Why Casters Should Be Included In Your DIY Projects


19 January 2019



What Are Casters?

Casters are familiar to most people, though you may not know what they are called. Casters are a small set of wheels, usually found on a desk chair or some other piece of furniture. However, they have a whole host of alternative uses. Are casters and wheels the same thing? Not exactly.

Why Do People Use Casters?

Casters are primarily used for one reason: They make things easier to move. Heavy pieces of furniture will often be placed on casters because it is difficult for one person to move. With a good set of casters, even the heaviest objects can be moved with relative ease. Casters are not just used for heavy items, but also for items that have to be moved frequently, like a table on a patio.

Are There Different Types Of Casters?

Yes, there are many different types of casters. This might seem surprising for such a simple device, but a caster isn’t as simple as you may think. Most of you will be familiar with cheap plastic casters. As such, you probably know that it doesn’t take a whole lot to break them. That’s why they’re cheap. However, there are casters out there that can hold thousands of pounds worth of weight. It’s all a matter of design and materials.

All casters can be separated into one of two categories: Swivel or rigid. The names are pretty self-explanatory. A rigid caster will only roll in two directions, that being forward and backward. A swivel caster will pivot and roll in any direction. So, why would anyone use a rigid caster, you ask? Because they are usually stronger. In this case, it is a choice of durability vs. convenience. It is also important to know the difference between locking and non-locking casters. Locking casters can be held firmly in place by flipping a small lever. This is good for objects that require a little more stability, such as a cabinet that holds breakable objects. There are also specialty casters with all kinds of different features for specific purposes.

How Can I Use Casters In A DIY Project?

If you are building something that is likely to be moved on a regular basis, you might as well work that factor into the design by adding some casters. The first thing you need to do is figure out the approximate weight of the object that you are building. This will tell you how strong the casters will need to be.

If you don’t want to put casters on all your furniture, but you still want to move it around easily, you can find a supplier of material handling and storage equipment such as a cart or dolly. A simple square of wood with casters on it can do wonders to make moving heavy objects much easier. I recommend covering the cart surface with carpeting so that it doesn’t scuff the furniture or your walls.

If you have a large and heavy toolbox (as many of us do), you might consider putting some wheels on it. Naturally, these will need to be strong wheels. Don’t go with plastic or aluminum for this job, as only steel will be reliable enough for the serious weight.

Since we are thinking along these lines, here is a shortlist of some household objects that might benefit from the addition of some casters.

  • Chairs
  • Toolboxes
  • Medical Equipment
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Backup generator
  • Beds
  • Shelves

Wrapping Up

Casters can improve the mobility of many different DIY projects you might have already completed, or plan to do in the future. This can make many heavy objects in your home or garage much easier to move. If you wanted to reorganize a space or clean underneath or behind heavy items, casters can turn this difficult task into a simple one.


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If you have been following the news and are tuned to social media, you might have come across billionaires pledging sizable fortunes to charity. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others have pledged to donate more than half their wealth to improving the condition of the less fortunate in society. You will know about how Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs are changing the world in this article.Entrepreneurship is not only about working hard and earning millions, but it is also about feeling good about doing something valuable. Yes, you might get satisfaction from buying supercars and private yachts. However, beyond a point, all those things fail to excite you.In this article, we will look at what entrepreneurs are doing to change their society, one step at a time. We will also discuss some lesser-known entrepreneurs who are silently engaging in meaningful philanthropy. Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy: Relationship The trend of entrepreneurs giving back to society is not a new phenomenon. America’s old billionaires like Rockefeller and Carnegie were famous for donating huge fortunes to uplift the deprived sections of society.Owning and distributing is one of the key tenets of philanthropy. Entrepreneurs know that they have benefitted greatly from the society that has allowed them to succeed. They also realize that giving back to society has a spiritual and otherworldly connotation to existence.You might see some of the top CEOs and Founders talk about meditating early morning and believing in things like ‘Karma’. In simplistic terms, it might be about feeling good about yourself. It can also be about not feeling guilty about enjoying some of the best things that money can buy.Most of the entrepreneurs are not from lineage. They are first-generation success stories. They have seen their parents struggle when it comes to food, health, education, and other middle-class challenges. Their sense of social responsibility to philanthropy stems from their humble background and origin stories.According to Forbes, philanthropy is about solving social problems that can help establish large enterprises. It needs disruptive ideation, innovative insights and a real zeal to engineer change. Entrepreneurs are famous for exhibiting the just-mentioned qualities. Entrepreneurs making a real difference to Philanthropy:While news stories about Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs doing the rounds usually concern themselves with big billionaires, many others are doing just as much. In recent years, entrepreneurs like Matt Redhawk are trying to benefit society in multiple ways.Matt Redhawk dons many hats. He is a writer, entrepreneur, producer, writer, and mentor. He is also a philanthropist who likes staying away from all the publicity. His publication, ‘Drought and Dreams: Stories of Resilience During America’s Darkest Time’ provides fascinating insights about American families and their struggles during periods like depression.However, the best thing about people like Matt Redhawk is the way they are inspiring similar entrepreneurs to follow a similar path. Conclusion Entrepreneurship and philanthropy should be considered as a journey, rather than a destination. Rather than considering it as a goal in itself, people should think of it as a continuous process. With so much strive, struggle and destitution, everyone should definitely do their bit in alleviating the situation in their immediate society.In this article, we looked at the intricate and varied relationships between Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs. We also looked at how entrepreneurs like Matt Redhawk are trying to change the world, one small step at a time.If you know of similar entrepreneurs, pleas mention them in the comments section below, You can also email this article to your entrepreneur friends to inspire them to take up the path of giving.Read Also:7 Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs Courses For Entrepreneurs Are Worth It – Here’s Why Green Business Opportunities For Eco-Entrepreneurs