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05 January 2019



Registered Education Saving Plan:

A Registered Education Savings Plan also popular as RESP is a type of children education saving plan which is sponsored by the Canadian Government. This plan encourages the parents to invest in their educational future post their secondary education. It is a great initiation by the Government. And there is a provision of a contribution of a certain amount by the Government for children under age 18.

The subscribers to this RESP don’t really get a tax deduction for their investment. It is completely free from taxes until the funds are taken out of paying for their child’s education.

An RESP, allows Canadian parents to save their money for their university education since their birth. By getting into a bank, or other financial institutions they can open the RESP saving account by keeping their child as beneficiary. The ironic thing about this saving plan is in this apart from parents, their relatives and friends also make some contribution.

How to use RESP?

And, once your child completes the school education are opting for higher education, he receives the educational assistance payments known as EAPs. And this is one type of income for the child.

The RESP fund can be withdrawn when the beneficiary or the concerned child is about to start a study program at a college, trade school, CEGEP or in specific institutes abroad. The RESP fund is valid for full time and part time studies. But the thing is, all those universities or institutions have to be in the list on the website of the Canadian Government.

As a student or parents, you can also pay the RESP funds for expenses related to tuition, and books. You can also provide them with computers, laptops as and when needed for their higher studies.

The Educational Assistance Payments can be used for all those education-related costs. But the thing is you have to provide some valid proof for that educational-related costs. Only with that, you can opt for the RESP fund and qualify for your chosen program. You don’t have to share the details of the money required for your education, but you have to show the enrollment proof.

You can also go for buying a car for your child if he needs the same for going to classes. You can include the insurance, gas, maintenance and parking fees as well in the RESP fund.

There are other eligible expenses for an RESP are like living expenses, rent, meals, electronic appliances related to study and other required fees. There is not an eligible list by the Canadian Government, but you have to show the list of expenses that how you are going to spend the RESP money for your child.

On the other hand, if you have more than one child, then you can also transfer the RESP saving, grants from the Government into your other children’s RESP account until 21 years without any tax. And your other child is above 21 years, then you have to pay the tax and return CESGs as well.

You can also think about donating the RESP investment to your school and institute. It can be a great benefit to your old school and its students. Your child can decide to use their money for a wide range of education and service, but that should be a valid one.

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