Rory Brown, International Food Critic, Shares The Best Travel Tips After 10 Years Traveling the World


01 March 2019


Best Travel Tips

After 30 years in the States, I wanted to add more experience to my travel resume than just Rory Brown, Charleston, SC native. Ten years later, I’ve traveled the globe from end to end and collected many experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything. If you’re planning to take on the open road, here are my ten best travel tips I’ve learned during my time wandering.

Rory Brown’s Top 10 Tips for Travel:

Push past your comfort zone:

It’s amazing how many people travel intending to break out of their comfort zone and find themselves sitting in their hotel room (which by the way, make sure you write down your hotel’s address). Put yourself in situations that you’d normally shy away from. You never know what you may find.

Learn a few local phrases:

Phrases like “hello,””please,” and, “where’s the bathroom?” will go far to ease your travels and avoid potentially awkward encounters. Learning the native language is helpful in your trips and a sign of respect to the local people.

Wander around, and get lost:

Go out intending to wander around without any real idea where you’re going. Some of the best experiences I’ve had traveling I arrived at entirely by accident.

Talk to the locals:

While you’re out wandering, stop in at a local establishment and strike up a conversation with the people there. They know the area and can help you have an authentic experience while you’re in town.

Get travel insurance:

travel insurance

You might think you don’t need travel insurance, especially if your trip isn’t very long, but you really never know what’s going to happen. Travel insurance will protect you if you get sick, injured or even robbed while you’re out of town.

Inform your bank of your travel plans:

Credit card fraud is a big problem these days, so banks always monitor for suspicious activity. The last thing you want is for your card to get declined when you’re halfway across the world.

Travel light when you go out:

Leave most of your belongings where you’re staying and choose just what you need when you go out. This way if the worst should happen, you only lose a small amount of what you have and can recover quickly.

Plan which meals you’ll eat out, and which you’ll make at “home”

Traveling can get expensive. As much as you’ll want to eat the local cuisine every night, if you’re spending long periods on the road or visiting overseas, plan which meals you’ll eat out and ones you’ll have in your hotel or hostel.

Carry a basic first-aid kit:

Like so many other things while you travel, you never know what’s going to happen. Carry band-aids, antibiotic, and tweezers to take care of minor injuries like cuts and splinters.

Remember patience is key:

Unexpected issues are going to pop up. No amount of planning will avoid this. If you’re too rigid about keeping a precise schedule, you won’t actually enjoy your trip. I’ve learned to stay patient throughout my travels and say, “whatever happens, happens.”

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The cities that comprise the Golden Triangle tour are worth every penny you intend to spend on your next vacation. The experience and memory you will have afterwards would be invaluable— golden in the true sense, just the way the tour is named. A package for touring Delhi Agra and Jaipur has more than a traveller can encapsulate in a single-trip experience.5 Irresistible Reasons to Embark on a Golden Triangle Tour Here are your unique 5 reasons for picking a Golden Triangle tour.1. To explore what’s ‘golden’ about the ‘triangle Catchy title aside, the tourists may wonder what is so special about Jaipur, Delhi and Agra that tourists are flocking here from every corner of the world. And the answer to the question is everything, be it the art, the culture, the heritage, the myths and legends associated with the places, people, craftworks, markets, festivals and fairs, history, food, and anything that has escaped the list.2. To get immersed soul-deep in history All the three cities, Delhi Agra and Jaipur have the potential to make you forget about yourself while you live their glorious past that has become their identity. Every palace () you visit, every fort () you score through and every museum () you spend your time in would lead to your rendezvous with kings, queens, warriors, politician and strategists that have contributed to architectures and articles you are revelling in.3. To fall in love with the idea of eternal love The Taj Mahal  will always have a distinct mention in anything you are going to read about Agra, 7 Wonders of the World or Golden Triangle tour, India. After all, the mausoleum is more than just history or architecture; it stands as the testimony of love as pure as the white colour of the marble it is built from. The characters associated with the Taj belong to the past but the idea of love is eternal, which people come from everywhere to experience.4. To experiment with the flavors of past and present History lives and breathes in the three cities not just in the architecture but also in the food. Tasting the unique and lively flavors of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra would take you to the popular stories behind most of the dishes. If you are all ears, your taste buds would hold key to entertaining you beyond your imagination. And for those who don’t have that kind of time at their disposal, only food is as good as the act of sightseeing.5. To add nearby tourist destinations to experience more of India And if the cities have only fuelled your hunger for more of India rather than tire you with its immenseness, the nearby tourist destinations can add another dimension to your trip. Wildlife lovers can pick Ranthambhore or Jim Corbett National Park; hill station seekers can choose Shimla, Nainital, Mussoorie and more; spiritual travelers can hope to experience bliss in Haridwar or Amritsar; adventure holidaymakers can thrill and excite themselves in Rishikesh with options for rafting and bungee jumping; opulence appreciators can book a ride in luxury trains or pick their accommodation in heritage hotels of Rajasthan. Must Read: Why Should Ladakh Be Your Next Travel Destination

Flight Tickets

Offer Discounts on Flight Tickets

This holiday season does not let airfares spoil your plan. Airfare is one of the important aspects of a trip’s cost and finding a great deal in the holiday season is quite difficult but not impossible. The airline companies are coming up with killer deals almost every day to compete with each other.GoAir is offering a great deal on domestic flight tickets starting from ₹1,099 (all-inclusive) as noted on their official website. Also, if you are a GoStar member you can avail ₹225 discount on next flight. GoAir has many exciting offers for students and also if you pre-book your seats. Here are some offer details: 1. GoAir Student Offer: GoAir is offering a smart deal for students, by giving them 5% discount of the base fare and also, they can get extra baggage allowance up to 25kg. Well, your Student ID can get you so many privileges.The offer is valid for students above the age of 12. Presentation of student ID card and ID card. Student Discount will only be available on online booking and opting for student fare. Discount is applicable for all domestic flights and on both, one-way and round-trip bookings.2. Offer for Senior Citizens: Travel in your wise years with comfort and fly smart with GoAir. Senior citizens can enjoy 8% discount on base fare.The discount is available on both domestic and international flights. The passenger claiming to book under this discount shall carry their valid Photo ID Card that indicates their date of birth. In absence of any document, passenger won’t be able to avail the benefits. The special fare discount is applicable for senior citizens above 60 years of age. You can avail the discount by booking online.3. Offers for Defence Personnel: It is time to address our heroes and express gratitude for their acts of valour and courage. GoAir is offering 8% discount on basic fares for the Defence Personnel.The offer is valid for all serving and retired Indian armed personnel and Paramilitary personnel, their spouses and children. They also extra 10kg baggage allowance. Defence Personnel must carry their ID proof- valid Photo Identity Card and Military Identity Proof and shall present the same for verification at the check-in counter. The booking is available online.4. GoAir App Offer: Recently, GoAir launched their Mobile app and you can avail a lot of benefits. With the launch of the app, they introduced many new offers and deals on flight bookings.Download the GoAir app and use GoAir Promo Code GOAPP10 and get up to 10% off on flight bookings. Also, the customer can enjoy the benefits like booking tickets, seat selection, pre-booking refreshments and can make online payment also. Booking period: 31st March 2019 Travel Period: till 31st March 2019 The offer is only available on Mobile App.5. Up to ₹1000 Cash Back on Paytm: Book your tickets on Paytm and get ₹1000 Cash Back.The offer is valid on booking of two tickets. Minimum cash back available is flat ₹1000. The deal can only be used once by each user. Use GoAir Promo Code to avail cash back.You can book your tickets either online or by GoAir Mobile App. You just have to log in your details and choose your destination to book your flight tickets and now you can make the payment online. Also, after you are done the booking, enter your GoAir Promo code to avail discounts.GoAir has made its name in the aviation industry and is emerging as one of the best company to offer to book of domestic flights at an affordable price. Also, with its student and senior citizen discounts, wherein the customers are getting 8-10% discount on booking, it has changed the complete airfare game. So, from now on you do not have to think twice before booking with GoAir. You can even plan your vacation with them and they also provide group booking. So, have a happy journey flying high with GoAir!Read Also:Avoid Getting Stuck At The Airport After Arrival 7 Travel Tips To Feed Your Wanderlust In Europe

Travel Toiletries

Top 7 Trending Men And Women Travel Toiletries For 2022

Suppose traveling is a regular thing for you. In that case, you know how paramount it is to have all your travel toiletries well packed and organized in a travel bag designed to suit your gender- a perfect travel pouch for men and a classy travel pouch for women. Travelling does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise your daily standards: When on tour, you have to maintain your fashion status, style, and class. Selecting sizable and top-on-fashion toiletries will automatically make your trip a comfortable and memorable experience.  7 Top Trending Men And Women Travel Toiletries  For every man and woman picking the right travel, toiletries are very essential. You have to manage your luggage space and also maintain the quality of the products.Here are the top trending men and women travel toiletries for 2022.  1. Perfect Face Wash: CeraVe Travel Size Hydrating Facial CleanserIt's highly possible that there will be climate change wherever you travel. The skin is the most sensitive part of your body, and it needs gentle care at all costs. The CeraVe is the to-go hydrating facial Cleanser in the best travel-size model. It moisturizes your skin, keeping it hydrated at all times. These types of travel toiletries are packaged with natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid, helping keep the skin moist. It is scent-free and does not clog the skin pores. 2. Perfect Toothpaste: Marvis Travel With Flavour Set You wouldn't want an awful odor or breath to cause you embarrassment when chatting with new friends during travel. To avoid this, excite your travel hygiene with TSA-friendly Marvis toothpaste. It's made in Italy and comes in small 1.3-bit travel Size tubes. These travel toiletries are all available in three pick flavors: cinnamon mint, whitening mint, and Classic strong mint. 3. Perfect Cleansing Foam: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser comes at a pocket-friendly price. This drugstore product is greatly valued and loved by beauty editors and dermatologists. This travel-friendly 2-speck version is the ideal facial cleanser for you when on the go. Having been tested by expert dermatologists, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser has been proven to be a soothing non-comedogenic Cleanser that gently removes dirt and makeup. These travel toiletries are the most valuable thing which is best recommended for normal to oily skins, and it doesn't clog the pores or leave a drying sensation.  4. Choice Deodorant: Native Deodorant Mini Coconut And Vanilla  If you are a natural products lover, then this is the to-go travel-size deodorant that perfectly fits any travel pouch for women. The native tropical coconut and vanilla have a feminine fragrance and sophisticated smell, perfect for an island vacation. Having been made with natural plant extracts, it's free from aluminum, parabens, and phthalate. It has been formulated for sensitive skin. It's long-lasting, making it ideal for long trips.  5. Best Razor: Alleyoop All-In-One Portable RazorCarrying a razor in a tour travel pouch for men can be precarious if not packed with high precaution measures. The Alleyoop-all-in-one portable razor saves you from any risks as it is designed with an easy-to-grasp round shape and built-in cap. These travel toiletries also hold a refillable water spray bottle shea butter moisturizing bar. Along with these, you will have two triple-blade razor cartridges to improve your travel conveniences. 6. Budget-Friendly Moisturiser: A Good Nourishing Skin Cream With Ultra-Rich Texture Weleda Skin Food is the best skin cream for travel due to its versatility. It is ideal for those looking for a great formulation at a pocket-friendly price. This 2.5-speck tube does reduce the number of travel toiletries products for your travel. On the plus side, you can use his product on your whole body and face. 7. Perfect Mask: Summer Fridays Jet Mask  This Summer Fridays Jet Mask protects your skin from harsh conditions that can affect it while on travel. It is available in a 2.25 speck size. The mask contains a mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants, and exfoliating extracts that nourish the skin giving it a glowing look. Conclusion: Travel toiletries picking is always tricky. Hence you have to carefully analyze extra factors like the packaging and the travel-friendly nature. All of these seven items are essential and essential products for every traveler. The men and women both are getting maximum benefits from these packages.Read Also:How To Prevent Burnout As A Travel Nurse With These Simple Self-care Strategies Practical Travel Tips for Your Vacation to Canada Rory Brown, International Food Critic, Shares The Best Travel Tips After 10 Years Traveling the World 5 Essential Tips for the Traveling Photographer