, you are prohibited from modifying the software code or distributing it without permission.

Decide what you really need:

Before you choose a vendor, you need to seriously consider which solutions best fit your business. This means doing an audit of your specific needs: compile accurate requirements for everything you need in your software and make sure you identify which are the most crucial elements.

Don’t forget that the software doesn’t just need to do things — it also needs to help you do things. It needs to be a platform that assists your team in meeting your goals. If there are any elements that are not as important to you, identify these too, so you can adjust to stay within budget.

Read real reviews:

As you look for a software provider, your first step should check out a good review site like TrustRadius where you can find unbiased reviews by actual software users. Good sites verify that reviews are written by users and not by vendors themselves, and this can be a great way to find out which vendors are most reliable and trusted.

Reviews are always a tricky thing, and it can be hard to decide which reviews to pay attention to. You can get a feel for the reviewer by checking out other reviews they’ve left and watched out for unrealistic or overblown language.

Check out certificates and credentials:

Once you identify a few vendors you might like to work with, it’s time to check out their background. You want to find out how long they’ve been in business, who their tech partners are, and whether they’re growing.

What partner certifications can the vendor offer? How busy are they? If a vendor is any good, they’ll have a strong flow of steady business, but they still need to have time to devote to your project.

Talk in person:

As you narrow down your options, the next step is to get a feel for the real people who might be working on your project. You want to see how well you can communicate with them, whether they really listen to what you’re saying, and what they suggest.

At this stage, you should also ask about the level of customization you can get and the scalability of any software the vendor provides. As your company adapts and grows, will the software grow with you, or will you have to buy new software in a couple of years?

Nail down the specifics:

Once you’re sure you want to work with a vendor, there are still a few more things to negotiate before you sign the final agreement. Make sure you carefully check the contract so you know about any extra fees. If the contract allows the vendor to increase monthly prices, make sure there are provisions that make this reasonable for you.

You also need to make it clear what happens when and if you and your vendor stop working together. Will they be able to hold on to your data? What type of guarantees will you have and what system is in place to negotiate disagreements?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you’re getting the vendor that really works for your company.

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The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about the PirateBay website is VPN. The two terms are interlinked. You cannot think about them individually. After all, Pirate Bay is a torrent website giving users access to illegal content, and you need a VPN to mask your IP address.If you have stumbled upon this article, it means that you are looking at one of two things:A solution to access the PirateBay website even if your ISP has blocked it. You want to know the other way of accessing thenewpiratebay.org without paying the high VPN subscription fees.If this is what you want to know, keep reading. This article will answer these questions and cover more Pirate Bay topics.Torrenting in general and The Pirate Bay, in particular, have played a major part in growing up us millennials. The time when we started the download before going to school or colleges and then returning home to find the download has been completedPure Happiness!The Pirate Bay allowed the developing and underdeveloped countries to cope with all the Hollywood movies and TV series. Banning Of Pirate Bay Just like any good day has an end, so does Pirate Bay. So let’s start from the first.Pirate Bay made its appearance in 2003. It was a major part of an internet freedom project that a Swedish Activism Group took on. It emerged as a response to the growing censorship and hegemony of the internet.For the next couple of years, torrent websites ran smoothly, only to be disturbed by the government in 2009. The government started banning torrent websites against the CopyRight Laws, Intellectual property Laws and were associated with hackers and cybercriminals.Although the banning of the torrent website due to laws was just a cover-up. The real reason was that the entertainment media never wanted their content to be accessed without paying the price.After a rough fight, with money-power and lobbying, the entertainment industry convinced ISPs to block the DNS and URL. This is the reason why you need a VPN to access the torrent website in your nation. Proxy Websites: Access The Pirate Bay Without Using VPN After the entertainment media successfully banned the torrent website, this is when the term proxy websites were coined to resolve the issue. The proxy websites are nothing but the mirror website of the originally banned websites. They serve the same content as their parents' websites.If experts are to believe, it is said that the original owners created the proxy websites to limit the pressure on the original website. When too much traffic is on the parent website, it gets divided into different proxy websites.There is one additional advantage you can reap from the proxy website. As we have already said, to access the original torrent website like The Pirate Bay, you need to use VPN. However, you can access the website without any VPN services if you use a proxy website. Advantage Of Using A Proxy WebsiteWe all know VPN's main purpose is to mask your IP address. Hence, while doing so, the speed of the download decreases. However, with the proxy websites in the frame, you don’t need any VPN services. This escalates your downloading experience.Here are a few advantages you get from choosing a proxy website over VPN services. 1. Free & Affordable The main purpose of torrenting was to offer content for free. If you are using VPN, you are paying $10, at least, as a monthly fee. However, with the proxy website, you are getting content for free. 2. Better Speed VPN services affect the speed. But with proxy websites, you don’t need to use VPN. Hence, you can stream at a better speed. 3. Work Reliably Even though you are using VPN, it is always possible that you won’t be able to connect to the website at times. Connection breaks, speed is slow, and you will end up server fishing. But with a proxy website, you can say goodbye to these problems. Take Away There is a reason why a website like Pirate Bay is still in business. This shows that they have a steady stream of loyal fans and followers. These are the fans and followers that believe in freedom of the internet and all the content that is placed on the internet.In recent years, there has been news about the Pirate Bay website looking to find that middle ground to work on their privacy and policies.Read Also:Best 7 Torrent Sites 0123Putlockers And Servers – Watch Movies Online Top Torrent Sites for Games Download How Can You Download Movies Using Torrent Sites? Welltorrent And Its Alternatives: All You Need To Know

Camera Gimbal

6 Tips to Shoot Hyperlapses Quickly and Easily Using a Camera Gimbal

Hyperlapses are generally eye-catching. Traditionally, shooting a Hyperlapse video required you to attach your camera to a tripod as you carefully marked the ground distance. The ground was supposed to be an even one. However, this approach was slower and tiresome. Today, you don’t need a tripod. All you need is a DSLR camera gimbal or any handheld stabilizer that will work with your camera. The gimbal will allow you to shoot the Hyperlapses fast and easily. To achieve this, you need to observe the following 6 tips. 1. Set Your Camera Right: You start by fitting the camera firmly on the gimbal. This will enable you to shoot the Hyperlapses in a stable way. Then, you should adjust the digital camera to shoot either 4K videos or short-interval shots. Thee 4K setting is better since it allows you to add the ramping speed afterward. Lastly, If the footages are not stable, erase the tracking points. 2. Walk Cautiously When Shooting: Shooting with a gimbal doesn’t give you the freedom to walk unsteadily and fast during the production. You need to walk uniformly and slowly to ensure that the quality of the Hyperlapses is not compromised. Once you press record, you should walk towards your target with the gimbal level well-maintained. A handheld gimbal will deliver stable Hyperlapses provided that you don’t hurry the shots. 3. Shoot Longer than Necessary: For the sake of post-production editing, it’s important to shoot the Hyperlapses longer. You have to remember that Hyperlapses are often unpredictable. With longer footages, it becomes easy to omit the unstable parts and keep the stable ones. Moreover, the editing is fast-achieved. 4. Always Focus on a Fixed Point: You can do this by switching to the lock mode. The mode allows you to shoot the Hyperlapses easily and not to lose the focus. You shouldn’t lose your target as this may cause the gimbal to fail you. You just need to prioritize on achieving a better view during the entire shooting path. 5. Enhance Motion Blur with ND Filters: People in motion and blinking cars may interfere with your Hyperlapses by limiting your exposure. To enjoy longer exposures during a daytime shooting, you should enhance the motion blur. The best way to do it is to use the ND filters. While encouraging longer exposures, the filters enable you to shoot amazing still images that are good in quality and balanced. 6. Create Parallax By adjusting the Gimbal Settings: Finally, it’s important to create parallax if you want a different motion dimension in your shots. To create parallax, you should:Open the gimbal assistant software to access the control panel feature. Click on it and adjust the shutter speed to the lowest value possible (one second).Once you are done, you can press record and start to shoot.Put simply, a handheld gimbal can help you shoot quality and stable footages. The experience is enjoyable but you have to do it right. With the above 6 top tips, you can be able to shoot Hyperlapses comfortably with the stabilizer. This ensures that the post-production is also done seamlessly.Read Also:How To Pick The Best Trail Camera 2019 “Best Guide For The Users” What Is A CMOS Camera?