How to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day in the workplace

Devoting some time at work to celebrate special occasions such as Yabadoo Kids Parties for those employees who have kids and holidays means a lot, especially regarding employee motivation and morale-boost. St. Patrick’s Day can make things work in your favor while you are developing your business.

Any business owner looking for improved productivity in the workplace has had the thought of how to make the best out of the holidays there are.

Since St. Patrick’s Day has slowly become a celebration of Irish culture, it is essential that your staff join in the merry. But how do you get it done in the workplace?

Do you just take it as a day when your sales skyrocket, and you don’t have time to celebrate it with your staff? How do you make it count for every member of your team? Well, below are several ways to consider for your St. Patrick’s celebration this year:

Green Hats and Costumes:

If you want to make a statement celebration in your workplace, then the best way is by dressing like you are celebrating. Green being the significant color for this day, encourage the employees to show up in some greet hats and costumes. You can choose to identify some ground rules or leave it open for the people to explore. For this one, ensure you notify your staff in advance so that they can prepare. They can come dressed as their favorite Irish persona, or be as simple as having a green hat on. Make sure to join in the fun, so it doesn’t seem awkward for your employees. If you want, you can even take it a step further by offering a gift for the greenest employee that day.

Set a Time in the Day for a Contest:

Competitions are the greatest morale boosters that companies can use. In holiday seasons especially, you want your staff to feel recognized for their efforts, and enjoy a treat afterward. The contest ideas can stem from your staff members days before March 17.

For example, you can hold a competition for the Best Irish Accent Contest, or even play a highly competitive ‘match’ in the home bowling alley you recently installed within your organization. If your company is big, you can use your social media platforms to choose winners.

For example, they can take photos in green, try the accents, or whatever other competition. For the one with the most likes and comments, they are the winner and can claim a prize from you.

You don’t have to plan a huge sporting event such a football match or a meeting at the golf club to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the workplace. It is the simplest things that make people happy. Therefore, just do something out of the ordinary, and encourage competition. Through this, you will encourage your employees to relate well with each other, and this might lead to improved performance going forward.

Branded merchandise:

Sometimes, gifts are the simple gestures that mean the most to people. On this date, you can come up with branded merchandise for all your staff. This works great for small companies, but also big ones.

If your business had gotten in a good profit margin in the previous financial year, then this treat could make your employees feel appreciated for their work. You can do green hoodies that have your company’s logo or tag line, for branding purposes. The merchandise can range from hoodies and T-shirts, to flash drives and stationery.

Even if you are a profit-oriented entrepreneur, don’t make the mistake of selling this merchandise to your employees. There are businesses which have done that in the past on various occasions, and they have ended up losing their key staff, which adversely affects business operations.

St. Patrick’s Day is a day to show your employees that you care about them. It is a day to show them that you appreciate everything they do for your organization, even though sometimes things go slower than expected. Therefore, giving freebies is one of the kindest gestures you can show towards them.

‘General knowledge’ celebration:

If you prefer the simplistic way of doing things, you may not be for the pomp and color. However, you can always encourage general information sharing. For example, a week to March 17, you can tell people to nominate their most-admired famous Irish person in the corporate world. After resolving for one name, you can put up a wall of his/her achievements for the day. This way, you let people learn a little more about the Irish culture by looking at a famous figure.

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